The Orange fool

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  • It's not going to go away in our lifetime now he's done what he's done. I was sat on top of Dartmoor when it came on the radio. I can't believe that the orange cunt would slot a target in Iraq of all places. That bit didn't sink in at first but the Iraqis are now really justifiably pissed off and want every yank out of Iraq.

    More to the point every terrorist arsehole and a shedload of the muslim world who really didn't give a fuck before and were quite happy to live quietly now have a reason to band together and start WW3.

    We will now be dragged into the pending shitstorm and more British blood will be spilt.

    Blair has a lot to answer for.

  • Also now the Foreign troops will be expelled,the Iraqis cannot cope with IS on their own so theyll be back in no time. Thousands of military and civilian lives lost for no reason.Slow hand clap for Trump and his advisors. Netanyahu and Erdogan in the sidelines waiting to pounce.

    The shit show is about to start...somehow i think that's the intention...afterall,every warmonger needs a bogeyman.

  • first class idiot.

    and we are doomed as we like idiots will side with him, he knows that because we want a trade deal with him,

    result more bad tempered muslims on the rise to radicalise more people.

    donald get a dictionary or use the net go to d no you know that word, no look up the word diplomacy.

    Obama nearly just nearly got iran a bit more open.

    Every time i spill diesel i often feel i ve spilt blood.

  • Iran is about the fifth largest oil producer in the world or so I read some time back. Just wondering if that has a bearing on the matter as Iraq was a high producer too and they only had weapons of mass destruction as well as a stable tyrant until the west fckd up the balance of power.

  • Poking Iran and Iraq in the eye with a sharp stick again, stupid cunts. what I cannot figure is all over the news Trump orderd this, Trump ordered that, Trump makes the big announcement that thye made a strike, what the fuck does he know about the Middle East or military strategy. I'm sick and tired of the news making out it's all Trumps doing, well they would I suppose as he is their president unfortunately. Who is it really instigating all this and making the decicions that Trump announces like it's all him FFS the orange cunt couldnt play hop scotch let alone play world warring games. Powerful people behind the scenes playing chess with the world using Trump as the mouthpiece. When Trump speaks, his mouth really does appear to be like what I imagine an actual arse hole looks like when it's trying to push a particularly stiff turd out.

  • The president is the commander in chief and with his 'selected' aides has initial ultimate power. Whoever is playing chess will just sit back in their little fortresses while the world burns. Princip, a nobody, triggered WW1 but a president taking out a seriously high commander in someone elses homeland is never going to be forgiven and him threatening to hit cultural targets if Iran does try anything is just going to inflame all muslims.



  • Are you all saying that he should not have been killed?

    I'm sure he deserved death and was spared the torture and slow painful death to which he has subjected others.

    Should he have been spared simply because he was somehow godlike?


    Non progressive Islam is oppressive in extremes that far surpass the crimes of free market capitalism.

    Playing pidgeon to human rights abusers will never end well and in 2020 it really is about time that people stopped hiding behind religion and accepted the very clear and incisive news that they are cowardly and murderous self serving sycophants who should be treated to the rationalisation that they impose.

  • No one said he was a god but he was a senior member of a sovereign state blatantly assassinated by another sovereign state in the territory of a third.

    I cant imagine a quiet and casual acceptance if a foreign state assassinated a UK US or European military or political head regardless of their record on human rights in peace time.

    What the Trump did was an act of war so he (or us) shouldnt be surprised if he gets one.

    The UK nor US is no more a law abiding peaceful democracy with perfect human rights record than Iran.

    Just hypocrisy to say youre standing up for right and justice by the assassination of anyone you disagree with.

  • He was head of the elite Quds force and was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.

    His death is a severe blow to the ruling mullahs. He was considered to be the most influential man in the Islamic Republic after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini and had considerable influence in dictating the Iranian regime's foreign policy.

    He wasn't boasting when he wrote in a message to US general David Petraeus -

    "... you should know that I Qassem Suleimani, control the policy of Iran with respect to Iraq , Lebanon, Gaza and Afghanistan, "

    The Quds force supplied many sophisticated explosives in Iraq including IED's that along with causing the deaths of many Americans were also responsible for the deaths of many Iraqis.

    Under his leadership the Quds force was responsible for the failed attempts to bomb the Saudi and Israeli embassies in the US, and to assassinate then-Saudi Ambassador to the US Adel Al-Jubeir . They were also responsible for the assassination of Lebanon's Sunni Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

    Soleimani successfully made alliances with many non shiite terror groups and militias including Al- Qaeda and it was under his leadership that Irans military was implicated in the 9/11 attacks -…11-attacks-136148008.html

    Iran has provided some Al-Qaeda leaders with travel documents and a safe haven.

    He revelled in offensive operations over defensive ones and can be seen in selfies he took with his troops and proxies on battlefields in countries, including Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq. He was previously sanctioned by the US, Switzerland and the UN Security Council via Resolution 1747, and on America's Specially Designated Global Terrorists list.

    Soleimani's tactics were anchored in creating unrest in other countries from which the regime could benefit , he once stated -

    " Today, Iran's victory or defeat no longer takes place in Mehran and Khorramshahr. Our boundaries have expanded, and we must witness victory in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. This is the fruit of the Islamic revolution."

    Maybe with the ruling mullahs in power, Iran will continue to create instability in the middle east and the lands they want to control such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen,Lebanon, parts of Gaza and Venezuela along with creating antagonism with the west , Israel and America.

  • Rt and all others.... I DO Get the international law side of things.... And that it is still open to interpretation.

    The hypocrisy is in finding the injustice in the killing of a powerful murderer at cost to the rights of the plebs that have been murdered, tortured and ignored.

    This killing has not yet been found to be unlawful. Killing a murderous cunt is certainly not immoral but I understand that you believe this killing might prove to be unlawful.

    The law might just be an arse if an international tribunal would prove this killing unjustified.

  • Thanks for the history lesson Lika but surprisingly im fully aware of the generals background and promises

    The US created Al Qaeda out of their support of Mujahideen fighters fighting Russian occupation. The US and UK created Saddam Hussein.The US has current allegiances with all murderous sides on the Syrian field playing one off against the other.

    If youre going to play whiter than white global policeman and take out baddies you feel are threat then at least have an ounce of ethics about your own operations.

    The US has had 30 years of Iranian revolutionary government and fully aware of its allegiances and activities and could take out snyone they chose but Trump chooses an election year and under impeachment to do something about it and start a religious crusade and didn't inform any of his allies either.

    Roll up roll up,regime change anyone.

    Hes poked a big stick in a hornets nest and now theyre all going to swarm out...good luck with that.

  • The group that emerged from the Mujahideen / Jihad was partly fomented by some Pashtun warlords in Afghanistan , Saudi finances/influences and salafi and Wahhabi Madrasas in Pakistan, long before Russia invaded. True the US tried to use these forces against the Russians.

    What about Irans actions ? To quote Maajid Nawaz - " attacking UK ship in Hormuz, kidnapping sailors,missiles at Aramco,downing US drone,killing US contractor& raiding US embassy,Iran had already effectively declared war "

  • The present Israeli government, somewhat understandably, would like to see Iran's nuclear plants taken out before the country is capable of manufacturing nuclear weapons, something it appears to be pressing ahead with, ostensibly as a consequence of recent events, if not well before.

    So a quick destructive air war, using selected vital targets, on Iran by the US and Israel could be on the cards, if justification can be found. This would not need a boots-on-the-ground invasion, something the US is anxious to avoid, but would leave Iran in dire straits economically and socially, And foment further terrorism internationally, of course. Plans for such a combined air strike have existed for years.

    This is something that Iran must surely be well aware of, so it will be seeking arrangements that may preclude the above. It will be interesting to see how the Russians play their hand in all of this.

  • Youre just using your islamophobia Lika to construct your own justified narrative. Christians Muslims have been fighting each other for centuries theyve also lived in peace side by side for centuries.

    If the US and UK hadnt deposed a demicratically elected leader Mossadegh in the 50's and installed a vicious puppet Shah lead government loyal to the west and its oil grabbing aspirations its highly unlikely there would be an Islamic theocracy in Iran. Its why Iran has such a hatred of the UK AND US.

    The US snd UK cannot stop interfering anywhere in the world. What of the puppet Saddam Hussein creation of the US Uk? What of the vicious 8 year proxy war against Iran that they egged him on with that killed hundreds of thousands.

    The US has effectively been at war with the Iranians since the revolution its effectively been in a proxy war with various regimes and factions to suit its own interests since at least the end of ww2.

    Its deliberately chosen a path of slow strangulation of Iran and cornering enemies just makes them more determined and unpredictable.

    The US wont be happy until its wiped the Iranian islamic nation and Palestine off the map and installed its own puppet administrations and claims to be democracy champion while dealing with a vicious Chinese regime thats slaughtering muslims buddhists and anyone that opposes its regime and says fuck all about it.

    Quite happy to support a corrupt murderous regime in Saudi to serve its own ends.

    What of the 140,000 deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan during the allied occupation and the ongoing deaths and illness from contamination from depleted uranium munitions...

    Base hypocrisy bereft of any moral compass.

    We all know this is about oil and the clash in ideologies. Both sides are equally as dirty and both sides like to play professional victim. Non of this is going to end well,wont benefit the west or make us safer in our own country,if anything it just makes all of us more vulnerable to extremists which our Government cant protect us from.

    But i guess if it rattles the patriot islamophobes into a frenzy its got to be good huh!

  • I cant begin to say I fully understand all of this, but what I do know is from previous excursions of poking the hornets nest in the middle east in recent timesit will unleash a backlash yet again, they are not going to lay down and take it on the chin. The yanks got all upset about 9/11 and I do feel they have just sent another invitation.

  • To quote Maajid Nawaz - "

    Whilst the vast majority of the media are naive blinkered fools under orders from their accepted superiors a slimier piece of shit that is the above mentioned would be harder to find in that industry.

    I would suggest you delve into his personal background before pontificating on his missives and if you are still of the same opinion then that reflects poorly on you.

    Trump is an idiot, Khameini falls into the same bracket but only because he believes there's a god, other than that he's a far sharper operator than Trump.

    If Iran takes its revenge in the region though not in Iraq it will retain the morale high ground amongst the Muslim world and if America retaliated with weapons on Iranian soil it will create unification amongst some of the players of the region and maybe even an alliance of Shia and Sunni.

    I am sure there are some among the US military who are aware of this but whether they can cut the Orange puppets strings that snake all the way from Israel remains to be seen.

    Any members of a coalition with the US of such an attack will suffer on their own soil which already hosts large Iranian communities who are generally of a far higher level of education than the third world dregs coming here for free stuff.

    Along as Iran doesn't retaliate on US soil it can't really lose in the eyes of the world but if America hits on Iranian soil it becomes more of an outcast as bullies should.

    Hitler's downfall was fighting on too many fronts at one time.

    I hope history is repeating itself.

  • Well it's started, sort of. Iran foreign minister says it was in defence and they don't want things to escalate..............

  • Here we fuckin go then! Christ only knows where it's going to end. Time people wised up & stopped voting these fuckin idiots into positions where they can do so much damage. They never endanger themselves, just the very folk that gave them the power.....

  • I know what you mean BB, But go and try telling that to a bunch of nazi loving red necks and they may not agree with you.

    I have american friends who cried when Trump got into power and we all expected a war,albeit we expected him to set of korea not Iran !!

    Only a fucking muppet would vote for a muppet, so I am guessing that there are a shit load of muppets in America !! When I was in California I met a fair few :-o

    Right,am now starting to realise that kermit,miss piggy and gonzo were comparitively not muppets at all :-)

  • Don't know if there's a connection to the downed plane, just hope not, but it's odd for one to fall out of the sky at the same time Iran kicks off. First thoughts were a USA cock-up taking out an innocent aircraft but they're all lying bstards of the first order so we'll never know.

    Among the dead are - '' 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians - including all of the crew, 10 Swedes, four Afghans and three Germans,''

  • Don't know if there's a connection to the downed plane, just hope not, but it's odd for one to fall out of the sky at the same time Iran kicks off. First thoughts were a USA cock-up taking out an innocent aircraft but they're all lying bstards of the first order so we'll never know.

    Among the dead are - '' 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians - including all of the crew, 10 Swedes, four Afghans and three Germans,''

    3 Britons on the flight two. Iran has stated a higher number of Iranians so probably of dual citizenship since theres a large Iranian community in Canada.

    Highly suspicious that its gone down at the same time with absolutely no mayday warning or Squawk code activated which suggests some instantaneous catastrophe.

    Similar to the airliner MH17 shot down over the Ukraine.

  • Here's an interesting read detailing the history from the beginning when Britain first went into Iran in the early 1900's. The west really does have so much to answer for. Britain and the yanks have cajoled and engineered the whole shit show, it's no wonder they are pissed at the West.

  • Best thing Trump has done since impeachment was taking out this dangerous man. If you think for one minute that the aims and objectives of today’s Iranian leaders is not to develop and own nuclear weapons of mass destruction at any price, in order to hold stage, influence, and possibly threaten all other world leaders and civilians of planet earth at a future date. Then the biggest fool is looking back at you in a mirror.
    God not Mohamed made drones in the image of airfix to strategically strike with minimal collateral and the way forward for modern waring conflict. Sending troops in to hostile Countries to Fight troops threats, is so last century. No cunt dictator button pusher, order giver should think they are safe conducting terrorist acts/plots from the safety of citizen loyalty/fear safety. Thank fook not every religious loon has nukes. We are all safer when No one individual is safe!