Planting trees to win votes.

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  • Having spent many years working in forestry. A Civil servant working in forestry mgt. I’ve planted Probably more trees than all of these MP’s from all parties combined.

    In the early 1982 I visited sites in Scotland that were areas of high tree cover. These forests were planted as a result of ongoing timber shortages since WW1 WW11. At a time in the 1950’s/60’s when poorly thought out planting of lowland sites and mountains, which made viable mechanised timber extraction virtually impossible by the 1980’s

    2002 I visited similar sites in Scotland, only to see with the ongoing development of modern/advanced tree harvesting machines. Some of these forests were still uneconomical to harvest. However a change in government tact, new forests were being planted on brownfield sites and on land of poor conservation value throughout the UK.

    My concern with today’s politicians claiming they will plant another X million more trees is. Where will they plant them? If urban development is to be differed from flood plains etc.
    Will they expect these trees to successfully grow to maturity if they are planted on floodplains?

    What type of trees and for what end purpose? To win votes? To stabilise groundwater runoff? To offset climate change? For future timber resources?
    will agricultural land be requested to meet these boasted numbers?

    We have national forest’s cover in the UK already, which includes ‘free public access’ for recreation to much.
    Will these new Party proposals support ‘private forests’ where public access is denied and the landowner takes all future profits from these resources?
    I’m all in favour of more “appropriate” tree cover. Just not convinced this has been thought out.

    Any views? :insane:

  • Well, I'd personally like to see a lot of sparse lowland hills reforested.

    I love woodlands generally, but there's nothing so cheap and false as a politician's promises, so I take a very sceptical view of all this.

    Just a visionary promise to appeal to anyone a bit green, I guess.

    Wow, the Tories are changing from blue to green again, that's really good, isn't it?

    No, not really. It's bullshit.

  • Yes,the Tories were so environmentally conscious they sold off almost all of the forestry commission plantations into private ownership,removed the subsidies for sustainable eco energy generation and gave a huge kick-start to the fracking industry despite contrary advice from the science community and geologists..... Fuck Yeah..the Tories really are green and environmentally conscious LMAO.

    Fuck the politicians promises....You can polish a turd, its still a turd.

  • Yes,the Tories were so environmentally conscious they sold off almost all of the forestry commission plantations into private ownership,.... Fuck Yeah..the Tories really are green and environmentally conscious

    Indeed I remember the FC wanting to sell off “suitable/high value” surplus land “hopefully/possibly” for housing development back in 2004/5.

    Though plans had been scuppered and legislation sought to safeguard future Forestry (Crown Land) https://researchbriefings.parl…hBriefing/Summary/SN05734

  • Absolutely dont trust any of the fuckers, Guy Fawkes had the best idea pity he got caught! The only thing that politicians worry about is power and money it's time to bring the whole shithouse down!

    With these invigorated calls to save the planet. Throwing money at policy proposals like it’s Monopoly money. I wonder if that’s what they mean by “”Green” $£ new deal.
    However Someone’s going to get the job of running the next shit show.

    Labour must be counting on us to eat these future trees, at a time of Nationalisation and austerity. Proposing Free dental treatment is only stage one. Welcome to the British Beaver Farm.

  • I read today in Farmers weekly that DEFRA have been in negotiations regarding “these” trees. It’s been suggested that land the size of East Anglia will be required. Farmers from East Anglia are campaigning via NFU “Not to sacrifice East Anglia” for the sake of policy proposals 2019.