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  • I’m often sidetracked Pinterest impressed by inventions, creativity Pinterest
    Over the years it’s really caught my attention Pinterest A materialistic digital distraction, showing me all that I like in the world on a shiny backlit screen of dreams, The Silicone Valley Tablet.

    Pinterest’ is a church for sinners and dreamers and true access to many tried, tested and failed ways.

    Through Pinterest I’ve watched Rocket stoves evolve, motorhomes adapt, Tiny homes offgrid.
    I enjoy letting my mind go, collecting, repurposing stuff and we now have access to world-wide digital industrial meccano sets and all the surplus to requirements or light use tatt made to date. And this useful tatt is getting cheaper to buy by the day.

    Today I walked down by my 20” shipping container and thought

    “ wouldn’t that make a wicked Rocket stove.” weld a 45 gallon oil drum on top for the chimney and a 8 cube skip bolted on for the wood hopper. Daddarrr A Rocket Stove big enough to throw settees in :D I might name it the “Community Cleaup Rocketstove.

    So what’s your obsession/s? Has Pinterest Got your number? :boing:

  • You must mean a 20' container? It would make a good incinerator, but think of the smoke! You'd have your own Smokeville, attract 'em for miles around.

    And Greta wouldn't like it....:(

    I often log into Pinterest, looking for ideas, mostly for odd stuff we are sure could be useful, if only we knew how. You know how it accumulates....:whistle:

    At present I have a pair of size 10 ex-army boots, the heels and soles have all fell off, due to being made of polyurethane and being more than a few years old. There is no proper midsole, or if there was, this was also made of PU and has crumbled away, so new soles cannot be fitted. But the leather uppers are in excellent condition, and it seems wasteful to chuck such leather away. Question is, what can it be used for, without using industrial stitching machines to resew it into something else?

  • yes 20 foot container oldkeith. It would smoke a lot, lifting the chimney higher would help. It’s simply the scale of the rocket stove and the intensity of flames, Hence “heat” big enough, hot enough to incinerate human bodies whole, or house clearances leaving little for forensics :D

    Those boots you’ve hung onto will probably never be worn on feet again. but if you can cut a sole shape out of marine ply and tack the leather to the ply sole plate. They can make for a pair of original front door porch plant pots. Or drill a small 25mm hole into ply sole. Insert the open boot top over a old tree branch and after securing to the tree branch with the laces. A wicked bird nest box.
    last year I made two pairs of authentic leather Viking shoes, a pair for me and my daughter. I also bought a pair of nackered viking sea boots off ebay that I’ve removed the worn out soles already to replace. I’m actually looking forward to that project.

  • The riser should be longer, youd want two containers stacked on end at least... :whistle:

    I last used pinterest years ago (iirc before you needed an account) and i seem to remember it didnt allow you to save pics.

    It may be worth a revisit as a few people have mentioned it and should provide an ideal opportunity to waste more hours of my life researching crap i dont need to build get some fresh ideas.

    Re the rocket stoves, currently looking at building one out of perlite/concrete about the size of a bucket for camp use.

    Did you see the stainless one i took to DD a couple of years ago? That was the first one i built and apart from inefficiencies due to not insulating the burn and riser tube i was quite impressed with the small amount of fuel it used to cook a meal. The downside was constantly feeding it small sticks but it is something you could easily learn to live with.

  • If your seriously thinking of your rocket stove, be careful, i know a garage that made a little one out of an old steel diesel tank, and welded about 3, 45 gall drums on the top to burn all there old waste oils and rubbish tyres cardboard boxes packaging etc, it had a door on the works but they got either grassed up or google earthed, they had it in a field near there garage it has hidden by earth banking but they still got done.

    You know the more we think about it the more if waste could be burnt on a small level to gen heat and electric. Till we ever sort out the plastic recycling mess that we have, to move rubbish to the tip dump or power station requires energy, to recycle the stuff requires energy, its a nightmare.

    If rubbish could be burnt "cleanly" with filters on the stacks, surely that would be a better fix than importing wood chipped from canada.

    I know coal is a hot topic but what is coal??? Its old trees lots of old packed full of energy dry trees, burn that cleanly leave the trees up above to grow big and filter more carbon ,dont cut em down for a log burner, if you do cut em down use the wood for construction etc then burn the wood after its had a useful life.

    filter the coal smoke or burn it hotter or as a powder on a household boiler or gen plant.

    Crazy as it sounds we need to keep burying plastic in safe tips but sorted in sections till we need it in the future when we work out how to re use using sod all energy to re use it all.

  • The riser should be longer, youd want two containers stacked on end at least... :whistle:

    Did you see the stainless one i took to DD a couple of years ago? That was the first one i built and apart from inefficiencies due to not insulating the burn and riser tube i was quite impressed with the small amount of fuel it used to cook a meal. The downside was constantly feeding it small sticks but it is something you could easily learn to live with.

    I was only day dreaming about oversize rocket stoves and don’t need anything bigger than a spa heater size rocket stove. I paid £750 in delivery for my shipping container. I’m sure one day I will come across an old grain silo going begging or a long metal water bowser to make a serious chimney out of.

    I remember the SS rocket stove you made.very smart indeed. I suggested you incorporated it into some future nudge bars for your vehicle.

    I get what your saying about wasting Spending more time drooling over gadgets. Pinterest is the modern equivalent of Readers Digest for keyboard warriors and armchair inventors.

  • gee rubbish is burnt daily throughout the County to generate electricity. These kilns operate at high temperatures which destroys many of the pollutants given off when incinerating.

    I was happy to read 2019 was the first year the UK had generated a higher % of our electricity from renewable sources instead of from coal.

  • Biomass Energy: Renewable, But Not Green
    July 22, 2016

    Last summer, the White House acknowledged that biomass-generated energy is not carbon neutral. This recognition, however, didn’t stop Congress from affirming the environmental benefits of using biomass-generated energy. In fact, the congressional action put biomass in the same renewable category as wind and solar.

    Though renewable energy has been lauded as clean and the answer to the threat of climate change, not all renewable energy is actually “green.” Biomass has historically been considered a carbon-neutral energy source, meaning carbon emitted and carbon removed from the atmosphere are essentially balanced. It is presumed that the carbon captured in trees is the same as carbon released through combustion. But increasingly, research into these claims has shown otherwise.

    Studies from the Massachusetts Environmental Energy Alliance found that biomass combustion (burning) produces 1.5 times more CO2 than fossil fuels on a per unit basis. But biomass energy producers are held to different standards than are fossil fuel producers. The Partnership for Policy Integrity notes that under the Clean Air Act biomass power plants can emit 250 percent the pollution of a coal plant before permits are required, even though these sources emit many of the same toxins.

    This reality is compounded because combustion rules are broad and unclear, allowing bioenergy plants to burn anything that is “designed” to burn. They are legally allowed to burn anything from tires and plastic, to construction debris and garbage. Furthermore, biomass generators are not required to use the advanced pollution reduction technologies that have been required of other industries.

    But this is only one part of the story, the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT), which creates emission standards for plants, allows a facility that burns at least 10 percent biomass to be considered a biomass plant. This broad rule means that “biomass plants” can be burning 90% coal but with less stringent emissions standards than an actual coal plant. Producers are likely to use this to their advantage, because waste fuels like chemically contaminated wood and garbage, burn at hotter temperatures and produce more energy than trees and other forest greens. This, in addition to biomass plants getting paid to pick up waste, creates a large incentive for biomass plants to burn waste.

    “Biomass” is ill-defined and overly broad. Virtually anything can be lumped into that category to be considered green energy, even if tons of air pollutants are produced every year.

    The reality is that biomass may be renewable, but it is not environmentally friendly. Congress continuously creates legislation contrary to facts about biomass carbon emissions that are, by now, well-established in the energy industry.

    Though the White House rightly rejects carbon neutrality in biomass, Congress appeals to powerful interest groups, ignores pertinent research, and passes laws that go against environmental protection. This is just one case among many where Congress has carved out pollution exemptions for special interest groups under the Clean Air or Water Acts. Methane emissions from livestock aren’t allowed to be tracked, toxic chemicals from fracking are exempted from the Clean Water Act, and biomass plants can emit 2.5 times as much CO2 as other energy sources.

    The point of the Clean Air Act is “to protect and enhance the quality of the Nation’s air resources so as to promote the public health and welfare and the productive capacity of its population,” but the influence of special interests turns environmental decisions into political ones to the detriment of the environment.

    Kelli Reeder is a communications associate at Strata, a research center in Logan, Utah. Ryan Yonk, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of research at Utah State University.

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  • I last used pinterest years ago (iirc before you needed an account) and i seem to remember it didnt allow you to save pics.

    You can actually download pics directly from Pinterest now Compo. I download colouring pages to use as embroidery patterns and I've had some quilt block patterns as well. It's one of those sites that you either love or loathe. There's a lot of advertising now, mostly from Chinese clothing sites that are all rip off merchants and they steal pictures from Indie designers and what they actually sell isn't even a recognisable copy much of the time. It seems to be evolving as well right now with supposed ways to make money from it. I love it for the art and craft ideas. A lot of people hate it because they expect links to lead to free patterns, which they sometimes do but a lot of it is just clickbait. It's not really supposed to be much more than an electronic pinboard. Which is how I use it. There are patterns to be had but I rather suspect they've been pirated from published books, pattern leaflets and blog sites and are mostly breaching copyright somewhere in the world. I used to have hundreds of craft that took up space I no longer have. Now I have all my inspiration at my fingertips and the click of a keyboard. It's definitely a rabbit hole I can get lost down for hours when I'm in search of inspiration.

  • Our renwewablle and co2 figures are being "cooked" up. I had a blazing row with

    he laughed and said i was wrong the figures brighter people have worked it out he talked down to me making out i didnt know what i was talking about.

    The crux of it is "renewables" a lot of which are bloody biomass that involves clear felling old forests in america and canada and got knows where else in the eu and south america clear fell there own to supply there demands.

    In my humble opinion biomass should be either banned or thought up a bit better, basicly in the uk we dont have enough land to meet demand so we buy timber from other countries very old established forests, it isnt a thinning out process of dead trees its a clear fell nightmare.

    The uk power stations are sat above coal (old dead trees millions of years old packed with energy) but for some fuked up reason we are taking out massive growing carbon sinks (trees) for a green carbon loophole.

    Im sceptical YES WE MUST use renewables. but STOP biomass its total bullshit and we are sucking it up and our renawable figures look better than they are..

    Let the trees keep growing.

  • gee, maybe we have to look into this a little more. I’m not professing to know much about any of it, so I will proceed with caution. I understand biomass and aware that healthy trees are being selected,felled,Chipped, shipped from around the world, purely to be fed into electricity power generating plants, using trees from potentially renewable sources. however domestic fuel blocks, BBQ charcoal etc isn’t without some crimes, where some trees from valuable (protected) habitats are getting smuggled in to production illegally.

    The stats you first posted were from 2016 and from USA. I was impressed the other week to learn Germany was ahead in renewable energy production and today reading the stats for the UK.

    Renewable and sustainable is a word that I rarely use without thinking about where I am. :D

    In 2001/2 I was involved along with gov bodies and Sheffield University looking into and trialing biomass
    cultivation/harvesting/transporting and incinerating (Willow growing/harvesting machines and auger fed incinerated development. A project designed to provide locally based sustainable community heating projects (community buildings/schools/residential dwellings etc) it was a learning curve for all involved.

    My understanding of power generation I posted about earlier is from Central incineration plants, which focused on domestic/industrial waste being burnt when not financially viable to recycle and avoiding it ending up in landfill and Not the sourcing of living trees for the purpose of power generation.

  • Yep big fan of local heating i was a sceptic years ago i was a total idiot then a retired bloke wanted to get a comunity heating project going no one was interested, but i did point out about id fitted my log burner that heated the water, its ok but not the best system, i will sort this one day to a better set up.

    Thing is the infrasrtucture is there with the old coal fired power startions, the pylons transformers etc, could solar be incorporated on those sites? along with wind, and of course cleanly burned domestic waste. i guess the trouble with burning waste is the final waste disposal after its been burned.

    Just as devils advocate land is under pressure, be it plant based farming, animal, forestry, cash (fuel) crops as an ex miner whats your opinion on coal.

    If old trees were underground solid high energy fuel and you could leave the trees growing on the top????

    I know i am wrong

    Surely there isnt enough land in the uk to grow energy

    I guess wind, wave, geothermal, ground, solar, and methane, were missing a trick wit

  • Yep, and gas gets going when the demand is high or wind is low. Coal is slower to get onstream and only pitches in when the others are finding it hard.

    Nuclear can theoretically only do about 8GW, and spends most of the time between 6 and 7 in winter. By contrast wind can reach, in theory, 16GW. But often does around 8 to 10, depending. Gas in theory can go to 25GW, but I've never seen it near that. Coal is supposed to do up to 10 GW, but most of the time is just ticking over at 1 or 2GW.

    It is good to have different sources of power, and not have all your eggs in one basket.

  • We have/had some of the cleanest coal reserves in the world. Most of the UK coal mines have closed and beyond resurrecting. The coal is still there, the infrastructure long gone. Train tracks removed, land planted up for future renewable/amenity forests, developed for small industry or sold on.

    Like most fossil fuels, pollution control will always be the issue. The coal still trapped in strata is safe for millions of years to come. That carbon will not add to further destabilise the atmosphere or effect climate.
    My opinion Regarding coal? It’s wonderful stuff for keeping the stove going through a winters night. This year I’ve burnt my last oversized blocks/lumps of coal. I had 5 lumps each the size of a shoebox. I had to chop each block into smaller lumps to place in my wagon stove. Not many folk have seen coal that big. Old’ens years ago saved these large blocks of coal out of their coal deliveries. Built a wall with them in their coal cellar and save them up for leaner times or cold winters.

    We became used to burning cheaper, lower quality coal from Russia. It’s decline was inevitable. The smog of London was a precursor to the invisible pollution from fossil fuel burning in the UK. Acid Rain Thatcher the nail in the coal coffin lid.

    Nuclear power generation really scares me though, it always has.

    If growing trees for fuel keeps carbon in a cycle, it’s far better than digging up locked away carbon and creating further imbalance.

    Solar and wind generated power still gets grid priority, but that’s more about politics of the day.

    thanks for Link Oldkeith. We have had talk of energy needs and the changes needed since late 1960’s. It’s reassuring to see some results now. Only last year news came of the shrinking ozone hole. Many years have past since aerosols and fridges were the big issues to tackle.

  • I like your facts and Iam swayed by your arguments, just still not a huge fan of biomass i think its woefully under the power we need in the uk,

    Break it down,

    Oil Use

    is drilled from iraq is sucked up into a tanker, this then goes to another sea tanker, then its shipped to america, this fills harvesters, chain saws, trucks for moving the trees wood chip mills, then the chip or whole trees are moved by truck to the coast or to an inland port, onto a ship or barge, over the sea using oil to get there, onto land again truck or train to the power plant, loaded up by forklift.

    Grown in fields near the power station, tractors cutivation trucks and finally good growing land out of circulation.

    other sources of energy use .

    electric from the grid, chiping plants, trains,

    Finally huge big 100 year plus trees with established ecosystems sucking huge amounts of carbon are gone to hopefully be re planted with shrubs that cant remove the same carbon as there predecessors did.

    I know i am wrong get a rock hit me over the head in my simple terms in short we remove huge carbon removers that take years to get back to being effective as they currently are,

    I am just kind of wondering and am realising i am totally wrong but as mentioned before coal is under the power stations, theres 15 years worth i know near selby. if we burned that stuff for 15 years instead of dropping trees abroad and shipping them here would that be a usful stop gap?

    I know massive carbon relise but if the big carbon catchers go i mean i size of area each tree in america is massive it must be as useful as acres and acres of new trees.

    Basicly i think burning anything is bloody useless at generating power as we cannot guarantee where the wood comes from or what knock on effects it has in killing carbon filters or putting current good uk farmland out of production

    If we must burn it needs to be methane a by product of landfill, or why not from our sewage plants, simple really where there is more muck there is more demand. (cities towns etc)

    Time and time again i hate nuclear its dangerous. but it doesnt give off half as much carbon as burning stuff.

    Could we catch more carbon? i mean were sodding usesless at stopping producing it, could trees be genetically modified to take in more carbon??

  • I don’t think me and you see the big picture clearly enough to sort it out gee. I’m hopeful collectively the world will plod along and get the balance needed. Thankfully the planet doesn’t suffer from life changing natural events like ice age, or even a mini ice age. What da fk could we do if it was too cold to grow trees to burn. A mile thick ice over our heads or heading this way? Open those coal mines and put heaters in solar panels. You watch, we get our shit together. The Planet goes carbon neutral, we all get a discount for life voucher and bluddy big asteroid knocks us into another galaxy. Now where were we.

    Ahh tress like willow have a huge leaf cover. Grown in rows shoulder to shoulder as far as the land will allow. Harvested down to the ground every 2 to 5 years for well over the 100years. Now that’s greening the planet for biomass chipped wood fuel. Someone somewhere has compared this method to a climax community oak forest no doubt. I don’t think it’s just about carbon stored/storage or energy returns. We also need to consider habitat and species diversity of any system. A natural/managed oak forest will hold greater species diversity and wildlife value than a willow crop. Plus there’s many a benefit for humans, to relax, play in these species rich woodland environments.
    Carbon storage,

    On the one hand gee, plants have not had it so good since the last heatwave reached optimum growing conditions. Carbon count has been up and down like a yo-yo in terms of the plant kingdom evolution. Cows will always fart and some scientist will try to feed the farts out of them. Until then. Cows have rights. We have grass and trees, water, power and food. Who’s in charge of the ratios is anyone’s or all of our business.

  • Ahh! You only think you look like an old git.

    That's just negative thinking...

    Now when you really get to be an old git, like some of us on here, me included, you'll know what it feels as well as looks like....:D

    We fug up wherever we humans go simply because we are different from most other animals here. Most animals, no matter what country or climate, learn to live in their natural environment, so they don't change it much.

    By contrast, we can change our immediate environment, by clearing land, building dwellings, and by using lots of natural resources. Same throughout history; we just do it a lot more quickly nowadays.

    Although physically we are made of the same elements as other life here, there is something odd about us, as if a part of us doesn't really belong here. Whether it's our thinking and logical abilities, or some kind of spiritual side, I can't say. But we are so far removed in our ways of life and doing things from most of the other forms of life on the planet, that we fug up our environment wherever we go....

  • I’ve just had to ask my partner what Instagram is about. Dropping back in to Pinterest, I’m finding the worlds been liberated with self re-design/development and manufacture of more or less everything invented before, with lots of Personal interpretation and licence to modify.

    For example, 10 years ago. We posted photos of live-in wagons on here. Most of them were lifted to Pinterest. Look today at the design tweaks made around the world to say campervan interior designs, same restraints, size/shape etc but with newer components, construction methods, materials, equipment affordability and availability. Gadgets and vehicle furniture design has come a long way in those ten years. There’s got to be another ten ways/designs of electrically hoisting a Motorhome Bed up out of the living space at the touch of a button.
    Another interest I have is electric wheelchairs and mobility vehicles, it’s mind blowing what equipment is available now for folk with mobility issues. For years we have waited for military advances in tech before equipment filtered down to public availability. Now there’s a James Dyson in every other shed near you.

    Like maggi says. It’s great for arts and craft ideas. I often wish I had several lives. I’d leave one life to just play with tools arts and crafts.

    Tiny home ideas is another example. Having spent many hours pondering over designs in my head. it’s just liberating to the point of saturation with the many designs/builds I could happily live in.

  • Im not doubting its usefulness, just that theres so much overlap with social media now. Most of the stuff on Pinterest finds its way onto Instagram and facebook and Tumblr. A lot of the groups im in on facebook, i will end up seeing photos that were originally posted on instagram or Pinterest and vise versa...i know the log cabins and van conversions and bushcraft stuff are that i look through regularly.

    The thing i like about instagram is there are a large number of real artists and craftsmen on there displaying their latest piece of kit theyve made etc. Knife makers, carvers,leather crafts you nane it theyre on there and will happily chat to you about items theyve made.

    Being a keen photographer i like the medium for that reason. Tumblr is also very good,theres so rely obscure stuff and talented artists on there.

    The only major problem with these image sites is they have a habit of gobbling up large amounts of mobile data while youre browsing them.

  • I’m hoping to spend a lot less time using up data. A Pinterest flash of what I’m generally, really or heavily interested in, gets through my time continuum and I’m buggered. Pinterest is mimicking cocaine, It just knows my buttons. I can be absorbed, distracted enough. But being a avid fan of Pinterest and the more I’ve used/saved from it over ten years. I’ve become part of the default host. With folk sharing my boards and taking me further down the rabbit hole.
    But it’s been a interesting experiment for somebody indeed. If I need to go further in any subject or even ask questions, like you say there’s other ways to access it.
    I’m still a active member on a Bushcraft forum. That feeds my other side of life and I would like to attend the forum annual holiday meet. I’ve only met a dozen members in ten years. Online communication is one thing. Hearing seeing, doing has a hugue part to play :D