What are your habits-daily rituals ?

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  • I was just mentioning in another post about how I can never go to bed until after I have shaven and had a wash which has been a me thing for probably 20yrs or more. Even if I have been out partying until dawn and am completely wasted and knackered,I still must do it. 24hrs without a shave,noooooo way !!

    Also when I shave I always start up by my right ear !!

    Anyhow,just to stop me from feeling weird and freaky I would appreciate it if you all shared you habits and rituals that you do on a daily basis,and go on and be as weird and honest as you like :-)

    Love and light to all,no matter how weird you may be

    fly xxxx

  • Morning ritual, a massive mug of strong coffee, i pour at height over the sink to gain height and make a froth. eat a massive bowl of porridge either with water or milk sometimes not in mood for it so sometimes my body hates it and it takes some keeping down hence the massive mug of coffee.

    My watch is always set exactly half an hour to fast i ve tried going back to normal time but naa it defo has to be half an hour fast.

    Yearly ritual or monthly is dip in a river near me when the hot weather starts and now ive started going for a dip in it on new years day.

    (I always feel better after jumping in that pool, i ve even started mending the dam or taking it down to wash the silt out its in the middle of a moor in the middle of nowhere, unfortunately it looks like they have set up a shooting area right next to it now spent plastic cartriges laid all over and stupid little bridges next to it, bang goes the privacy).

    If i go to lakes or do anything risky i have a "lucky" bracelet its a cotton woven thing i bought off a nice lass collecting for charity at the base of skiddaw.

  • I have a special place for hares, i cannot bear the thought of a hare running under me van, i hit one once it just seems bad luck. one hare used to race against me and dad going to work on a morning i ran it over by accident, one morning a week later dad asked i wonder whats happened to that auld (old) hare.

    If something goes really wrong say a flat tyre or seomthing get broken i ease up a bit if two other things go wrong, as bad luck comes in threes apparently.

    and finaly if something goes wrong its either on a sunday or a friday, so there is a saying never start a job on a friday, and there is a bit of truth in the friday thing if its a biggish job thats needs doing quick its bad luck to start it on a friday always goes wrong, leaks wrong fittings, generally something then the customer comes home to a bombsite for the weekend!

    Basicly do easy jobs on a friday or dont start one you cant finish on a friday

  • We generally start the day with a good big mug of tea. Sometimes two if it's going to be a lazy day where we aren't going anywhere in a hurry so won't need to look out for a pisser. (Pissoir for IC, as OP:D).

    I always tend to wash the right leg/foot first, put the right sock/slipper/shoe/trainer/boot on first, dunno why, just a habit I guess.

    I always wash the car before taking it for an MOT. Most times it works.... Dunno why?:shrug:

    Always take off me underpants in bed and store them there; this is to help them keep warm overnight, as we rarely have heating on in the bedroom.

    What other interesting habits?

    I always turn over if necessary, lift the bedding and fart out of bed, which is just true gent good manners, and avoids a clout from the O/H....:flowerpower:

    Like Gee I avoid starting big or complex jobs on Fridays if it's not at home. (At home is mostly okay, because we have a Screwfix within walking distance, and a Toolstation a short bus ride away).

    We always carry at least a couple of black sacks in the car, just in case of finding any fresh roadkill; something we learned to do back in the day, when using country back roads and going to markets in the van.

    Although not exactly superstitious about bad things coming in threes, like Gee I do look out for the next two if something happens, just in case... I find the second one tells you if it's getting better or worse; like if the first is bad, the second less so, then the third won't be much to worry about. And the same in reverse, of course.

    There's probably more to reveal, but that had better do for now.....:whistle:

  • We all have and do them, I feel life is a ritual. I have my list of chores on getting up, they are done in an order, not out of OCD ness, its because its the flow they work in, and each morning the flow heads towards me getting in my workshop, and the flow grows in order of getting ready to go outside. Having an order of getting the chores done like riddling the stove, emptying ash pan, going to the tap for water if needed means its done without thinking, auto pilot means my head is free'd up for more interesting thoughts and meanderings and a bit of planning further into the day.

    One daily ritual is when I've had enough of work, usually around 4.30 to 5 p.m this time of year, I always have to have a read of the current book for an hour ish, make a little smoke, hitting the settee for that read session is my switch off time to wind down the day, then after that dinner gets done. I awlays salute a magpie, done it since a kid when used to go out in the car with the Grandparents and it stuck, it seems to stem from folklore keeping ill omens at bay.
    Another thing I noticed myself doing is when driving, if I see anyone broke down, I always put my hand on my heart and send them a blessing to get sorted quick and safe.

  • Like everyone else has,i have things i do everyday as the normal ebb and flow of the day goes on but cant honestly say i have any ritual or habit or thing i do everyday, be it normal or weird.

    I do stuff as i need to and assumingbi think about it and no day starts or finishes in the same manner or follows any pattern.

    When i was in the services i had a ritual and routine, similarly my career in the nhs.

    Ive no need for any of that now so I dont follow any ritual.I get up when I please,sometimes i eat sometimes i dont,i do stuff as the ideas tumble into my mind if they do or if i come across things that need doing.

    Routine? Nah!

    I dont even shave,that stuff is just wayvtoo weird,even for me.