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  • Just had a thought this late evening, what if the government had a cyber minister with a crack team, and basicly set up an online site that guaranteed ethical use of labour in constructing goods and parts, and also carbon footprint, we seem to be getting the fact that we are doing wrong and we must reduce carbon yet most of the world just click away ordering stuff because its cheap from anywhere on the globe and produced the cheapest way possible,

    If we led the way other countries would follow as now we have the power to alter the trade field,

    instead of going cheap online maybe we would find just as good local, or global but maybe businesses would set up making goods in a more greener ethical manner as there hand would be forced.

    Hate to say it the government would own this trading place, being able to set tarifs, tax businesses and vet there green and labour credentials accordingly.

    Its all very well having rules for our country, Europe, and any trade agreements but online its like the wild west where basicly anything goes.

    Workable or just a stupid idea?

  • Totally get your thinking on this but sadly I dont think it would be a government driven directive. In the current system global trade relies on cheap transported goods and even more sadly the standard issue consumer wants cheap goods, thats why this market exists, because there is a massive market for it.

    The government and businesses should be doing more towards better cleaner less globally transported goods and parts and consumers should be thinking more along these lines but it's all about profit and what people can afford. Even going part way and offering a greener cleaner alternatiive would be something but that would come with a price tag.

    It's like what I call the Dick Strawbridge effect, you can go green if you can afford it.

    We can see there is a need for it and on a personal level, like many I do what I can.

    I am thinking it would be something like Amazon but for greener ethical sourced goods etc

  • Don't see how it could work. People here in general are conditioned to need cheap fuckin rubbish from china etc. Our govt has sold our entire manufacturing industry down the river so we can't compete with them at any price. (Normal) people can't afford to buy top quality goods here as they spend every penny they have on day to day stuff (food etc) & have little left so things they want have to be cheap. They are conditioned to look for short term gratification at the expense of long term sustainability. I will look to buy things that I need second hand & of good quality anytime I can. People are like sheep, do what everyone else is doing & just make it easier for govt/marketing to control them & ultimately exploit them at whatever cost...😕

  • The only people who buy locally produced quality goods in this country are people who have high earnings that make price considerations irrelevant.The rest of us have to buy what we can afford and most of that comes from Asia.

    Imposing tariffs on foreign made goods doesnt work.

    I think at best we need a government lead initiative to encourage manufacturers to move production to the UK and discourage supermarkets from buying bulk food from China that can beproduced just as easily and cheaply here without the shipping.

    Its bizarre that we iimport everyday veg and meat from China and Kenya and South America that we have produced here for centuries, especially when by doing so it makes those foods unaffordable to the people in the countries producing it.

    The world is fucked but will be completely fucked if we dont stop this insanity.

  • Thought it bizzare that a very large % of the chicken used in frozen ready meals etc allegedly comes from Thailand! What the fuck is that all about?

    Also understand that due to a deal with our govt, due to China being a developing nation all this rammed that comes here "free post" is in fact paid for by our postal service.!! No bloody wonder we're fucked & still propping up the very countries that are fucking us even more....

  • A lot of cheap chicken and duck and fish does come from Thailand. It says so on most of Tescos takeaways and cheap meat lines. Garlic in most supermarkets comes from China and we used to grow it here for centuries.

    How China or India can regarded as developing countries and need help when they both have space programs of their own and we cant afford one is just a joke.

  • I can't afford to shop 'ethically'. I have my state pension and a small industry pension which is less than the state pension. By the time I pay my rent and utilities I can eat and have a small amount, a few pounds, left for other things. In theory I could have more money but my landlord won't take housing benefit. But that's another story. Anything I buy has to be as cheap as I can get. I don't knowingly buy from China but they're getting crafty and many now have 'addresses' in the UK that goods are supposedly despatched from. Almost everything is now manufactured in the far east and our manufacturing industries have pretty much been killed off. The cost of setting up new industries here would be astronomical and very few people would be able to afford the goods on offer. And how do you force people to use this new retail outlet. Until people stop wanting to buy throw away goods, this is the world we've got. I do what I can but unless I win the lottery and can afford hand made goods, I'll continue to do what I'm doing. That's the reality for me and thousands of other people.

  • Tough call but I guess you cant go back on "progress" I am as guilty as the next person I dont buyt a lot but I am a sucker for cheap tools from either lidl or the builders merchants, I use most tools and lose a few as well, like say drill bits and drivers, dads generation guarded them and hung on to them like precious gems.

    I can only mildy justify my consumption of tools in that they all get used at some point, I dont bother with Netflix, surround sound I players and all that tch stuff it really doesn't interest me, but tools do, like a quick fix say a cheap set of spanners or drill bits but the quality is getting better all the time.

    However I am a consumer, I guess a good resolution would be to tidy my van and garage and find all my stuff and organise it.

    The only advantage of ethical e bay or the like if the government ruled it with a rod of iron maybe just maybe things would change as there is no rules on the inter trade.

    It just seems so unfair. a uk firm, has to have rates, health and safety, employment rites, whereas global competitors dont, child labour, poor h ans s no rites , but due to the internet its all lapped up by the consumer.

    maybe I am wrong maybe china and india are forward looking countries, striving to work to be at the top who knows.

  • Having regulations concerning all imported and home-produced goods would be a start. Goods would have to be produced to a given standard, and be repairable without special tooling, or they wouldn't get in the country, or wouldn't get produced here.

    Sure they would be dearer, but they would also be repairable, so a lot less would be thrown away. That would slow down the economy, of course, but there's a lot wrong with the current 'ever-expanding' style of economy anyway. We need a 'tickover' economy, one that ticks along for the good of the many, not the few (Whoops!).