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  • Lets not forget that the supposed 'good reputation' of the British nation is wholly based on brutality,theft,corruption,rape pillage,cruelty,deception and getting stuff done regardless of morals or the rules of common human decency, honey coated in a veneer of respectability, honour,good manners and fair play....You can polish a turd however much you want,its still a turd.

    It doesnt matter what background you come from youre either a good person with decency and morals or you aint.

    The elite are no different to the rest of us as far as personal behaviour goes and most of us are no different to them.

    The only thing that sets them apart is they or their ancestors beat and stole their way to the top.

    If youre going to pass judgement on others behaviour and morals regardless of your background you better make damn sure your own are impeccable.

  • We are all probably descended from barbarians, crooks, fucks and greedy murderers. But just look how far we have come. No point seeing it all negative. Let the good shine through, we will all be forgotten one day. .

    I’m unaware of anything Q Liz has done to warrant disrespect. Charley comes close to having hippy DNA. The grandkids Will and Harry appear to do a great deal of good for their “luxury ride in life”. I couldn’t do with the publicity no matter how much access I had to the Taxpayers coffers.

    if respect has to be earned. Then I guess I must respect very few of the folk I have met in life. However Basic respect I can afford everyone until that’s withdrawn if it must. Those who gain my true respect are one in a million. aren’t we all entitled to be judgemental fkers! Who da fk is throwing the first stone. :angel:

  • Theres obvs quite a lot of anti monacy on here, I was an anti royal but these days ive mellowed, did a job for a woman in her 60s 70s this week shes just recived an mbe at the palace for work shes done for kids, and I think shes seen a lot . she met the queen she said she stood bolt upright at 90 odd, for four hours, when she got her award she whispered in her ear, " so your one of the good ones then" brought a tear to my eye when she told me that.

  • Im against the principle of monarchy only because its undemocratic but i dont bear them personal animosity because theyre just the result of our constitution.Until the constitution elects to change and become a Republic we have to accept them.

    Republics are not free from abuse of power and Presidents and presidential administrations are just as good at wasting money,abusing power,nepotism and all the things we currently accuse the Royals of.You only need look at the US 'land of the free' and Russia to see how well that works.

    The only difference being theyre elected.

    It doesnt make any difference what system you live in or what high or lowly background people come from,people have a propensity to abuse their power, position or appropriate funds for their own benefit if they can.

  • I have reservations about republics. Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania might have called himself a president, but he was a king in all but name. He lived the life of Riley, while some people went hungry.

    I quite like the idea of an elected royal family and no hangers on.Elections would be held every five years.

    In America they have a corporate aristocracy.

  • Respect has to be earned. I'm totally unaware of anything he's done to earn respect from ordinary people. What have any of them ever done? Stick them all in a council flat or better still with a Rhackman style landord who won't get the heating fixed or the damp mould on the walls for a year and let them get by on minimum wage or beg for benefits when the money won't stretch. None of what they have is earned. It was all stolen by their ancestors. God help us if they are the best we have to represent us abroad because we truly are in dire straits.

    I can't argue with any of that. My point was rather that, to the best of my ability, I decide how I treat people and, until they prove in their dealings with me they should be treated otherwise, everyone gets common courtesy. That is not the same as deference or unearned respect.

    I didn't see the interview, don't intend to watch it and have had no dealings with the man. His ex, though, quite a different matter - even at arm's length :cursing:

  • Im against the principle of monarchy only because its undemocratic but i dont bear them personal animosity because theyre just the result of our constitution.Until the constitution elects to change and become a Republic we have to accept them

    I think democracy is overrated. Israel is the most democratic country in the world and they have political chaos. France and Japan have highly bureaucratic governments and are very civilized places to live in. Both countries have some of the best inter-city train services In Australia during the 1950s, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane got rid of their trams. Adelaide still has one tram route. The Premier of Victoria wanted to get rid of trams but it was not up to him; it was in the hands of a commissioner for public transport. In hindsight people on Melbourne are glad that the trams were kept and the other cities regretted abolishing trams.

    Long live Sir Humphrey.