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  • The Labour candidate round my neck of the woods lost his seat by just over 600 votes,he has been an MP for 22 years.In the referendum people round here voted for leave,through all of those votes and motions in the house of commons except article 50 he went with the party line.I think people were just pissed off at being taken for fools and he's paid the price.On a happy note for myself I was elated that LD leader will be now be in line down at the job centre :D

  • I'm well pissed off with the twaddle talked on the election wankers program but fek me. Blythe Valley, labour since 1950, mining lot, gone blue. Is this the start of a new world and have I missed something.

    And Dennis Skinner of Bolsover,loyal MP for 49 years but hes been well and truly shafted. Different world for sure.

  • I have no problem with Labour and we do need a level of Labour style social welfare but Corbyn is the problem, even if staunch Labour voters hadnt voted yesterday for Brexit they would have shyed away form Corbyn, well in fact they done both, voted tactically for the best chance for Brexit and voting away from Corbyns version of Labour.

    As for Nippy flappy fish Sturgeon, heard enough of her whinging on.

  • Not hugely hun,but you can have my portion. OMG, it sounds like I am trying to give you a portion [panic]

    Sorry,too many carry on films and on the buses badly influencing me !!!!!

    Seriously though,you can have my cake,just save me a slice to go with my tea when I eventually get round for a visit xx

  • I would make MP’s deliver good news every day.

    Boris Johnson is said to be moving to decriminalise non-payment of the BBC licence fee amid reports minsters are boycotting Radio 4's Today programme because of "pro-Remain bias".

    Mr Johnson is looking into consulting on whether people who do not pay the £154.50 fee for watching TV or iPlayer should be prosecuted, according to

  • Its about time the the tv license fee was abolished,its an anachronism of early last century. The BBC is quite capable of generating more than enough income from its content. In fact it had its commercial side forcibly curtailed by regulators because it was making too much money and apparently as such wss inconsistent with its status as an unbiased public service.

    Its undoubtedly not and never has been unbiased,it should be made to finance its own operations.

    I would imagine administration of the licensing system costs as much or more than whats allocated to broadcasting budget.

    Boris should abolish the road tax too and add the tax to fuel tax (or electric charge units)then everyone pays tax relevant to their mileage and administration costs of the tax can be eleminated.

  • nah everyone should pay road tax, its not fair that some vehicles pay little or nothing while others pay hefty tax. everyone should pay the same but also a tax on fuel is the fairest way.

    there losing millions buy not charging for...

    argricultural vehicles,,, this includes tractors weighing tons worth hundreds of thousands of pounds yet they pay nothing and wreck roads and lorries get the blame.

    old tax exempt vehicles... they use the roads so they should pay a little surely and to be fair if there heavy emission producers why should they pay less than an equivalent more modern vehicle.

    basicly I believe if you drive any vehicle and use the tarmac waring it out you should help pay for the upkeep of the road you use.

    To me a total fair way would be you buy a number you display in your vehicle that pays for road tax if you have say two vehicles and you only use one at a time (if you use both ie husband wife or a company using more you have to buy more numbers) or maybe toll payment for the vehicle or tractor you use irregulary like say a farmer would have to buy a four or five month disk for harvest time for a combine or just pay a toll if he hardly used the roads and maybe on weight like a big heavy tractor pays a bit more as it damages the road more i mean trucks pay a small fortune.that way you pay for road use, also if we are going green duty is kept on fuel.

  • Road tax is a bullshit tax. Originally it was imposed on road users to pay for road building and maintenance,now its just another revenue stream for the exchequer to use for anything Government chooses.

    If Road tax was put on fuel used, every user would pay according to their use.

    Or it could be added to vehicle insurance premium (we already pay insuurance tax) so it would still be possible to differentiate between legal and non legal vehickes in the road.

    The number of old tax exempt vehicles on the road is very small,they could easily stop people using them to bypass road tax and MOT by imposing an annual mileage limit or preventing use for commuting by imposing restrictions on nsurance policy.

    I agree that something should be done about farm vehicles when theyre being used as they often are for heavy haulage and avoiding the laws haulage companies are subject to.Lots of farmers round me do so.

    Thats a loophole being exploited because the laws allow it.Just like business expenses rules are exploited. Its up to Government to stop it.