The War Against The NHS

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  • My knees arnt brilliant they arnt going to get any better i went three times two years ago only to be give an exersize book, total waste of time they crunch and go on but i make do but of they had been optd on maybe they wont mess up in years to come, ie keyhole

    Wear and tear and the natural process of ageing effects all of us differently. Occupation, health, ability To access affordable health care and attitude determines the outcome usually. Our desire to acquire “new” replacement body parts has until late been a pipe dream and a sci-fi concept. We/I have been on the same cartwheel of discovery along with the medical evolutionary dreamers. Hearts grown in pigs. Artificial heart/skin etc. But alongside the possible we have taken some mods/repairs/reuse as standard practice. Folk donate bodies/body parts for human reuse. Lifesaving blood banks have changed accident and emergency and general surgery, including childbirth in most of our hospitals in the western world.
    And yet 2/3rds of humans on the planet don't have Access to some of the most basic surgery, due to location or poverty.

    From one extreme to another. Have we perceived a service that is still possibly before it’s time?
    We wait on lists indefinitely for lifesaving surgery, live with postcode lotteries for life changing drugs.

    And most of us express disapproval, disappointment with our NHS system and it’s mgt at every turn.

    Taking it to another extreme, some folk want to live forever, regardless of the implications, loosing loved ones, living with the frailty of a tired mind and body, we opt for cryogenic storage. Hoping that There is medical/scientific advancement allowing resuscitation in the future.
    we all seen to have individual ideas of what a health service should/could provide. Yet theres no “what is covered, what isn’t covered” in the small print.

    I could say the NHS does far more than the founders envisaged and I’m just thankful it’s here. Being a service user, I could say it’s hardly fit for purpose. long waiting lists, reduced procedures, poor quality diagnostics and Joined up healthcare treatments.

    gee the Farmer at Dovedale was told around 20 years ago that one of his knees had worn to the point of him requiring a knee replacement. Being a farmer and on the go 24/7 he put up and shut up.
    This year I watched him struggle to climb out of his tractor and walk any distance. His leg just wouldn’t bend at the knee. He was told this year that it’s too late to have a suitable knee operation, but he’s happy knowing there is no daily pain from using his knee.

    I believe knee replacement surgery has a lifespan around 10 years.

  • Quote

    the Farmer at Dovedale was told around 20 years ago that one of his knees had worn to the point of him requiring a knee replacement. Being a farmer and on the go 24/7 he put up and shut up.
    This year I watched him struggle to climb out of his tractor and walk any distance. His leg just wouldn’t bend at the knee. He was told this year that it’s too late to have a suitable knee operation, but he’s happy knowing there is no daily pain from using his knee.

    I believe knee replacement surgery has a lifespan around 10 years.

    Through my own stupidity i injured my knee mountain biking the gears missed up a lane near me and i fell off my knee smacking onto a block of concrete that a stupid idot of a neighbour (he now moved) who was a digger driver fly tipping rubble and conc on the lane near me, we all have done it but we used to either break it up with a big hammer in ruts, he was to idle to get off the digger seat thus blocks of rubble everywhere.

    I was in agony for weeks the pain waking me up in bed, i had to sleep with my leg out of the bed to stop the pain.

    went to docs after two weeks of pain he said oh might be a sprain come back in two weeks exersize book etc, it did nt get better,

    |If id been a drama queen i should have gone to a and e and got it xrayed as soon as id done it, but foolishly i didn t. as not wanting to waste nhs time.

    i ve been told that often key hole makes things better if it was a serious injury or physio i did nothing like this i went to work as normal hardly able to walk, lying down or kneeling on the other knee stretching the other out.

    I ve also been told of problems with keyhole and things going wrong.

    As you say ill put up and shut up.

    1. i wished id never ridden that day,

    2 I should have gone to a and e and put it on.

    but trying to be "hard" doesnt really work in the long run, i assumed it would get better.

  • If there is a "right" to have children then what about the right of those who raise children entirely by their own means to not have the taxes imposed on them squandered on raising those of people who clearly cannot and never will be able to afford to raise them plus the not insignificant number of human cuckoo's that abound in society.

    As the world automates there will be decreasing employment for these future generations, especially the lesser intelligent and yet the continuous increase in breeding new consumers for the global corps.

    Free IVF is simply the icing on a cake of supreme stupidity.

  • Its a natural thing to want to have children its hard wired into a lot of our physcee,

    Maybe a gentle nudge on population control by having one or two kids. like china did all those years ago a fairly brutal but effective way of combating climate change and resources.

    Offer ivf for childless couples but offer free contraception or the snip to people with reaching the quota of two or exsistinglarger families.

    I of course wouldnt be here as i was a third youngest child but who cares i dont i d never know and society wouldnt know or miss me.

    The irony would be we would have a more diverse society ie no massive families in one area.

    That way we all if we want get to raise offspring, and it would maybe make things more affordable. smaller schools, houses, everything more time and resources on each kid /person.

  • fractured families in local communities are another reason parents have smaller families. Not having extended/shared childminding responsibility, makes it tough on parents responsible for 24/30+ days childcare, which eventually burns out the soul of your free time. Children aren’t a guaranteed joy. But now and then they can become a total motivation.

  • I havent watched the film,it doesnt appear available and to be fair im pissed off with people slagging off the NHS and making films deliberately to show up its shortfalls (make a fake case for privatisation).

    Until i retired id worked in the NHS for 25 years in the Ambulance service and ive worked under both systems of management of the NHS.

    The former system where hospitals were run and managed by hospital doctors,consultants and senior matrons and Ambulance services run by experienced uniformed road staff who progressed up to responsibility for managing the emergency and routine transport services.All health services overseen by local health committee made up of people with relevant health care environment expertise and for the most part it all worked faultlessly.

    Then came Thatcherism, internal markets, outside management consultants drafted in,multiple tiers of management,hugely inflated consultancy salaries and tendering,farming out of services,parking charges and the disasterous patients charter.

    I can remember Thatcher saying in the 80's "use it or lose it" meaning use the NHS or we will shut it down.I can well remember the sudden imposition of targets governing patients seen by and treated by times all alongside massive cuts to patient capacity of hospitals,closures of wards,services,cuts to doctors and nurses numbers,closures of local hospitals, ludicrous surgery target requirements,cuts in Ambulance service budgets and a massive increase in the numbers of people calling for Ambulances and attending A&E for medical issues they previously would not have done so for.

    We all know what this "use it or lose" threat was intended for,coupled with massive cuts,it was deliberate intention to overwhelm the NHS to the point of failure then it could be privatised and lauded as the great saviour of healthcare in the UK. Thatcher however misjudged the mood of the electorate and was forced to grudgingly fund it better.

    The Labour government was no different,they continued the internal market,starve services and make disasterous sales of hospitals to private operators on a lease back arrangement thats cost this country billions in losses.Not to mension the national computer records fiasco.

    Lo and behold we are back to more of the same,starved services,over worked under paid staff,higher demand and a creeping sale of chunks of the NHS to private operators. Its being managed to fail so private operators can pick it all up at bargain prices.

    There is nothing more wrong with the NHS than it is underfunded and improperly managed by people who have no interest in it continuing as a 'free at point of entry' system.

    The comparable systems in Europe work perfectly well because theyre properly managed and funded.

    Ive no truk with whats been said that people abuse the system,they do,ive experienced plenty of regular wankers and wasters abusing my own time and the time of A&E departments. Ive also seen massive waste of resources and budgets by internal management in place and theres no doubt its become a gravy train for career management arseholes to milk before moving on to another honey pot.

    There has been an issue of stafff overwork /underpay since the 80's and as a concession to higher pay, nurses and ambulance staff have been required to undertake increasingly higher skill levels and training to justify the pay increases but nothing has ever been done to address the lack of funding to the basic services or curtail the abuse of the service or the resource waste internally.

    Privatisation will not change that situation as is perfectly evident in the US system where its become routine to overcharge for services and drugs on patients bills that the insurance companies milk for all its worth.

    My own friend in Oregon with good job and hobby smallholding was rendered bankrupt twice because of her husbands two successive heart attacks. She no longer qualifies for health insurance because no insurer will take them on and shes no got MS and no healthcare.

    Thats the reality of the private health system.

    If you dont like working in the NHS because you feel undervalued or underpaid or both then fuck off out of it and get a cushy job with BUPA or other private provider,theres plenty of jobs about in private health establishments ,but dont sit smuggly by and deny everyone basic free or affordable health care because youre unhappy with your lot in life and feel undervalued.

    I worked 25 years in the NHS being undervalued and not being paid what i should have been or could have gotten if id moved abroad but most people don't go into health care with money being their primary motive in life. If that's all your interested in -money (and to held in awe) -then youre most probably in the wrong job.

  • NRT I watched it on YouTube and it takes a few hours, but if you get the chance. I’m sure it will only reinforce what you already suspected. But interesting to hear/see facts from high up and exposure of the true bandits with an agenda. It paints Labour in a very poor light pre and post Thatcher years. I would highly recommend viewing it to anyone who worked within the NHS, just because it’s factual and they did it regardless of how dedicated, compassionate NHS staff were at the time.

  • I know its not a perfect service but its is /was until recently,regarded as the best health service in the world.

    Its been ruined by private companies milking it for all its worth,wankers abusing the service,health care tourists and dismal political and internal management waste.

    The same dismal management operates all British companies especially those who rely on public contracts to make money, more so those who operate health services...theyre just as much parasites as the abusive patients who demand service with no actual medical need...only the former cost far more.

    It needs reform,not scrapping.

    The same dismal business management over public services operated by private companies applues in the US.

    Insurance based health services are just a license to print money. A casual look at how veterinary services work in this country will show whats coming for uk citizens.

    Pay up or fuck off and die quietly as human euthanasia isnt legal.