i'm going vegan

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  • Nice to hear thingss are going well for you,you deserve it.

    You do what you feel you need to do hun and if people are against it,then screw em,they should respect you for sticking to your principles. It takes a lot of strengh and determination to do what you are doing and if anyone gives you shit for doing it,then get rid of those people from your reality.

    I am sure there are others on here who will respect your will as I do.

    Keep up the good work :-)

  • back on the vegan thing, i was really surprised at how much negativity is out there from other vegans! my family and close friends are really supportive but i had to leave a couple of FB pages i'd joined because some of the other members were just plain nasty!

    Oh Lord! I've joined and quit so many FB groups. Mostly for quilting. Frankly most of them are the pits. I think my record for joining and quitting is half an hour. Veganism has become a religion replacement for some people and like born again christians, it's my way or the highway. Admin should be jumping all over any nastiness but sadly few of them bother. Start your own group, set your own rules and make it a comfortable place for other people. Kick out the negative nellies or the evangelists. No-one needs that shit.

  • I went on a couple of FB vegan groups to find out about decent recommended meat substitutes and got jumped all over on one for ever having eaten meat in my life and the other because someone looked at my profile and said I was horrible person keeping animals in slavery (pet dog and cat) so i left both. It seems to be the same on Fb in general, youre not even allowed comment on your own profile without someone diving in to have a go about something It should be renamed Arsebook, because its full of them. I think youre far better off with trial and error finding your own vegan products you like which is what im trying to do and not always successful but i am trying..Far too many self appointed experts and vegan police for my liking.

  • I've fucked up already!, I had a spoons breakfast and didn't think about bacon and sausage as being from mammals, fuck sake!!! :insane:

    It takes time, a lot of time, to unload old habits. Don't beat yourelf up hun! At one time I was a vegetarian. !0 years and I still found myself automatically going to eat bits of left over pepperoni pizza from the fridge. And to be fair, bacon aside, I'm not actually convinced 'spoons sausages have ever been anywhere near an actual animal. Bread paste and glue maybe.

  • My experience was that I was so locked into my old ways that I needed to get quite obsessive about the change for at least the first month.

    Old habits die hard -- I bought some honey roast nuts in the first week of being vegan, and didn't even consider it until I was halfway through the bag.

    Did similar when I first went veggie by opening a tin of tuna, before realising what I'd done - although I didn't actually eat that.

    15+ years without meat and 6+ years vegan and it's second nature now, but it only took a month or so for each shift to get embedded.

  • One can always get caught out. Yesterday I bought a vegan baguette (avocado and tomato - don't judge me!) from the Prêt (okay, you can judge me on that one) near Cambridge Station. Distracted by the fact that my return ticket wouldn't go through the barrier and that my train was due any minute I was halfway down the sandwich before I noticed what looked like cheese in the filling. Fifty+ years a vegetarian and three years since I've eaten anything from a dairy I was shocked. I was torn between not wasting food in this hungry world and trying to regain some dignity about my principles. I threw the remainder in the bin. A couple of hours later the nausea kicked in. I'm sure it was my body trying to work out what I'd just eaten.

  • hello again......still vegan!

    i agree with paul i was obsessed at first but once i learned what i liked and didn't like and a lot of accidentally vegan things it's now second nature.

    i've learned i like oat milk, naturli spread, violife ch**se and anything but quorn - i find i'm not using much in the way of meat substitutes. there atre some fab dairy free desserts and ice creams available too, and in general i am eating veg and pulses a lot and cooking from scratch a lot more.

    still taking the vitamins.

    so i'm sitting here troughing rhubarb crumble and custard after a yummy tomato and herb pasta.

  • well done. Are you finding it’s costing you more or less per week on average to shop? I kinda regret not trying a vegan diet for a long trial period at a time. Having tried a vegetarian diet for several years when younger and just before leaving home for good. Which I really did enjoy, as my then partner was a vegetarian.

  • I often use quorn in chilli, I think its awful on its own but its good at taking on flavour of whatever you cook it in. Can tell its not beef mince, but its passable IMO in a chilli, or a curry & even mix it 50/50 with meat in a cottage pie or similar.

    Starting to think maybe my future could possibly be meat free...

  • A few years ago on here I likened Quorn to an industrial creation from the Soylent Corporation. It was, and still is in my opinion, the food of the devil. I never found the idea of desiccated fungus slime attractive. Unfortunately, an ex-moderator took exception and let me know in no uncertain terms that my opinion was invalid.

    Only one of us is still here :ppirate:

  • i dislike the taste and texture of quorn, it upsets my tum and a lot of it is not vegan.

    for chilli i just use ythe exact same stuff as you would for a quorn chilli but i use mixed beans instead of any meat replacement. it's really nice and much less bloaty and farty :D

    morrissoons ch*cken style pieces mare much better IMO. i always have that in the freezer for stir fry or thai curry, and some sausages for when i fancy a 'roast' dinner with gravy etc and i've currently got some good old fashioned sos mix. i am rather partial to tofurkey and tofu.

    if i want a burger i like viv era but that's hardly ever TBH.

    i seem to be moving toward pure plant rather than plant based but i'm not there yet!