Robotic decision makers

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  • Just a thought do you think in the future decision making would be better done by robots, I mean as humans we are drastically floored, as generally we lie, and do everything wrong in a past life only to inflict discipline on others, maybe if the robots took over would that be a bad thing, imagine no class, no past wrong doing, a bland cold decision maker that treated everyone equal, no views on colour religion class upbringing,

    Parliament would we need it, just a big computer making decisions every day, linked to a system of subordinates who go out to each region and listen or respond to e mails.

    The law, a robot judge, who listens to right and wrong and treats you to what you have done ways your good traits and bad gives you a chance if theres a chance you will be good.

    the law again police no opinions on race colour gender etc just cold hard facts, maybe even make your cars so they cant speed, and as they would be cheaper a few robots kicking about.

    Imagine no one to blame but ourselves no crooked police politicians judges,

    just enough food and money to survive and hopefully a fulfilling life.

    Id hate this world but would it be fairer?

    Worst thing would be being a teenager or a young person, back then a few of us might have rebelled ir been wayward would the robots forever incarsarate us for wrongdoing, a black mark forever or would there be a leniency option.

    The second option is anarcy, no law just a free for all groups of vigalanties creating there own laws and groups maybe to escape hell in towns you would live in your own area ecosystem of like minded people, but there would always be the threat of getting robbed or killed but maybe it would level out, a cull a mini armegeddon a correction of life.

    Who knows perhaps the future world will be run by robotic algrythms but fringes of anarcy in certain areas.

  • It would still depend on who programmed the robots, Gee.

    You could program them to a left-wing or a right-wing political system, and they would act quite differently in what they did.

    You could program them to a centrist political system and they would be different again.

    You could program them to a utilitarian system, which would be closest to a purely logical system, but then they would enact a far more ruthless regime than most human political systems. No sentiments, no emotions, no pity.

    Just the cold equations....

  • Actions have consequences.

    Anarchists propose that anarchy takes people along a path of self education and critical analysis that leads to a more enlightened society that favours and penalises its actors more fairly than current systems allow.

  • I thought the lords was already full of robots :/

    Being a libertarian socialist ive no interest in any hierarchical political systems but such an ideology is just not practical anymore than a robotic decision making process is.

    Humans are flawed but they have the benefit of flexibility of thought,common sense,emotion,morality,empathy... Non of which youd get from robotics no matter how you program them and their would be little fairness in decisions.Its why we have the most learned (supposedly) brains of the country drawing up laws with minute scrutiny determining the black and white laws and the 'what if' exceptions or extenuating circumstances and how to interpret them. Robots dont analyse problems or situations in the same way.Maybe they would if they became self aware and become capable of emotional and moral assessment andcempathy but as of yet theyre not.

    If you want an anarchy system go live in an poor inner city drug turf or religious sectarian neighbourhood for a few weeks, youll find out how much fun living in an anarchical environment is.

  • Hmmm.... What?

    Don't many of those neighbourhoods already have rules that are dictated and enforced by criminal and violent minds?

    Societies laws prevent humanistic reaction by the more peaceful majortity to such extreme transgressors/terrorisers!

    Robotic enforcers are a further fun idea. Program their hive mind with real time law and set them loose.... ;)

  • No. And you'd need a pretty big shooter to take them out.....


    Pocket knife, crossbow bolt, arrow, birdshot and anything launched from a catapult or sling would be ineffective.

    Apparently though... Any such threat to individuals is addressed by thinly available Bobby's with sticks, mace and oftentimes useless tasers.....

    On the strength of this protection we should all sleep soundly and live without fear of violence.