If it's fun, tax it!

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  • But only when they will be using public facilities, so far.....

    Does this mean if they leave a few big steaming ones on the hillsides instead, they don't get charged?

    (We always carried a trowel or folding trenching tool, and buried ours, back in the day...... :D)

  • Bad idea. If more revenue needs to be raised, put up the rates for supermarkets. Such tourists spend money in the supermarkets.

  • I've absolutely no truck with any fixed price tax or fine or whatever you want to call it.

    Absolutely and without exception all taxes and fines should have direct correlation with income and asset wealth.

    Any application of tax or fine that does not correlate with income and asset wealth is criminal.

    This is simply further evidence of a criminal state penalising its slaves and victims because it can.

  • Lots of Scots people visit the Highlands, too.

    How are the Highland Council going to tell the difference between locals and tourists? Listen to accents with hidden Alexas, perhaps?

    Or just tax number plates on origin? What about hire cars/motorhomes?

    Perhaps the easiest would be to tax them as they came across the border? Shades of the coming Scottish Independence, maybe.....

  • I guess that's because the general public perception of people with motor homes is that they are pretty well off. They only perceive people holidaying in them, not living in them. They think these folks all have a swell house awaiting them back home, after their extensive touring holidays.

    Most of the people I know with motor homes of one sort or another live in them, for various reasons.

  • This tax system is already in use in France and is accepted,well as much as the french will accept anything.

    Here it is called Taxe de sejour which means holiday taxe.

    The taxe is placed onto the price of a drink in a bar,or snacks or almost anything bought within the tourist industry and therefore is shared by all the tourists.

    People who live in touristy area's often have family and friends who rely upon tourism for their living and are happy enough to pay an extra few pence on a drink and the tourists accept it as part of the package.

    If you look at the money that is spent to accomodate tourists with toilets, litter bins,safety railings,signs etc etc etc it does come to a lot of money and I agree with them that it is far better to raise that finance from the places that use it. A self perpetuating finance system !

    If this was put into the normal tax system for everyone to pay,the french would really kick off as they would rightfully say,why should we pay extra for people to go on holiday !!

    I am happy to contribute to this and do not see it as a bad idea and thats coming from someone who does spend a lot of time in national parks. Maybe that is why,because I can see the effort that goes in for catering for the tourists !

  • I am not bothered so much about having to pay a little for someone to clean up behind messy and disrespectful wild campers , what annoys the hell out of me is the messy and disrespectful wild campers.

    Carrying a garden trowel in a camper or when camping should be compulsory with a small fine for people who do not carry one.

    This could work for dog owners too !

    Like Old keith,I think it is an essential item :-)

  • Thing is the French then use the money raised to build sites/provide facilities to encourage tourism & camping. Do you think the Scotch govt are intending to put any of this money into similar things? Can't see it myself...

  • I think its more likely the Scottish Government will reinvest any tourist tax back into tourism than any tax by Westmonster.

    I just dont understand the British obsession with tax as being acceptable and the only way forward. We are one of the very highest tax payers per capita in the world. We just seem to be a bunch of saps who love having our money stolen off of us so it can be used 'in our best interests' says who? Some fucking well paid civil service office numpty.

    Fuck off with your tax,I pay enough already.

  • One can only live and hope BB. I do understand your doubts though. x

    Can't help thinking if they were intending to help they wouldn't be erecting barriers & no camping signs. I honestly think half of them don't have any real opinion on wild camping etc, they just think up these ridiculous ideas to go along with what they believe public opinion to be. No other group of people would be treated in this way, why do the authorities seem hell bent on shutting us down? Why don't we have the same deal as the Irish travellers? Just seems unfair.

  • Spot on BB we are victimized in the UK and have been since the convoy days , what we need to do is get together and protest. Unfortunately by our very nature we a generally solo creatures, not on electoral roles and hard to find and motivate (or is that just me?) :/,Any ideas hippies?

  • More often than not these laws,rules and regulations come around because someone has got pissed off with someone or with people doing this activity.

    The chances are it could of been someone being rude, someone shitting in a car park, throwing litter, music very loud near others or some other act of disrespect.

    The only thing we can do to prevent losing more places to go is by being nice and respectful to the environment and the residents of the area's in which we travel and encourage others to do the same.

    I have seen lots of great park ups get closed down here in France over the years and when you ask why,its nearly always about an act of twatiness.

    This case however could just be some knob end in a suit coming up with ideas to generate income from the scum of society !!!!!!

  • I think its most likely that someone has decided theres revenue potential,just the same as hospital parking,tourist parking and all the other revenue generating scams councils and governments come up with. I doubt theres much intention of benefit to tourists or mobile wildcampers.

    Its all in the thread title.

  • Indeed to be honest most of the anti social behaviour I've seen over the years comes from hoodrats playing the same bass line over and over, trying to break into motors and throwing their litter everywhere whilst using park ups to smoke skunk ,and not wild campers !!

  • I reckon you are making a fair point there IC. Duckman also alluded to similar by suggesting tax at supermarkets.

    Vat is shit (edit: and amounts to little more than criminal extortion) but is somewhat less criminal than universally applied fixed rate charges because it does generally penalise in line with expenditure and is not so heavily applied to essential items.

    I'm impressed that Scotland has opened up land to exploration by commoners.... Much, much more than England will ever do but any fixed charge is hippocritical in the face of the original intention of the right to roam.

  • Indeed to be honest most of the anti social behaviour I've seen over the years comes from hoodrats playing the same bass line over and over, trying to break into motors and throwing their litter everywhere whilst using park ups to smoke skunk ,and not wild campers !!

    I see lots of that too,but also sadly see the crap (literally) that campervan drivers leave behind,and mostly from dickheads who actually have toilets in them !!

    Blocking gateways and access is a very common touch of wankerism too as is letting ones dog shit anywhere.

    Though honestly,they do not annoy me those PRICKS !!