Prince Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals

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  • I'm stuck with Liz and support her (especially on printed plastic or coin) and immediate line of succession, the rest especially pedo Andy can fuck right off but this little ginger bstard has gained my admiration to an extent and it's a shame that 'Hewitt Jnr' isn't next in line and not because he hasn't got that cheesey 'I wanna punch you in the mouth' smile but because IMHO he appears to have that certain something, a charisma that is needed in a head of state.

  • Yes, he does seem a bit more of a decent down-to-earth bloke than some of them, and him and his missus seem to bring a bit of unorthodox thinking and behaviour into what is generally a stiff-lipped straight-faced set of barstewards most of the time....

  • Personally I couldnt give a shit but good on him if he's stuck two fingers up to the firm. There was a posh bint blathering on about on the radio just now, near the end of her gush she said about they wanted financial independance and find their own way in the world, then she said she didnt know how they would manage that, er you silly posh cow, get a fucking job like the rest of us but I expect they have got assets enough between them they probably dont need to work, I expect he will still get a stipend and Charlie boy will probably see him alright in his will when he pops his clogs.

  • Hes one of the few Royals ive any time for. Theyve both got money.Hes got share of Diannas estate and his expenses are paid for out of Duchy of Cornwall and no doubt HMs purse too. Neither will need to work. I think theyve both realised theyve got a far better chance living a 'normal' life running their charity trusts free from press harassment in Canada than they have here hounded by the sycophantic media stalkers here. One thing that pissed me about his brother and the official line after he had that recent open honest interview was that they 'feared for his sanity'. If that isnt condescending and deliberately undermining i dont know what is.

    Good luck to them both, they wont be free to do what they want shackled to 'the firm'.

  • And the change of life award from castle to bus goes to Harry and meghan :-)

    You can see it now cant you -

    excuse me,but would one mind if we parked our chinese six here old chap :-)

    Good on them.

    Not particulary relevent to this post,but I happen to know that harry has a small penis :-)

    He popped into a pub with two friends wanting something to eat ( the watermans arms ) on the side of the mill pond in pembroke where my brother works and cooks. My brother was having a piss ( not in the kitchen ) when a guy came into the toilets. My brother thought it was one of the locals and said " alright mate " then couldnt believe his eyes when he saw it was Harry.

    He said that he couldnt help but glance over discreetly to Harry's urinal to see if he really was a prince amonst men,though apparently not :-)

  • Let's face it they will never be free and they will never be homeless,poor,live in a damp bedsit or work in some dead end job for a minimum wage,so let's not feel too sorry for the poor little rich kids!

    Given a choice between anonimity living in a damp bedsit where nobody knows who he is and being a prince, I think he'd he'd swop tomorrow and would go on to make something of himself instead of sitting there festering.

    Used to have occaisional jealous thoughts of the direct line royal offspring and their lifestyle but in reality I know that I couldn't hack the pressure they're under, stuck in an armoured goldfish bowl and being monitored 24/7 whether he wants it or not with a salacious shitty public fed by a gutterpress, waiting on his every fart. That to me is a living hell.

  • yep, he’s a lucky sod. I also think he would give it all up to not have lost his mother when so young. He doesn’t come across as a bloke who would shy away from going to work, paying the bills, having a raucous on a Friday night down the pub with his pals, and having his wife put the whip around his neck is just the cream on his weekend fun cake.

  • If you'd taken some medicine and got rid of a tapeworm there'd be no such hullabaloo so why now.

    Two parasites down but sadly a lot more to go.

    you know what. We moan like stuck pigs when toffs talk down about “us” surfs! But we are no better than them when truth be told. “Parasites”? Ain’t that what a large % of tax payers call the unemployed, sick and disabled. Shit this name calling and pigeonholing is might confusing.

  • you know what. We moan like stuck pigs when toffs talk down about “us” surfs! But we are no better than them when truth be told. “Parasites”? Ain’t that what a large % of tax payers call the unemployed, sick and disabled. Shit this name calling and pigeonholing is might confusing.

    Couldnt agree more. There are good and bad in all walks of life and just because someone is poor or rich makes no difference to what that person is like.

    One of the biggest hypocracy's and biggest pile of shite in the bible says an eye for an eye to which gandhi responded beautifully by saying if we all went eye for an eye then the whole world would be blind.

    Take people how you find them not what you think they may be like says me.

    I know many lovely very rich people,poor people and plenty in between. Live and let live but best not to judge !!

    Love and light to all xxxx

  • No one has a choice what family theyre born into. Youre under the influence of that family until old enough to decide your own path whether you approve or not. I think Harry has reached that point and wants out so good luck to them both.The Royal machine and the British constitutional establishment isn't the easiest of systems to battle and exert your will against.

    Most of corporates in the UK are parasitical scroungers on corporate subsidies that drain the treasury of considerably more than the Royals do and until theres a popular vote to remove the monarchy thats the system we have.

    Elected Presidential systems are no less elitist and wasteful of taxpayers money.

    The Monarchy seems to have as much popular support as Brexit so i dont think its going anywhere fast,at least not until the queen has passed.

    In their shoes id be going to Canada too.

    Britain has more than its fair share of sycophantic back stabbing cunts and hypocrites,who needs that everyday of your life.

    Not so long ago the entire media trash were grotesquely fawning over a Royal wedding and now theyre trying to make them out as disloyal losers with mental health issues.

    Looks like Harry has finally said fuck that.

  • He seems to be a decent bloke with sound ethics and a philanthropic nature,maybe he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

    He gets 5% of the 82 million sovereign grant which he seems to want to separate from.

    The country wastes 130 million on useless parasites in parliament who constantly award themselves more and more for what little they do on their own privileged gravy train.

    If Harry is never likely to ascend to the throne and wants to earn a living why shouldnt be allowed to.

    He hates the press and ceremonial roles hes expected to perform so seems it might be the better option than carrying on as he is.

    Hes also done far more for sick,underprivileged,poor,disabled,homeless and ex services than many of the useless fuckers in parliament.

  • Just went by Sandringham what a fucking circus, tv van's,reporters,paparazzi etc etc etc

    Did one leave ones cigarettes on the the table prince Boris :whistle:

    Hope you mentioned ukhippy to them whilst you were there to give them an intellectual viewpoint on what us loved up commoners think !!

  • The more and more I see of harry the more i like him. He openly honest, about his mental health he appears to really reach out there. Definatly the best royal the most interesting one,

    I see simular traits with him and myself,

    but i also respect the fact that the older more boring one is working hard doing his duty trying to hold it all together, but he has more to gain.

    Hary is definatly a man id help if he needed a hand, hes a man id buy a pint although he could afford to buy me a brewary, to me he s trying to be ordinary normal and hes probably got flaws but we all have.

    Wears his heart on his sleeve but he s basicly abdicated on the quiet i recon, i think hes sick of being a spare aire and the medias whipping boy, he cant win, food luck to the lad and his misus.

    As for megan i still aint sure i am blinkered by the media i feel she maybe worked the media in a film star way but its turned on her and yep i get why shes buffered off to canada but id just leave her dad alone hes suffered enough by not getting inveted to the wedding.

    but again who knows what strings were bring pulled above her.

    Word of warning meg, just dont mess with the majj.

  • They just cant win, they can never leave the royals, locked forever in a circus of media attention, 2 nd to your brother, media loving you when you do good and slamming you down when if you fail or have a bad day.

    Finnally you cant go and live in the woods which iam guessing he and his missus wants to do just live a quiet normal life maybe endorsing a few things close to his heart like envictus games because his and his misus lifes are worth millions to the wrong people,

    He s knackered wanted to bin it all off sort his life out he cant forever locked in.

    I wasnt a fan when he preached about climate change while jetting all over the place but good luck to him and his wife and i am guessing he really isnt good with public appearances even though hes good at it but he probably want to keep himself sane. they aint got it easy at the moment yes it looks good money power easy life but i bet he would trade it all to live in a shack in the woods and be left alone.