How was 2019 for you ?

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  • Bonjour-bonsoir everyone, I hope that all ios well and positive with you and that your answer to this is a positive one,and if not that you can see a positive side that will arrive because of it.

    For me 2019 has thrown a fair few challenges at me with lots of van probs,not being able to make my two yearly visit to the uk to visit mum,mum in hospital almost fatally twice and the loss of a couple of good friends. sounds tough I know,but on the other side of the coin,I have still spent time travelling and seeing new places,spent a couple of months in the pyraness walking,climbing and tracking wild animals,got loads of work on and plenty more booked up and have been in good health to mention but a few of the positives. Maybe I will start another thread tomorrow to ask what positive things have happened in 2019,but its can be good for you to have a moment to share both the good and bad moments here and share the love and get rid of the crap.

    For me in the scheme of my years it has been one of my worst on record,but at the same time it has been filled with loads of great stuff too so I can not say really that it has been horrible at all,just challenging at times !

    What about you guys,are you happy to put the year behind you and start a fresh one soon,or has it been great for you and you would be happy for it to continue? I hope the latter.

    Irrespective of how it has been, I hope that 2020 is a better year for you all and that you find good health,love and happiness in abundance.

    Love and light to you all and wishing you better than the best for the new year coming.

    Fly xxxx

  • 2019 for me,

    ok jan started with the obligatory depressive mood what why when. asked a lass out we went on two dates then she dumped me, (it was awkward working next to her flat in her and her landlords house in december, especially when she didnt speak to me, i must have creeped her out i felt awful)

    then work started that helped me a lot, however first job in jan invloved a lot of leaks and embarrasing water going in a kitchen from the bathroom i was working on.

    then work took off another job at a holiday cottage complex made things manic, but not one leak there despite stupidly high pressure and i became a hero there the mini AA.

    three funerals ffs.

    2019 has flown by in the blink of an eye

    A top moment was cumbria on my mountain bike did some grueling trails and downhills, met a lot of new people and met some old mates there and did some downhills with them, swam in many lakes and tarns,

    drank much beer and had a very good aug bank hol

    Final low point was christmas dont know why it just was.

    So i intend to take my breaks away, sod it, and i have defo found work my therapy along with seeing my dad every sunday over a coffee

  • Awful till about June when started my new job. Loads of overtime over summer, nice time in Bristol in August seeing a friend i haven't seen in years. Starting my course in October (work related). Making new friends at work having a laugh in non toxic work environment where the people are nice. Surviving Christmas looking forward to 2020 I hope its going to be as epic as i feel it will be. Hopefully get half of what ive got planned done.

  • I'm glad to see the back of it. It's been a really shitty year in so many ways. I'm hoping 2020 is going to be better but knowing some of the shit stirrers from 2019, I'm not getting my hopes up just yet. On the plus side I'm going to be a grandma again in about 5 months time so I can't help but look forward to that event at least.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! I hope it's going to be a good one for you all.

  • Looking back, the high percentage of the year has been its usual good self full of travel and mountains,nice walks and parking in beautiful places and apart from my first ever case of the flu in June,It has been a very healthy year too and am now feeling at my healthiest in a long time,and I am normally quite healthy,but due to lots of time in the mountains and a few tough jobs I am a muscled up and feeling light on my feet :-)

    Funny though how just a few bad experiences can taint our year and make it feel like it has been a bad one,when it really has been just a few bad moments !!

    The year is not over yet,we have all got a full day left,so get out there and finish your year with a flourish and do something cool and posiitive today and get your mindset right for 2020 to be your best year of your life,until the next one :-)

    Eat well , sleep well, moderate your Drinks and drugs , get good excercise, be a good person and keep a positive mind. These are all good things to carry into this new year.

    Wishing you all of these and good health as health is the most important of all.

    Love and light for 2020 to you all.

    Fly xxxx

  • Well over all a good year again,I have totally changed tack on my work and move in a much wider circle, by doing this I have met real nice peeps and good contacts, many of my friends still struggle with addictions but are still kicking.The new van is performing well, and I move to a new area in the new year ,I feel 2020 will be a great year for us all.

  • Well. all told, two zero one nine has been a fair good year. Usual ups and downs and bumps that you expect in life, have survived it with a smile and a generally sunny outlook so cheers 2019, bottoms up, nice to have known you :D Had a stressful time around May / June time, that was mostly my doing as cocked up delivery dates for my work, and ended up having to do 3 months work in 6 weeks to keep my promise to customers but I nailed and topped up the bank balance to healthy numbers which allows me to play hard after I've worked hard to be able to play hard amd so on, wirth this premise in mind, I had another banging year out festivalling and partying, still not got bored with it after about 35 full on summers of festivals and parties, still gunning to get on the damce floor on front of a phat sound system, so 2019 is going to culminate with what I love, am off to an all nighter full on psy trance party tonight to see in 2020 with good freinds, whoop whoop, feels a bit weird to head off for a full on party to get off my chump and dance hard and perform general shennanigans for many hours on a Tuesday night but feck it, only live once and being self employed and answerable to no fucker helps loads in this situation, I genuinely feel for the poor feckers who have to go to work on Thursday morning after a NYE party.

    After 53 years on planet Earth, over the years have gone to great length's to learn to survive the bumps and curve balls fairly well. You have to if you want to survive and get through whatever comes along. so if two zero two zero performs and plays the game then all will be well and I will say looking to the near future it's looking good. Got more work on than I can shake a stick at, got festival tickets in my vault ready for printing off nearer the time, so all in all, looking and feling good.

    A little tip, dont leave important documents, cheques etc dated thus, example 3/2/20, make sure you put and check anything is dated in full 2020 for this year only.

    Best wishes to all for a happy healthy fun, filthy, rude 2020, I'll be doing my best to make sure it is, see ya on the other side :hi::pp

  • If it has been the best year of your life , then keep stressing but keep the drama to a minimum :-)

    Hope that 2020 is by far the better year of your life my friend xx

  • Overall 2019 has been the best year of my life so far. I gave up all my stuff, my home and my job and became a full time traveller, which was my dream for the past 20 years or so. I'm currently living off savings but am working towards a lifestyle that will only require a few hundred pounds a month, so I don't plan to ever get trapped again. In addition I've been dedicating a lot of my time to meditation and living in the present, so my head's in a better place than it's ever been. I'm just really annoyingly happy!

  • Transitional. I faced up to some stuff i needed to and went through it instead of hopelessly trying to avoid/skirt round it.

    Took me some time to accept things can change you and you cant go back to who/how you used to be beforehand and thats not necessarily a bad thing. Its growth. Spent a lot of last year finding out whats important to me and going back to those roots and rebuilding from that instead of getting distracted by randomness that i dont care about.

  • Hello all,

    2019 was not a good year for me. I went through heavy depressions and also a few jobs.

    I went for a 'Walk of Life' trip by myself and I was doing it for my former partner who isn't with us anymore. I started at the beginning of the year from London and headed towards Scotland with a few stops along the way to enjoy some of the great views of this country.

    So I got my bags packed, camping equipment and rations all set up. Sold everything I had (didn't really have much since I got robbed) and set off with just £100 in my pocket. For once in my life I felt free. I had no social media set up and I pretty much cleaned my identity on the internet. I went off grid.

    During my walk, I cried. I couldn't believe it. I kept thinking about how I missed the women in my life. I also came to terms with my depression and how a lot of people I trusted, let me down all because they saw me as being vulnerable.

    It took me 14 days to get to the peak district and I was running short on supplies. I met a traveller community, old school 'hippy' family who allowed me to shower and stay on their patch for a couple days and used the local amenities to restock. The issue I had was money. I ended up doing some hard graft just to get by.

    In the peak district I hid in the forest and set up camp. I stayed for 3 days meditating; relaxing; pretty much chilling out. I moved location again and spent another 2 weeks walking the peak district. Believe me, it was the most peace I had in my life. And the weather wasn't bad; mid April; still a bit chilly but easy to get by.

    By the time I got into Scotland, it was near the end of April. I had another 200 miles to go pretty much and at one point I stank like a cow. Entering Scotland, I had a much deserved bath in one of the lakes. Water was nice and warm and it was something to take me out of my comfort zone. Great views and a waterfall. I didn't know what I was doing at one point seen as I never did anything like it before. I camped near Ben Nevis somewhere and built a cosy camp fire. I was joined by a couple of other people whom I met along the way who have been camping for almost a year now.

    Eventually I got to my destination and scattered her ashes. I cried constantly. I did it for her. I ended up walking back to London after a few days of well deserved rest. The problem with London, nobody cares. And hardly anyone is cultured enough to see that there is another world. Empathy; sympathy; compassion; respect; those are just words to me at the moment. It's a hard life with no family.

    Sorry if I went on a bit. I had to just tell someone.

  • Well done, mate.

    That there is an interesting personal story, and a lot of folks on here have been through the mill, one way or another, and can empathise with your experiences.

    Try to take it easy and gradually rebuild your life, and if you ever need to talk about anything, you're always welcome to talk with us folks on here. You'll get good advice if you need it, too.

  • I just read your story Wilderness and I can thoroughly concur. I could come out with all the usual sentiments and sorry's but I wont do that as that's not neccessary as that only brings folk down and reminds them even more kf what they have been through, what I will do is say wow, well done and good on you. You really did choose the best thing you could have done to get away form your usualy scene asnd break the chains. what folk usually do is stay where they are and stay down, unhappy and out of sorts as A --- they feel they have no options and B --- they wouldnt know what to do.

    ~What you done on your journey was to step out from the familiar and set out on a journey of the self. This is the best medicine anyone could do to seek solice and to help clear the inner self of hurt, upset, grief etc. It gives a perosn time to really look inside and seek clarity which in turn is a great way to start the healing process to resume personal growth and direction.

    I can say all this as I have done the very same thing. Although I have been on the road travelling with vehicles for nigh in 30 years, In 94 when things were going tit's up and my life was in a deep black hole, I left vehicle life behind and set out on the long walk, this I class as a time of walking the desert, you dont have to walk an actual desert on your own to acheive the same ends but it is the same journey, but for me my long walk lasted 10 years. As you have described, those 20 years were the most free, unconnected times from the madness of modern life I could ever imagine, nothing since hasd ever compoared and I dont think it will, after the 10 years I went back ionto vehicle life, I cannot do bricks and mortar. I would not be half the person I am today of I hadnt of done those 10 years of total off grid freedom. It was the hardest work but also the most rewarding. So hats off to you and I really hope you have found some inner peac and resolve form your journey. Your story has touched me as it has reminded me of the same joiurney of the long walk I took and where it lead me in my personal life.

    Now I am going to make a suggestion to you, a book to get and read if you havent already, I highly reccomend you do, It is called The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, it is widely available say on E bay or Amazon. As you have made the journey you undertook I think you will really resonate with it, it is an amazing story with much to give regarding personal journeys of the long walk, it is my all time favourite for a book of realisations and helped me immensely. PS it is not a self help book lol. I will leave off by saying much respect to you for doing the long walk and yes your right, London is a cold loveless souless shit hole. I'm in North Essex out in the countryside, thats as close to London as I ever wish to get. Keep strong chap, we are here if you need to chat.

  • Big hugs, all I can say is, it does get better with time. You don't forget someone, you just learn to celebrate the the good times and one day you find you can look back and smile.

  • 2019 was absolutely awful. It would take ages to explain it all so I won't. However, I've come out of it with some much-needed clarity, inner peace, strength. I feel clearer and surer about what I want to do, but, fuck, it was a tough one. Anyhoo, looking forward to the future now so all good.

  • I think last year was pretty much one of the worst ever, for me.
    I walked out of my home and the narcissist i shared it with
    I walked out of my job because of the narcissistic bully i worked for
    I left the house i was living in because i no longer could afford it, leaving me and my pregnant daughter homeless
    I moved in a house belonging to the family of the babies father, with daughter and her bf, he got terribly violent and i had to call police, daughter got a place with supported housing, she had her baby in october, he is a darling<3 , hopefully she gets something more permanent soon..
    My time here is finite, as the person i lodge with is at end of life, thats kinda scary....

    BUT, i stand by all my decisions....something good has to be round the corner, it has to be.