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  • We are talking big lies here, lies that could - and do - mean people starving to death, or lies that mean millions fleeing their war-torn countries, or even lies that could start a world war....

    Not even Putin tells such lies; he has no need to.

    Alongside this sort of thing, the indiscretions and terminological inexactitudes of a few people in the Liberal and Labour parties are really nothing to get worried about....:whistle:

  • Have you tried a USB cable, Akasha? Or doesn't it have one? Some of the modern ones don't.

    (Note: When buying a printer, always have as many connection options as possible; you never know when you'll need them).

    Yup, its fine using a usb...I'm just wanting it wifi as I get 15 pages of free ink per month. Problem is when I'm near my laptop I can't reach printer so need an extra hand to get connected.

  • Just to be devils avocate, pre plastic, i guess we had to buy food daily or go to the greengrocers, butchers, etc, with a shopping bag and grease proof paper or i guess newspaper packageing no quick instant meals, prepare more of our food from scratch, less shelf life on food ie not vacuum packed.

    power tools, light switches electronic devices needing plastic, and i guess in the old days goods came in crates or boxes with shredded paper or straw for packaging.

    Maybe we demand perfection for say new tools when years ago we were gald to have nice affordable hand tools.

    Plastic packaging revolutionised say deliveries of kitchens etc less stuff risk of getting damaged, but most plastic is insane and little is done to slow its reign at the moment.

    Whats a bit annoying is packaging of food due to shrink flation, ie the product is smaller but the pacging has stayed the same size or even increased to make the products look bigger or the same.

    I wont buy products like this, i ve had enough. theres cheeses that are smaller but the packets are the same, theres biscuits that are smaller but the packets are the same and dont get me started on mr sodding kipling, lidl have bloody stupid packets on some of there cakes and cake bars so sod em i wont buy em.

    I dont eat this stuff now i eat more fresh veg and fruit, with occasional treat of maybe biscuits,

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