RIP Ram Dass

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  • He was certainly a dude along with many free thnkers who really did help get a lot of things right, It is such a sad shame the modern world got scared of LSD. It should be a pre requisite upon going into adult life. The world really would be a much better happier place if under the proper conditions it was part of becoming an adult. But no, the fucking powered up control freaks who run the show dont want people to be more enlightened to become their full potential as human BEINGS, it would make their system crumble and fall, those who feel it is something thta should have a lod kept on it, ask yourself this, why is it that the folk who have experienced LSD/ mushrooms etc become those who see through the bullshit of the constrictive socially controlled blinkered modern life and are the free thinkers in a higher form living in more harmony with themselves than the sheeple. It was the making of me, it smashed the bullshit of social conditioning and opened up the pathways of the mind that otherwise stay closed without it. I dont care whta anyone says, no one can acheive the same state of being and inner understanding without psychedelics, after all, are we not meant to have that experience, otherwise we would not have the receptors and nuerons in our brains that specifically interact with the molecules and chemicals that come with psychedelics and they are there for that one purpose only.

  • Been trying to get a copy of be here now. After weeks of searching, finally awaiting the arrival of a second hand copy from Australia. Read it many years ago and am really quite excited about rereading it.