I need to paint the roof of my truck, can anyone rent me a big shed for a week please?

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    My truck leaks like a sieve. I've masticked it to death but it still leaks so I've bought some flat-roof paint. Apparently it can be applied when the roof is wet but probably not in pouring rain. It would be great to have somewhere to apply the stuff - I really don't want to do it in a layby at the side of the road - and preferably somewhere dry. I will pay - or work if you prefer. My vehicle is 3.2 metres high and 9 metres long so it needs to be a biggish building and also needs to be hardstanding or else I will sink. Moon on a stick? Probably, but I thought I would ask if anyone has or knows of such a building. Even a hay shed would do, it would shelter me from the worst of the elements. Thank you.

  • ask local farmers, they understand needs for big buildings for vehicle repairs etc and in spring they will have barns/farm buildings almost empty. They are usually up for a bit of pocket money. Failing that. Try find a motorway flyover or service tunnel (tunnels built at the time main roads were upgraded to motorways/ dual carriageways etc) for use by farmers to access their land now cut off by the road upgrade. O/S maps show these tunnels under highways. If you can complete the painting in a day they are high and wide.

  • Ah the Joy's of vanlife Millie,sorry I cant think of anywhere at moment, what area are you moving around in? Good idea of RTs ,I will start looking for barns etc ,ps I know a dude who used the roof paint on his old 5th wheeler and it worked very well!

  • I just hand painted my convoy van with Tractol paint when it was relatively dry and mild. It dries in a few hours.I managed 3 coats in 2.5 days and its stopped wuite a few leaks i had.

    If your roof is plain unpainted Aluminium sheet youll need to prep it and use an etcher or the paint wont stick.

  • Ive sealed all my roof and window frames with Everflex 225 made by Sika and you can paint over it. You need something like that thats pretty flexible in all temperatures. PITA having roof and window leaks.

    As for space your best option is a farmer with barn space or boatyard. Look on gumtree see if anyone has anything suitable.

    Hope you get sorted soon.