Samoan measles outbreak.

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  • I tend to ignore most news except headlines but missed this outbreak which has killed 64 with 54 deaths among children aged four or younger. Did anyone see it on tv or hear about it because I didn't until now?

    Samoa may be in the arse-end of nowhere on this planet but some twat in the USA shoots three peeps or Trump farts and it's headline news yet this death-toll goes unnoticed unless I've missed it.

    On top of that it's pertinent to our country with folks refusing the vaccine and that the WHO has stripped the UK of it's measles free status. I can remember having it as a kid and it was evil along with mumps.

  • vaccinations are a good method of reduction/prevention. I’m not gend up on measles and Im unsure if “our” UK measles vaccine covers the same strain even. There has been/still is, a lot of contention/confusion amongst some parents in the UK and elsewhere, regarding multiple vaccinations at a early age. Some parents prefer to “pick and choose” which and when vaccines should be used or needed and weigh up potential risks. Advice is freely given and careful assessments are needed regularly.

    I have the flu jab and have done for several years. I know if my friend should get “That” strain, I will still be in a position to help her or my family. Living alone, it’s not the best circumstance to get flu and recovery can be troublesome.

    in the 1980’s vaccinating horses against horse flu became popular. However being a newish preventative measure, stories were past around about horses developing lung/respiratory problems. So many of us stopped having our horses vaccinated. Thinking if our horses weren’t in livery and exposed to other animals toing and froing from events etc, the risk to our horses were minimal.
    Nowdays many dogs require up to date vaccinations to travel to curtain Countries, it’s common sense to vaccinate appropriately, but beware big pharma companies are not too far away and would sell a product given the chance.

    I think it’s amazing how the modern approach to treatment can identify, quarantine, isolate and temporarily eradicate some viruses and diseases in most parts of the world.