VPN's your thoughts and advice on them

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  • Pretty much as it says in the title good people. I would appreciate anyones ideas on which ones are good to use,or do's and dont's or whether it is not good to have one,or essential to have one.

    Your thoughts please ?

    Love and light to all and to all a merry christmas xx

  • I've been using Nord VPN for a year now and it's been mostly fine. It can be a bugger to connect sometimes in countries with slow internet but apart from that I haven't had any problems. The occasional website doesn't like it and I have to disconnect briefly to view what I want.

  • Thanks Keith. Nord does appear to be one of the most popular ones I hear mentioned. When I get a day off I shall read through the reviews you kindly shared and have a good study up on them all.

    Another common thing I am hearing that I already suspected is to avoid the free ones as they are often used to collect data from you, so go with a decent brand.

    I will post again after more research.

    Love to all

    fly xx

  • ... Nothing pervy though,so dont worry people :-)

    None of our business, man!

    Thanks for the link oldkeith. Although loads of VPNs were tested the one I use wasn't, so I couldn't compare mine with the tested data.

    I find VPN also useful for accessing BBC radio without signing up to BBC Sounds (I log on to a foreign server). I also use it for reading articles in a US newspaper that is in the process of conforming to European data protection law, but hasn't yet got round to it and is otherwise inaccessible. I notice that some VPNs in the list allow Netflix. My one doesn't.

  • I've been trying to understand this stuff about VPN, I had to look up what VPN stood for as had no idea what it was, think I got it, are they like Onion, the browser thingy folk download to use the dark net. What is it about these things that appeal, I'm no techy and have read the reviews but I still have little to no idea what they are talking about as it's all tech speak in the way they write as they seem to think anyone who reads what they write knows what they are on about. The one folk are talking about Nord, so you have to pay $11 a month to an unknown source in a foreign country, does anyone ask if the recipients of the money for the service use the money they make for legit or dodgy purposes, how do we know they are not a branch or offshoot with affiliations to some militia or terrorist organisation.

  • What, more conspiracy.....?

    Maybe you already know DARPA help fund the free TOR Browser you mention being used on the dark web...?

    I wasnt thinking conspiracy, if paying a subscription, surely it's no bad thing to know where it's going and who holds your debit account details for monthly payments.

    Dont know of Darpa, I dont know jack all about these VPN's, Tor, Dark web stuff, only because I havent felt the need to have them and have nothing to hide to feel the need to use them.

  • Yes, there have been times when I have not been able to get a sportstream for rugby matches and i player would be handy,but I get blocked for being outside the uk.

    Downloading and streaming sites too really need an vpn now.

    Nord is certainly getting the most mentions so may well give it a try.

    Thanks everyone xx

  • ... and have nothing to hide to feel the need to use them.

    Everyone has the right to make that decision for themselves, just as we have the right to carry or not carry so-called "smart" tech of any kind. While we may not feel we have the need to hide our activities we are entitled under existing human rights laws to freedom and privacy. The NSA, the CIA and the security services in the UK are interested in collecting as much information as possible about us and in being able to devise the means of storing such data in perpetuity. They are working on the basis that interrogating such colossal amounts of data will become easier as technology advances and there is progress in artificial intelligence. If data is stored it is accessible. MI5 may not need my bank account details at the moment, but some hacking genius might find them useful. It doesn't take much of a change in the national mood for the person I am to become a legitimate target for prejudice. We have seen very recently how easily we are manipulated into forming negative views against people of overseas origins, single-parent families and so on. Whilst I don't think I am a full-on conspiracy theorist I do believe that if our data is available someone, somewhere will find a way of making money from it.

  • Another common thing I am hearing that I already suspected is to avoid the free ones as they are often used to collect data from you, so go with a decent brand.

    Imagine it like this..

    You write a letter but arent allowed to post it in your country. There are services that will take your letter and repost it from another country - some free, some paid.

    They will probably all get your letter there, but who has read your letter in the meantime? A paid service is more likely to be trustworthy than a free one. What is contained in your letter - your bank account details are worth a lot more than a letter to Aunt Betty. Anything you send to a vpn can be read by the operator of that service so you need one that you can trust, especially if your usage is more inclined towards the less legal end..

    I have a vpn server set up on my home router. If i want to do any online banking from mobile then the vpn on my mobile connects to public wifi and transmits encrypted data to my home router, which then sends it on to the bank.

    I also sometimes use a free vpn service at home as marshlander does above to bypass geographical restrictions but as i dont use any personal data over them save for a login that was created using a disposable email address security isnt an issue.

    I also use one for accessing certain torrent sites, not for anonymity but purely because my isp has completely blocked them. I've not used one for streaming or downloading if i don't have to and have never had any issues despite using some serious bandwidth on occasion.