Could Boris Johnson be alright?

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  • I'm not a huge fan, but I'm also not a fan of the current 'not my PM' meltdown either -- he is our PM, and he won the election.

    He's also not a Thatcherite -- his 'One Nation Conservative' approach (if he's telling the truth), should really be like classical liberalism -- freedom for the individual with investment in the infrastructure.

    I'm not convinced he's a racist, sexist, homophobe either -- he's style of politically incorrect language may be troublesome, but his words actually aren't matching his choice of cabinet members.

    So, could he actually be OK and could he lead the country into greater prosperity?

  • Surely can't be any worse than the rest of the fuckin bunch. Time will tell if he's gonna be full of shit or actually deliver what he says. If he's true to his word, that alone should be brownie points as it will make him a step up from all the other lying conniving backstabbers. If he doesn't then he's just the same as the rest of the lying fuckers. Hopefully he'll prove to be our saviour, god knows we fuckin need one around now.....

  • Blair used the exact same mantra as Boris is now using,that he is a 'servant of the people' and refirming the country for 'the good of the people'.

    Hes a habitual persistent liar,just like Blair,he was pro Europe for years and only changed his stance at the referendum. Hes an opportunist career politician.

    Do I believe him? Do I fuck.

    But hes PM and his government has an undefeatable working majority and absolutely no one to stand in his way or blame for stopping him so if he claims he can reform the country and achieve some kind of magical resurrection of Britain and a better lot for the average citizens then he best get the fuck on with it.

    I just hope he gets rid of all the fucking inept twats that were in Camerons and Mays government like Gove and co and in his reform of Britain he genuinely creates the conditions to rebuild manufacturing here and not just roll over and hand all the markets to the US. If he believes in Britain he has to make it happen.

    End of the day he will have his feet held to the fire by media,corporates and electorate and if he fails he wont be in number 10 long.

  • I am not keen on him, I should be as I fit the demographic, I work in a trade, I am northern, I hate to admit it but I guess I am middle aged.

    As this thread is purley asking if boris is alright, I wont go off topic as normal and try to keep to the question, to me he has been moulded into an elaectable tory that was maybe sharper than he looks.

    To answer this lets put our selves in his shoes, he has a massive task to do if he cocks it up he will be remembered as that idiot who cocked everything up, he will either work his socks off or just go along with whats a quick easy fix for 4 or 5 yearsm then he would disappear like Cameron. Brexit wont affect him but it might mentally if it all goes catastrophically wrong.

    What really bugs me he is definatlely a liar, almost like trump.

    I am hearing of rumours of fracking going ahead on the isle of wight, also didn't he object to heathrow being extended, yet it still will expand.

    Maybe that's his appeal he just goes with whatever way the winds blowing and gets away with it.

    I am interested when he was mayor I am guessing you as a Londoner paul would know,, did he do any good. being pm is a totally diferant gig but I guess if it shows he s got form if he motivated London.

  • He's not my choice, he's a liar and manipulative. I'm also a northerner so his policies weren't made with me in mind. I work providing NHS services. Waiting to see what impact it has on us but we know it will have one. How old is classed as middle aged not sure if I've got there yet lol?

  • I am interested when he was mayor I am guessing you as a Londoner paul would know,, did he do any good

    It depends what you call good -- Boris buses, Boris Bikes and killing off the Western arm of the congestion charge zone.

    He built more 'affordable' homes than Ken Livingstone did.

    He took the credit for the Olympics, and he did help to facilitate it, even though it was initially Ken's idea.

    He wasted a shitload of money on the Bridge project.

    Whatever he didn't do right, he did a whole lot better than Sadiq Khan who seems to be largely invisible.

  • The thing that always sticks in my mind about him is purchasing 3 very expensive riot control water cannon from France or Germany -which never got used - and were sold at a great loss and the way he turned on Cameron and assumed his anti Europe stance after years of supporting it.

    I dont trust him at all but at least what he does is mostly out in the public view unlike May who micro managed everything and avoided scrutiny and the media at any cost.

  • Reading pauls comment to me if you read his cv not knowing who he was I would hate to say it but he does get things done.

    There are parallels with trump.

    Tv star,

    seems to be able to lie quite easily,

    mistrusts the media, even is taking on the bbc,

    I just arnt keen on him, but I will let him have a chance,

    However whats his stance on the NHS,


    tax dodging companies like amazon and the like,

    what trade deal will he get,with europe or is it a load off hot air and will we go cap in hand to America,

    This election did piss me off it wasn't party lines or policy it was Brexit, and of corse Corbyn.

    I didn't like Corbyn, and I didn't like Johnson,

  • We havent got a choice, the majority vote won the day in a democratic election and he got to stay in number 10 with a Tory government. there is a need for more social reform of course there is but Corbyn's Labour royally fucked it and it was pretty obvious the nation was not going to wear him being PM. The bunch out protesting Boris is not our prime minister, what a waste of energy and resources, must have cost a packet to the tax payer for the police. Going by all the elections and change of governemnts I've lived through thus far we are never going to get a right on all singing all dancing party and PM. Most of that is down to what is offered on the ballot paper, I dont even think there is a best of a bad bunch.

    At present we havent even got a worthy viable opposition which is needed in the parliamentary system we have. My personal view is for the real time change that I could invisage the current party system we have needs to end and a completely new system needs to emerge. Instead of having party ministers running things like health care and the NHS, transport and other national infrastructure etc, take that away from party politics and have a non political group heading the running of these things independantly for the good of the nation and not just for profit.

    Just got to get on with life like I do everyday, that seems to happen regardless who's in power.

  • His investment in hairbrained and contentious ideas (such as water cannon) is worrying, but regardless of any of that we are stuck with him, and he does have a positive energy about him.

    I think it's a matter of "wait and see" -- people change, and I think his time as London Mayor has influenced his social policy somewhat.

    On paper I have a slight feeling he's actually worth less than Jeremy Corbyn, so there's not much point in expressing class prejudice in this area.

    It's like Boris Johnson is very much the "big picture" guy when it comes to solutions -- it's just whether he can get the right people to put his plans into action or not, without causing too much shit for the rest of us, and without being restricted by the more Thatcherite backbenchers.

  • The non-political system of running the country has always been called for by various wise persons and intellectuals throughout history, since the ancient Greeks. Professors of economics, ethics, etc must be much better placed to plan for the future than short-term greed and gain politicians. If there is to be any politics at all, it should be just be run as a comedy for the public, a little side-show. As Arthur C. Clarke said:

    'Anyone that wants to be a politician should never be allowed to be one'