What’s it costing you to maintain your head on a weekly basis?

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  • Never smoked tobacco (tried) although my mother and four out of five brothers do/did.

    Haven't smoked anything "nice" in 28 years, with one hit taken last Xmas that did nothing but mild elation. It made me paranoid more than once back in the day; would not like to rely on THC for pain. I envy people who partied hearty and enjoyed it, bless your tie-dyed sox.

    Alcohol just makes me feel tired. The ex's crazy ideas about what was OK put me off it permanently. I enjoy a drink, spirit with lots of mixer - but with meds I can't really have more than one so it's not a regular thing. Two, maybe three drinks a month? So £15 give or take.

    I like how people are saying things changed as they went along, either type or quantity, or they decided early it wasn't for them. So many different ways and means in one group! No sheep-think here :-)

  • Work is my drug of choice, I am done for if I cant work, I have a love of a good coffee, I ve somehow manged to trick my head its as good as booze similar with mountain biking or just cycling just one of my knees is done in. Been helped through bad times with jack daniels but I don't really drink spirits much at home now. Another Christmas is coming I hate its arrival every year like scrooge, its a thing I cannot avoid, a rollacoaster of emotions mixed with alcohol.

  • Been T total for many years, best move I made, wasnt a big boozer but enjoyed it but the buzz wore off and was horse drawn when I gave it up as animal responsibility was far more important, a good coffee as far nicer so with you there Gee, same with the onslaught of xmas, fucking hate it, only for the massive pressure cmapaigns for the big sell of useless tat, the greed and waste that happens whilst millions around the globe suffer poverty and starvation so I always do an unchristmas by not taking part in any shape or form.

    I am well chuffed at 53 yr old i still love the party and can still do a 5 day full on psy trance festival and dance and play as hard as I ever did, keeping meself fit and healthy means I can still do several festi's a year and roll with the disco biscuits and play with psychedelics, feeling blessed and lucky for that. Keeps me sane man

  • Work is my drug of choice, I am done for if I cant work.

    I feel the same gee about work/working. Keeping busy with things I really “want” to do and trying to complete the work/jobs I “need” to do. Is more important to me than I can express. I do as much as I can and I really push myself and my luck, Physically limited nowadays with my damaged spine and that does my head in.

    Having work/projects/jobs to do got me up in a morning. Living in fear of wasting my time sleeping, worked better at getting me out of bed in the mornings than a alarm clock or shitting the bed. :D

    I still get a buzz driving to the carboot sales in winter, when it’s still dark and “other folk” are still sound a sleep. Watching the sky crack with another days sunrise is a natural high for me.

    Work can be “the drug” job satisfaction when I’ve left a well laid hedgerow in good stead for another 25 years, comparing a parcel of woodland before and after mgt or a lawn/paddock looking like a new green carpet. There’s also the financial gain. Like a gambling addiction (without the guilt trip) it’s a great feeling to know the money in your pocket came from doing something “you love doing” and good at.