Jump start battery packs

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  • I have been checking these out recently after being stuck in the middle of the mountains and have just ordered this one which I think is going to be a handy tool to have.

    Strangely enough wandering will just bought one recently too.

    I shall keep you informed on how I get on with it,but even apart from the jump start facility,the extra power pack will be well handy. The jump start can be done with a reverse polarity ( I think thats what it is ) so one can jump start or boost the engine through the cigarette lighter socket.

    Sorry it is in french !!


  • Oh bugger,I knew I forgot something :whistle:

    Can charge it whilst driving or off the leisure batteries. As I am on the road doing lots of mileage ( normally ) so leccy never a problem :-)

  • Im a little suspicious and dubious of the claims in all honesty. As a backup power pack i think theyre absolutely worth the money.

    As an engine starter i wouldnt like to try,especially not via cigarette lighter wiring.

    Ive always managed with a spare fully charged battery and 3000amp capacity jump leads. (Approx 16mm) (The fatter the wire the easier the current flows from.one battery to another)

    Theres not an electically dead engine ive yet been unable to start.

    Always interested in updates on new fangled gizmos though.

  • Mechanics have had jump packs for years, just interested what was in the old ones they worked quite well, the new ones are a lot smaller, they must have like mentioned, li on batteries.

    I am guessing having a smaller fast charging power pack would come in handy when a boost is needed.

  • The original portable jump packs - on a trolley - usually had very high amperage lead-acid batteries, (We're talking 500 - 1500 Amps here!); later changed to VRLAs, sealed batteries that absorbed the acid in silica or glass-fibre mat.

    Never looked at the modern small jump packs, but would guess they are li-ion; they have been about for a few years now.

  • worth testing it out on a cold engine with a flat battery, before you do really need it and before the return policy expires. Various user reviews online. Periodically check the temperature. If these small multiple lithium batteries inside get over hot. They can swell and split the external charger casing. Best to recharge via 13.5 v cig lighter socket and not 12v 240v ac mains adapter supplied.
    I’m very sceptical they will start any of my vehicles in very cold weather. I assume starting a warm engine is not going to be too difficult.

  • Wandering will has got a smaller version and said he fired up a friends van that had a dead battery. twas a renault traffic !

    Its getting lots of good reviews,so am willing to give it a try and yes one never knows when a review is genuine but Someone has to be the guinea pig for you lot :-)

  • Be interesting to read how it performs. looking at the thickness of the leads on the clips, Mmmmm bit thin. My VW LT50 is a straight 6 2.4 turbo, I very much doubt it would spin that lump over without hotting those leads up. Being old skool, spare battery and heavy duty leads is my preferred. Also keeping everything maintained and topped up, havent had a need for it. The only time I've had a flat battery is when I havent used the van for a good while, but I usually take off the negative clamp when I know I wont be starting it for a week or more as the tacho can drain it after a couple of weeks.

  • Out of interest has any dirty hippie here ever jump started off of their leisure battery?

    No. I have thought about it once. But the price to replace leisure battery put me off. I did once fk up. My old tractor was a bugger if left long enough without running. I was so used to just dragging a charged battery across to it. One evening I was running late (a job on door security, friends 18th birthday bash). Dressed to kill, I decided to just put my tractor away. Climbed in tractor seat. Bonnet up, jump leads from big battery on the floor to tractor battery on top of tractor engine, behind steering wheel.


    Bluddy tractor is positive Earth you burnt face fk. :eek:

  • I can remeber a lad doing that trying to jump start a wagon or car at a scrap yard, he was a fair lad, as all the lads were at that scrappies always up to somthing, what we would call a

    wanna be scrappie even talked fast trying to pull a fast one they kind of used the poor lad a bit.

    Anyway he had a bit of a scar on his face dont know if its still there he did it jumping off a scrap car with a scrap wagon hed pulled up, you have best part of 2 x 24 volt batteries going into 12 result was a big bang and his face got battery acid on it. poor sod. I think i saw him a few years ago and i think it looked like scar had gone.

  • I've jump started my LT50 a few times last winter off a large 110 A/H leasuire battery I keep on a solar panel, the vans own battery had a cell on the way out so was dropping its charge quickly. I've had the leisure battery for at least 8-9 years and its still good as new even though have used it to jump start the VW. If I was to do this regularly then yes I expect it wouldnt do the leisure battery any good. I never have to over crank the VW to start it, it's always an instant start when it's got the required power to heat the plugs after 5 seconds so it wouldnt have caned the leisure battery. As an emergency back up I'd do it again.

  • I used the device a few days back when I was still having air in fuel problems and it was a cold icy morning.

    The reverse polarity option through the cigarette lighter is not for a direct jump,but if left for fifteen minutes,puts a charge into the battery.

    So,gave it a go and it definately fired easier than it had been doing and I didnt even need to get out of the van to do it :-)

    Have since found slight cracking in one of the fuel tank pipes and that has been changed and also there was some black gunk gathered inside the filter housing.Hard to tell if it was tiny bits of rubber or tar,but its now gone and the van is back to running normally and starting first turn of the key instantly :-)

    Happy to have put that problem behind me as it was causing me hassle and making my movements hard to organise.

    Few more things to sort out and bit more money to spend,but shall make it into a new van yet :-)

  • It is just part of life on the road my friend. Getting ridiculously stressed about it can only slow down the process of getting it sorted. I am quite cool in a " crisis " but will admit to loving a few drinks after sorting it out. This could be celebratory or just a huge pheeeewwwww thank goodness that is sorted !!!!

    I think it is more of a well done chap,you did well there type drink :-)

  • There is always the positive way of looking at breaking down in your home,is that no matter where you break down,you can go home and chill out straight way :-)

    Worrying is the worst thing to do,as one already has enough to deal with and does not need to turn it into two breakdowns :-)

  • Need a big bastard battery pack to jump start a diesel van lump.

    I have a jump starter but unfortunately it's golf cart battery died long ago and has yet to be replaced.

    ... All told (unless on shore power) its probably more reliable and efficient to seek occasional jump starts from one's vehicle recovery service.

  • Slightly under the weather last night after the oval festivities I went back to the van for my wash and shave and then fell asleep listening to music. In my none to sharp brain I happened to connect the electrics to the drive battery and not the leisure battery and when I got up this morning and had to start the van to get out of my friends courtyard the van just made a slight whirring noise as there was nowhere near enough battery to fire her up. Good start to the day with a slightly worn feeling going on !!

    However,I have got my new jump pack so it was time to try it and sure enough as it says on the tin,it fired up straight away with the jump cable from the battery pack. Absolutely delighted that it worked first attempt :-)

    Just as well as my friends who had to leave to get back to Paris were parked behind me so we if the van had not started they were stuck too,and I did notice the look of horror on my mates face when he heard the dead battery sound;but hey ho I have got out of a tricky situation with it so for me it has now already paid for itself. I can recommend it based on experience now xxxx


  • Need a big bastard battery pack to jump start a diesel van lump.

    I have a jump starter but unfortunately it's golf cart battery died long ago and has yet to be replaced.

    ... All told (unless on shore power) its probably more reliable and efficient to seek occasional jump starts from one's vehicle recovery service.

    The little bastard battery pack that I have that fits in a glovebox jumped my 2.5 diesel lump very easily mon ami :D

  • I normally watch the first episode or two of any program that I am watching with the electric supply from the computer then I connect to the drive battery then switch back to use the computer battery then once that has gone down again I connect to one of the leisure batteries. Doing this I get the most out of the free power available and save the majority of the leisure battery power for when needed such as if I am djing or watching a weekend of rugby.

    Yet again last night I forgot to switch back from the drive battery until after two 45 mins episodes of Merlin and knew that it would be very close to whether the van would start or not this morning. When I got up and felt how cold it was I decided that it would be best if I connected the booster into the cigarette lighter with the reverse ploarity option to help me out.

    I left it fifteen minutes as one is supposed to so that the battery gets its fast charge and the van fired in a second like on a hot summers day after a long drive.

    Third time I have used it now and three out of three times it has worked very nicely.

    Was certainly an item worth buying :-)