Barrister kills a fox with a baseball bat

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    Anti-Brexit barrister kills a FOX with a baseball bat 'while wearing his wife's satin kimono', sparking row with animal rights activists

    • Jolyon Maugham QC claimed he killed a fox with a baseball bat on Boxing Day
    • Mr Maugham said he 'dispatched' the animal wearing his wife's satin kimono
    • The fox got caught in netting around the chickens in his central London garden

    A top barrister has apologised after revealing he killed a fox with a baseball bat this morning.

    Jolyon Maugham QC, known for fighting a series of legal cases against Brexit, revealed that he 'dispatched' the animal the day after Christmas in his central London garden wearing his wife's satin kimono.

    He said he bought the baseball bat to 'discourage intruders' but ended up using it to kill the fox caught in the protective netting around his chickens - who were left 'a little anxious but otherwise well'.

    Mr Maugham, an outspoken remain-backing lawyer and occasional newspaper columnist, tweeted: 'Already this morning I have killed a fox with a baseball bat. How's your Boxing Day going?'

    Social media users were divided as to whether Mr Maugham's response was appropriate, with some finding the post amusing and others branding it 'vile'.…led-FOX-baseball-bat.html

    He proudly announced it on Twitter. I just hope some wackjob does the same to him, twunt.

  • If you were brought up in the country, boy, like what I were, you'd be taking the baseball bat to a fox as well.

    Had to take a stick to a neighbour's dog once, when it got in our garden after the chickens. Welted that sod; it never came back...

    We lost several chickens to foxes, one time or another, so no love lost on they.

    But wouldn't condone hunting them with hounds and the gentry, and all that shyte. Over half of 'em is raised special for hunting anyway, which makes them more of a nuisance than they would otherwise be.

  • i grew up in the country also and do hunt for rabbit etc ..but i would have been there with my shotgun but not in a london i know that is going to shock you on here..but thats the way it was in my village and still is.. and it is not unusuall to find sheep ripped to pieces by some ones pet dog that has been let off its lead and had to be shot ..sorry if that afends but thats the way it was and still is

  • And wearing his wife's silk kimono hasn't even come into it yet....:whistle:

    Perhaps a baseball bat was all he had handy; he would be unlikely to have a shotgun, as a solicitor living in deepest London. A couple of whacks would be all it would need; the first blow stuns, the second blow kills. A lot less messy than a carving knife. What else might a solicitor at home have available?

    But I would agree that it is nothing to boast about. Just a necessary action taken to defend your stock against future attacks by that particular fox, is all. Perhaps he had a Tarzan moment......:D

  • This nasty twat states he has a baseball bat "to deter intruders"

    Wonder what the wanker would make of you or I in court accused of possessing a baseball bat "to deter intruders"?

    Assume that would be frowned upon....

  • chickens or "hens" as they used to be called (fucking chickens are the little yellow things that grow into hens or cockrels ffs) are good rat atracktors, as most people add lib feed them resulting in an all you can eat banquet for raty 24/7 then wonder why they have so many rats, when we used to keep em feed em twice a day and keep the feed in a steel bin.

  • I think it’s been blown out of proportion by his Voluntary announcement on social media.

    Thick fk must know the law on potential animal cruelty allegations. If he had been caught inflicting death on the trapped fox with his wife's hard black dildo. It would have been the end of his career. Even if dressed in his court suit top-half and sock suspenders. its not going to look any better for him.

  • It could lead to an animal rights action, of course....:whistle:

    The fox was only doing what comes naturally to a fox; therefore the fox is innocent of any wrong-doing, it has no moral conscience.

    Had it been a human thief trying to kill/eat his chickens, he would not have been legally able to bludgeon it to death, because a human thief has the right to enter and take or damage your property without you being able to destroy it.

    Therefore the fox must have at least equivalent animal rights, and the solicitor is surely guilty of foxslaughter, if not first-degree murder of an animal merely following it's own natural instincts....

    Just being mischievous here....:whistle: