I'm currently using 5g ...

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  • ... to watch a conspiracy 'documentary' about 5g :whistle:

    So after trouble with my ISP I've signed up to Three 5g Broadband, that involves a router in my window sending the signal straight to my home -- right now I'm getting speeds from 100-250mb/s with no wires! :eek:

    Thus far my skin hasn't fried and no birds have fallen from the sky. :D

  • I know I wont be bothering with 5G, 4g is more than fast enough for my needs, why pay for for something that wont make any difference, I dont have or want an internet phone so 3G is ample just to make a phone call as that's all I need a phone for. Technology to me is a useful tool not a fashion statement, I see people mincing about in a 'oh look at me with all the latest devices and wearables' manner, like that makes them better human beings., well I suppose in the keep up with the Jones's stakes I suppose to them it does.

  • I have a mini wi fi dongle thingy from EE, it's a flat square yellow plastic thing with electronics insode, i obviously living in my truck I dont have a land line etc so these mobile affairs gets me the net, it is super fast on 4g, to me it fast, can stram what I want when I want, can fully download an hour and a half DJ set from souncloud in less than a minute, thats quick in my books, and never get any buffering.

  • I dont use devices for streaming games or movies or any intention of having streaming devices like smart watches or bio monitoring so 5G capabilities are irrelevant to my world. 3 and 4G (when i can get it) is more than sufficient.

    What concerns me is that we are being indoctrinated into accepting all of this technology and living in an environment totally immersed in EMF 24/7. Electro magnetic forces have measurable influences on human tissue and no doubt at nano cellular level and DNA.

    Microwave and directional EMF are already being used as weaponry and neuro distruption which should tell us that in high doses its not beneficial,in an urban setting where there are likely millions of these devices and transmitters emitting 5G radiation its not difficult to envisage areas or 'pools' of high density radiation sufficient to cause illness.

    The environment is already awash with EM radiation from human activity and space already. Get on an airliner at 35k feet for a few hours youll get several x-ray doses of radiation from space because the Earths magnetosphere is far weaker than 100 yrs ago and we get subject to far more dolar and cosmic radiation. Do we really need to add to the amount we are exposed to!

    As much as im a fan of technology id prefer to keep my use of it to a minimum nor become dependent on it in any way.The more dependent we are on it,the more susceptible we are if its suddenly deliberately removed or no longer there because of disasters.

    Keep your 5G ill stick with my bushcraft and outdoor life.

    To be fair im sure a minority of population and business community who really need ultra high speed internet will benefit but id rather see networks providing a decent basic 3 or 4 G service right across the UK than a 5G service for mostly urban users.

    Despite all the bullshit claims by networks on percentages of the UK covered,in reality if you live in any rural setting, the networks are at best hit and miss even in places like well heeled Oxfordshire and,Warwickshire Berkshire Hampshire etc let alone Wales and Scotland.