Getting brainwashed

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    Yes i know what is meant by weasel words,what's not clear is who youre referring to as having used them.

    We are constantly reminded how good vegetables are for you, so when we see the label "vegetable oil" we are supposed to think it is healthy. Another case of brainwashing.

  • One does suspect the only people doing really well on statins are the big pharma companies - Around £20 Billion a year worldwide was mentioned.....?

    Big pharma's raison d'entre is to make money, not for the well being of the sheeple who take statins. About 10 years ago, I was called into my local GP for a general check up that was being undertaken for men in my age group. I had a few tests done. At a follow up consultation I was told slightly elevated cholesterol levels. I asked if high cholesterol is the cause or effect of CVD and the doctor said he did not know. I was a given a leaflet published by Pfizer. Totally inappropriate considering I had cleaned up my diet a few years before. It did not have the author's name mentioned. In other words , just a piece of corporate propaganda. People forget that big pharma are not board certified medical professionals.

    I rebelled by not becoming a hypochondriac.

  • Not forgetting 'organic' 'free range' ' wholefood' 'natural' 'isotonic' 'wholesome' theyre all brainwashing terms frequently used by food purveyors.

    In my local supermarket there is for sale " All natural Egg replacer" that is GMO free and vegan. Looking at the ingredients I would ask if it is real food. I buy my eggs from a backyard producer.

  • I remember some years ago watching a TV doco on General Tojo. One person describing the culture of fascism could have been describing the culture of big business.

    About 20 years ago I was the chef at a local motel that was bought out be a motel chain. The managers tried brainwashing me by telling me that big companies are taking over the world. That motel chain no longer exists. As chef tend to be free thinkers, to try to brainwash chefs is like herding cats.

    Anyway as far as big companies go it was hardly Coles Supermarkets.

  • I think there are people in all groups in society that could be considered guilty of brain washing others in one way or another. There are always folk around with an agenda, whether they are trying to sell you some pointless product, or trying to get you to adopt their ideas as your own.