Pinterest knows me so well

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  • Yeah well,as much as i enjoy technology and being immersed in online imagery,ive slipped away from it a lot more I enjoy doing more practical stuff,carving,making stuff with my hands,its more satisfying.

    If i had the land and timber id be absorbed in building my own log cabin and probably wluldnt use internet except for procuring supplies.

    If it didnt exist i wouldnt care. Ive lived perfectly well without it before for 35 of my 60 years,i can do so again perfectly well.

  • Well, looks like some of you folks are/were more involved in Pinterest than I am. I only ever use it when something crops up - usually something found in the streets - and I wonder 'What can I do or make out of this?'

    Then, if I get no inspiration, or no ideas from the O/H, I usually log in to Pinterest to see what other folks have done. If there's no luck on there, I will sweep further afield. Doing stuff without needing to buy special tools to do it is one of my rules; once you start buying special tools, and you have done that one job, they get stored away and forgotten, unless you start up a new interest with them.

    So I guess for me, Pinterest is only a possible and easily accessible source of information.

  • I’m with you on not spending Unnecessarily on tools etc Like most of the tools, gadgets, compounds etc and new ways to mend, stick/join, weld stuff together as advertised on YouTube between viewings. I don’t feel the urge to buy any .... Except for...
    The new amalgams/glues designed by/for dentists, that bond multiple materials plastics/glass etc which are set by UV light or the low temp aluminium welding rods. They look so useful to have in stock or just play with.

  • Never looked at the dental glues, (sounds interesting) but sometimes use JBWeld, or Loctite Epoxy Weld, which work well mostly, except when under direct shear pressure.

    The aluminium brazing rods (Durafix) I have found useful in situations where stick welding can't be used, like thinnish alloy castings.

    Been using some two-part Araldite recently, that someone had thrown out of their garage, hardly used. But nearly 10 years old when I examined the package closely! Tried it, and it still works, amazingly.