Racism in Politics

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  • This has to be my last look and gives fk. I might have a decent 20 years ahead of me left, juggling Peter to pay Paul (and Paul still hasn’t been paid “yet”) But Ive done enough, said enough, waited long enough.

    The world our kids inherit, like NT says. Has been ransacked for everything but the soil we spin on. Wars and good will spending amounted to much of the same a temporary solution. Nothing put by for rainy days or for utopia foundations. In the real world everything costs silly money. Even our time. What we have for free is taken for granted and not valued. I hope the next 20 years doesn’t disappoint.

  • To rebuild successfully you need to tear down tbe ruins.

    Whoever wins we need a government with a big mandate to get on with whatever they plan.

    Whether each of us likes whats planned by whichever party we all will have a basemark to assess what we individually need to do to move forward through the minefield.

    After almost a decade of stagnation including 3 years of indecision non of us needs a hung parliament and more aimless uncertainty.