Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

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  • Shame hes gone,hes the only Royal with any personable charisma. Glad theyve got what they want though. Its always rewarding to step away from things that piss you off.

    All they need do now is persuade that miserable old cunt of a dad of Markle to STFU.

  • I honestly dont give that much of a fuck what Charles earns, its pidgeon feed compared to the billions Amazon makes in this country every year and pays fuck all in tax...along with many other large corporates and individuals.

    It just seems to me that despite what Harry tries to do to become independent of his family and the sovereign grant, hes going to get hounded.

    People are already cribbing about the security bill that hes going to cost the UK. Whether he wants security or not hes going to get it because hes a VIP and its going to cost the country or Charles or the Queen and if he got no security and got taken out, taxpayers would be up in arms over why he wasnt protected properly and rightly so. Anyone,regardless of background would expect to be protected from nutjobs if theyre thrust into public life. I guess at least it will keep some police and military staff in a job.

    Plenty of corporates and individuals dont pay the tax they should to the exchequer or instead hide it away in tax havens,can anyone paying tax in the uk be good with that?

    Personally id rather see corporates paying the billions in tax that owe and an end to the billions paid out in corporate subsidies and landowner subsidies than a squiffy bit of taxpayers money paid to the Royals.

  • without adequate security for Harry, his kids & Wife we are fked. He could be kidnapped time & time again and the ransom could be astronomical each demand. The British public, Gov and Crown would become the cash cow for financing terrorism. Harry”s spleen would be sliced into bite size, sold to tribal Triad, Hezbollah, Rich satanist, witch doctors, freedom fighters, to give them an hard on and the spleen removal shown on youtube. If we owe Diana anything, it’s to keep her vulnerable offspring safe from the world we exposed them to.

  • The hyperbole rich express tells me Harry wanted to continue hrh stuff without finance from the sovereign grant.... Makes him sound like a revolutionary...

    If it is to be believed then part of the subtext is that the queen and Prince Charles (who hold absolute entitlement to profits from the two private Royal income trusts and have absolute authourity on how to share the monies amongst family members) have shunned any such notion of change.....

    These folks are snubbing one another and have been visibly doing so for at least a few decades.

    If William or Charles as direct heirs to both throne and private Royal wealth were to protest as Harry appears to be doing then change might happen. Unfortunately since Harry has no entitlement to the private wealth of this family he is likely to be cast as the jealous, loser sibling.

  • Isnt he already being cast as the loser both by the family and the press? in similar vein to Edward 8, hes 'ungratefully abdicating his responsibility to the family' painted as vulnerable and suffering mental health issues, while his brother tightens his grip on his future title - oh and the money... I think Harry is well rid of them all.They can put what veneer they want on it, theres a rift and once the Queen is gone things will be different.

  • God i am just sick of the media at the moment, wall to wall never ending documentaries on Edward abdicating and his wife being american on and on about it its pathetic slowly brainwashing everyone and drawing paralels to harry, media shut up leave harry and meg alone, I am guessing a hard word has been said from the top.