Community living?

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  • Hi to all, its been ages since i posted and its great to have the new site up and running, thank you!

    We bought a house with a nice big rough garden for the hens a couple of years ago, which is fine, but the house next door was derelict and soon it was leaking into our house and being a bit of a problem. So we arranged to buy it and we have been doing it up for a year now, and its almost finished. But we dont know what to do with it, we dont want to sell it or rent it to annoying neighbours so thought of AirBnB'ing it, then if someone is annoying, they wont stay too long hopefully LOL

    Another idea was to get like minded people who want to live in a sort of community between the two houses and who are into home grown food, helping with the hens etc. There is about half an acre of garden between the two houses, some already under cultivation.

    What do people think? Might this be possible? Where would be a good place to advertise the rooms/space? Its a 3-4 bedroomed house with lounge, dining room, sun room /fourth bedroom/therapy room, wet room and this huge long garden that ends onto a small lake, former clay pit.
    My husband plays the bagpipes (not in the house LOL), small pipes, guitar etc. I'm a semi retired Aromatherapist and might get back into it next year, hence the therapy room idea. So really it would be good to have other musicians and holistic therapy type people around. I've even thought about doing holistic retreats.
    We are in North Lincolnshire, right near the southern bank of the Humber. The soil is good!

    Any ideas anyone? :hi: