Policy for voting test

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  • If your still unsire what way to vote or still as confuddled as I am then this could help, it is very interesting as well. i came across this yesterday, it is from the full fact check people. It is a questionaire based on real time policy not party or personaity. It list's the main policies from 5 parties thaty you read through and select, you narrow it down first then final choice on each set of policies according to what appeals or doesnt. Then it calculates in a pie chart the percentage of your choice of policies, it is a real time serious thing not just a bit of fun. I done it yesterday, took about 20 minutes, given my views and ideas on life I wasnt surprised at the result but I wouldnt have voted for the one that came out on top due to the no chance of winning.

    Here's what I got, from memory

    Green party 33%
    Brexit party 26%
    Labour 16%
    Tory 6.3%
    Lib Dem 6.3%

    Going by this and the policies I chose from reading through them and not knowing what party they were from I should be voting for the Green party but it is well known that a vote for the Green party in a seat where tey have no chance of winning is gong to be one in the box for the Tories and I wouldnt vote for the Tory party so I wont be voting Green, thats if I go. Am still well undecided, if anything I should be voting Labour but there is a lot thats scary about them and their borrowing/ spending policies. I registered to vote for the first time in a long time, like all my adult life and I am no where near behind any one party enough to vote for them.

    What I actually want to see is a dissolution of the whole toxic outdated, outmided political system, proportional representation bought to the fore. Politics by party in the wide diverse country we live in will always leave large sectors wanting and in need as one party in power will only really serve those who wholly backed them in a vote and moreover they will serve themselves first. We have seen broken under Tory and Labour and I have no faith that either of them can and will unbreak things.

    The shit of it for me is I have a dentist appointment tomorrow mid morning for two fillings, dentist is 10 miles away from park up, polling station is 45 miles from park up as that's where C/O address I had to use to be able to register to vote, will have to drive 10 miles to dentist, then it will be 55 miles to polling station then 45 miles back to park up, thats 110 mile round trip, probably £45 worth of diesel in my van. I think not. Left it to late to apply for voting by proxy or postal.

    Anyway, here's the link for the policy test, really worth while doing as it lays out the main sets of policies in a way I havent seen before, be interesting to see reuslts you get


  • Thanks, wiz. Interesting.

    Green 88.9%

    LibDem 11.1%

    Yes Marshlander, reding the poicies with no party or personality attached made it alot cleaer as to what was what, and of course I came out on top with the ?Green party, so to vote by policy they are the one, but, the chance of them getting anywhere sadly isnt going to happen. This election isnt a real time home policy election, its nothing short of a second referendum as the masses are going to tactical vote for the party who will stand according to wether they are leave or remainers. Fucking joke as we had already had a referendum on the EU. Boris only pulled this election stunt to further the Tories own ends.