Parking Ticket Troubles!

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  • This is largely my own fault. :frust:

    Sold my old car on 29th October, but absent mindedly left the paperwork in it, and the new owner drove off -- called him and he was like "don't worry, I'll post it off on my way through".

    That was that ... until a couple of weeks after, when the parking / illegal right-turn tickets started to appear!

    I appealed on the basis of having sold the car, not knowing who the keeper was etc. Cash sale, paperwork lost -- clueless!

    Contacted the DVLA, who told me they would send a confirmation slip within 4 weeks -- none arrived.

    Tickets kept arriving -- total of eight from two different boroughs! :eek:

    I also got a warning letter from the DVLA about an untaxed car!

    Contacted new owner again, who blocked my number! X/

    So, I did a bit of detective work -- googled the number, which showed up as someone advertising on Gumtree.

    Searched and traced the name to a Facebook profile -- looked at the photos -- not the same person! But photos of his house matched the address where most of the tickets were issued. Did a reverse lookup to get the full postcode.

    Found a scan of the log book (from a permit application), and used the number to register the car to this address, using the name I remembered. I got a confirmation, but it was dated Christmas day!

    Wrote to the two councils, appending the appeals with new information...

    That, should have been that -- but now the councils are requesting a 'bill of sale', which I don't have...

    So, I'm kinda stuck -- I need to find ways to prove that I didn't have the car at the time, but they seem to be rejecting everything except an invoice. ?(

    I do have the following:

    - Notification of change of insurance (one week after selling car - 5th Nov - Three of the tickets are before this)

    - Screen print of Ebay advert, with evidence of having ended the sale early.

    - Google Maps GPS timeline history (not easy to print)

    - Transfer of keeper slip, from December

    - Police Reference number, after I reported it to them in mid December.

    So, apart from that (which they are deeming inadmissible) I have no proof that I was not the keeper when the tickets were being issued, potentially making me liable for £1000+ worth of fines.

    One of these tickets is now going all the way to tribunal, but I'm expecting this to happen with all of them!

    Any ideas, short of changing my name and moving? :eek:

  • Might be an expensive lesson mate, Always get paperwork sorted before releasing a vehicle. No ifs, no buts. Too many scamming bastards out there just looking to fuck you over any chance they get. Hope you get sorted mate....

  • Exactly what BB said.

    We could group together if you like paul and you could send in the heavies Hippies and we will hug the fucker to death :insane: or at least hug him until he admits that it was not you.

    And then we can give the twunt a good slapping :-)

  • Plenty of scamming cunts about. If you informed your insurance company and cancelled the insurance then the car would have ceased to have been taxed too as the tax is dependent on it being insured.So of hes insured it in your name on the log book then hes committed an offense

    Id go to the police with the reference you have from them and the details you have of the person to whom you sold the car and point out the person is obviously driving an untaxed uninsured vehicle,failed to notify the DVLA of a change of ownership and committing various driving offenses that are being attributed to you.Take photos of the vehicle on his drive and if you have the time photos or video of him driving it.

  • Take photos of the vehicle on his drive and if you have the time photos or video of him driving it.

    The car isn't there -- I've driven past a couple of times and it's nowhere to be seen.

    I've also checked the DVLA online records, and it isn't taxed.

    The last recorded change of log book was Christmas Day, so he hasn't done anything since I updated it all.

  • Forge a receipt, nothing elaborate, just a sold as seen, cash paid and an indecipherable signature.

    FWIW I always get the buyer to sign the duplicated receipt with time and date on it.

    Tempting, but I fear consequences -- if a copy of any receipt gets shown to the rightful owner, he may be able to use it against me in some way. Then I could be looking over my shoulder indefinitely.

    Also, I'm not 100% sure I got the surname right when I eventually did register it.

    Plus, from what I've gleaned on social media, I've got reason to believe he's got some dangerous connections.

  • Sounds like you're royally fucked then mate. Plead ignorance & cross your fingers. Hopefully it'll go your way just be more savvy next time. Some folk won't sell you a motor now unless they see your driving license, now you know why....

  • I’m sure your not the first victim of this scam. Stick to your guns, go to court if you have to. You have tried to do the right thing. Just hope they see your genuine and be thankful your not defending yourself in a hit and run charge or other more serious offences since Christmas.
    I know this doesn’t take away your worries, but had it not been for notification of parking offences, you could be facing much more trouble by now.
    if your fked and have to pay the fines, we will sort the fines out for you.

    All we need is use of your flat for a month to house a few bros from County lines. Nice dudes. You’ll Hardly notice them around :D