In the name of sacrifice Gadhimai

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  • This one is a new’en on me.

    HINDU worshippers are beheading thousands of buffalo in Nepal as part of the “world’s largest animal sacrifice” event.

    I’ve posted a link without too many gruesome photographs, but there are plenty of online reports about this cruel festival.
    WARNING researching this could offend you…hy-is-it-so-controversial.

    I suppose it’s no different to our annual Turkey production run, except not behind closed doors. :happens:

  • There's a kind of honesty to it. Out in the open, nothing hidden. As you said, is it any worse than the factory raising and slaughter (allegedly humane - try doing some work in a chicken factory for an eye opener on that score) of all the turkeys that people will be cooking to celebrate the consumer fest that is Christmas, then throwing away a couple of days later.

  • I wonder if the original owners of these animals receive payment for animals sacrificed? Do they take the meat home with them? or give the meat away?

    What’s in it for the spectators, a free meal?
    A festival every 5 years gives time to raise a cheap calf, but it’s still an expensive festival.

  • Must confess I like a bit of turkey! Ma cooks one every Xmas but not as a personal religious thing . To be fair nothing is wasted even down to the car case being used in some form. Being raised in the countryside on a farm back in the 60s I don't buy in to the "meat is murder" thing, its just food but wouldn't be cruel to anything. If these animals are distressed then its wrong. I wouldn't try to tell other people how to live their lives, but as Hindus & hi man beings they should have compassion for these creatures...

  • Cows are meant to be sacred although they don't seem cared for they wander around eating most of the rubbish old vegetables and they do love a cardboard box to munch on.

    Buffalo are better cared for,my mother in law always has a couple,she usually will buy a young female then she will feed it up then she will breed it, keeping the mother and calf awhile then sells them on,then starting the process again.

    People like buff milk,most like buff meat except for Brahman's who wont eat it.

    The male buffs are sold for meat.Very tasty if your a meat eater.

  • Thought Nepal was Buddhist therefore mainly veggies?

    Nepal is about 80% Hindu I believe but there's actually loads of meat there compared to India so maybe it's a different sect of Hinduism or something. I was there a few months ago during a week long festival of sacrifice. I stayed inside mainly and avoided the temples as I've got enough horrors in my head, but as Compo said it's really no different from Christmas here except is more open. Aside from the public slaughtering outside the temples, there were countless goats lined up outside local butchers shops. I think in the past families used to sacrifice the animals themselves at home but now tend to take them elsewhere to have it done.

    The plight of all farm animals saddens me beyond belief, but from what I saw in Nepal they treated them better than they do here in the West. In the rural areas I saw loads of water buffalo and goats being taken out to pasture and the people stayed with them the whole day. The farm animals were generally tame and friendly which gave me the impression they weren't cruelly treated.

  • Visited Nepal last year with my wife who is Nepali and Hindu,she makes puja every morning and is very dedicated to it.

    In line with her beliefs she has undertaken certain tasks one being was to buy pigeons and release them at the temple,another part of this was to buy a goat and take it to the temple where it was blessed and then it was then taken to be dispatched,not a very nice sight for the squeamish.The goat was then skinned and bought back to the family home where it was shared around family,friend's and neighbour's.

    The in-laws do keep animals for food and trading, while they are in their care they are looked after,which sounds a bit weird because they will be killed and eaten.

  • I find it distressing but I find some animal death awful, especially I guess animals that seem to be almost pet like in there mannerism, like cows sheep goats pigs, however I am the average messed up carnivore, as I eat meat.

    I did some maintainence work at an abattoir the sounds and smellsI made me physically sick every day working there, I nearly went vegan,

    I guess its just the mass killing of animals in the open with a sword but hey we prob did that 200 years ago, before stun guns, humane killers etc, I am distanced from the killing side by a plastic packet in a supermarket, like everyone else and in the uk we prob eat that amount of animals every year or month who knows.

    I ll be brutally honest I hate rats I can kill a rat with no qualms awful smelly disease ridden things so what is the difference. but I could never kill a dog or cat but that my messed up syscee.

    seeing a buffalo like that surrounded by death of its mates just seems awful to me but its there culture there country.

    I will say in our abatoires the animals know nothing till the end, there settled in a good straw bedded pen its quiet and peaceful, but then when they go through the doors in the factory I did feel sick.

  • You have to live with yourself after killing a animal. Some of us that do take “the” life. We aren’t much different to you gee. We question what we are doing, why and it’s never a pleasant gut feeling either, during or afterwards.

    I’ve killed a lot of animals, some of those in ways I’m not proud of. However killing / talking a life is a lot like tree climbing when you loose your bottle. It won’t get any easier the longer we ponder over our next move.

    I’ve been catching rats for my neighbour. These rats were taking over the place, taking liberties. The first big rat I caught/trapped, for some reason I wouldn’t kill it. Instead I took it down the lane and released it. It was a strange experience as I imagined my departed dad looking down at me and uttering “soft tw*t”

    The following three trapped rats I did the same with. Even took my daughter along with me to the release.

    Then oneday Me and my daughter were feeding the birds and not one, but six young rats came within feet of my daughter to eat the bird seed infront of us.

    This time I dispatched 2 of these young rats with the air riffle. All the young rats moved on after that. Now we find it’s a squirrel nicking the bird food and trashing bird feeders. I’ve told my neighbour I will probably need to shoot this squirrel, but I will cook and eat it if I do.

    By the way, my daughter didn’t appear to be on the side of the rats and voiced no concerns over their execution. She seams to know Im not a murdering bastard just for the fun of it.

  • maybe make good pets but they thrive in sewers, in waste, in dirt, all the time carrying or getting disease especially involving urine or there facies, ive worked among where the dam things thrive there horrible, yuk. theres much nicer animals on the planet that deserve to live but like us rats thrive.

    ecosystems would do better without us or rats

  • It is true that they have seemingly attached themselves to the human race for perhaps millions of years, ever since we settled for more than a few days in one place. The relatively few domesticated ones make intelligent pets. But the wild ones eat millions of tons of human food - mostly grain - every year.

    I could tell true stories of how we found the remains of cats that big rats - living off rotting slaughterhouse offal - had ganged up on and ripped to pieces.

  • Indeed I'm only jesting to a point but it's funny how we hate and want to kill one creature and love another species, ie rats ,wasps,spiders, snakes,roaches (HATE) and dogs,cats,anything fluffy and clean (LOVE) After all these years of evolution and we are still filled with revulsion or empathy?

  • Its nature, even in the animal kingdom there will be creatures that hate one another.

    I would find it hard to love a pest or if being devils advocate a disease or germ or virus, where do you draw a line?I mean do you live with a flee infestation because you cant kill anything, like wise, a fly do you let it bite you or lay magots on you or an animal till it dies of fly strike, or is it ok to kill a flea, a fly a maggot, a germ, a cockraoach, a rat.

  • Quite agree with you. It's a tough planet, Gee.

    Whether we like it or not, it is sometimes necessary to kill, just as a condition of being here. We kill bacteria every time we draw breath. We kill insects in order to grow or store crops, or to keep clean.

    We kill animals to eat meat, although this may not be necessary in some environmental conditions.

    Where we have choice, we can choose accordingly. Where we have no choice, we can't do much about it.

    The highest (theoretical) ethic is in killing yourself because you cannot picture yourself killing anything else. If one is at this stage of spiritual evolution perhaps one shouldn't have volunteered to be here in the first place....:reddevil:

  • l‘ve just watched some film footage on the dog fest in Yulin, China.

    Typically I hold a deep revulsion towards eating a pet dog, and have a hard time trying to see any K9 as anything but a humans potential domesticated pet dog or working dog.

    Watching the film footage I was more upset about how they treated/cadged/handled these frightened, confused animals, than I “eventually” became watching parts of these dead dogs chopped up into smaller pieces, before being weighed into carrier bags for sale.

    Again this is all done because of a “need” either for money/food for the dog breeder/butcher-retailer, or a misguided belief in a physical/spiritual gain to the consumer.
    My conclusion is that much of the world finds the killing and eating of cats and dogs (domesticated or not) as wrong, unethical. The Chinese Government respect their own culture, but consider the need to impose some controls for food safety.

    I’ve not watched the 2nd part of these film/documentaries (I think it would only upset me) However I can understand how some people see eating wild/farmed dogs as no different to many other food animal type, except a cow can be useful in that it can pull a plough.

  • Takes some understanding don't it? Why it's ok to eat a cow but not a dog... When I was young I worked on the family farm & we reared cows for beef. Looking after them I would get attached to them, very intelligent & lovable, each one with its own personality. Dogs, generally fuckin want to bite me! Not keen even tho I can accept that any behaviour problem is usually down to the training rather than the animal. Horses for courses mate, each to their own I suppose. Now horses,....😋

    How many people would happily eat horse meat? The horsemeat scandal of a few years back revealed the fact that nearly everyone in this country has probably eaten horse unknowingly. Yet most are repulsed by the thought. Why cow & not horse? Our culture is the only thing that makes us different to the Koreans etc. What must your average Muslim think of us for eating pigs? Each to their own I suppose....

  • I agree Bigbear I’ve eaten horse meat knowingly and when we had to have one of our horses put down (lame) I considered putting it in several chest freezers to eat myself. Only the French market offered to pay £500 for the carcus. Half a cow butchered, delivered cost about the same. So in the UK, so I sold it to they French. The horse was put down in a English slaughter house to avoid live transportation and all the stress that can be involved with that. I took the horse in to the slaughterhouse myself to make sure.
    I quite like horse meat, value for money eating cartoon size horse steaks.

  • Great idea if it had to die, most humane way of dispatch & makes far more sense selling for food than just burying it & just wasting it. Can't understand the whole "meat is murder" thing myself but yours seems like a sensible answer to a contentious question...

  • far as I'm aware eating/selling horse meat for human consumption is legal in the UK. In Australia the sale of racehorse to the meat trade is illegal is some states. This then Leads to injured racehorses being transported over very large distances, if the horse is to be used in the Hunan food chain and it’s illegal to sell them for food in one of those states it’s illegal. I’m sure if we compared rearing the two animals side by side in the UK. It would be more financially viable to rear cows compared to horse for sale as human food kg for kg.

    The other problem with eating injured, poorly, old horses is they often get pain relief ( Bute) when especially when injured eg pet hack/ hunter/ racehorse etc. and the difficulty is making sure those treated animals aren’t fed to humans.

  • I find it odd how we so readily use the word sacrifice, which means 'giving up a material possession' -- how do we sacrifice something that should never have been ours to begin with?

    I don't want to watch any of the clips above - I've seen enough of that to last a lifetime - but as others have said, an animal is an animal and sentience is sentience and what we do in the west is no worse or better.

    The ability to feel pain, suffer, form bonds, experience emotions isn't really confined to any one species, they all have an interest in their own existence.

  • I find it odd how we so readily use the word sacrifice, which means 'giving up a material possession' -- how do we sacrifice something that should never have been ours to begin with?

    I’ve yet to use the word sacrifice for moving out of bricks and mortar, scrapping a vehicle or giving away the TV.

    I’ve used the word sacrifice frequently for taking a life, killing, murdering, dispatching a animal, usually in a cultural/spiritual event in modern times.

    How did the Aztecs get to slaughter sacrifice so many adults and possibly children. They exerted power, control, domination over someone unless the parents/family offered the sacrifice I suppose.
    I learn Sumat every day.

    I found the clips educational. I had not watched the butchery of dogs before. Like most folk, I had chosen to not have those images in my head. But the reporter in the clips showed respect to another culture, while investigating what she felt strongly against. In reality some of those involved in this meat trade were not intending to be cruel and some dog sellers would sooner you bought the animal alive and kept it as a pet. It was the need to make enough money to survive and feed themselves and their family what had brought them to killing, butchering and selling dog meat.


    Learn to pronounce


    1. 1. an act of slaughtering an animal or person or surrendering a possession as an offering to a deity. "they offer sacrifices to the spirits" Similar: ritual slaughter hecatomb immolation offering oblation self-sacrifice self-immolation
    2. 2. CHRISTIAN CHURCH Christ's offering of himself in the Crucifixion.


    1. 1. offer or kill as a religious sacrifice. "the goat was sacrificed at the shrine" Similar: offer up immolate slaughter
    2. 2. give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations. "working hard doesn't mean sacrificing your social life"