Random things that make you laugh....

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  • People slipping on black ice..

    And that absurdly stupid 'running on tip toe like a thunderbirds puppet while scrunched over and screwing their face up ' thing people do when its raining, like theyre not going to get wet at all cuz theyre scrunched over on tip toe (and actually going far slower than if they just walked normally in the rain)

  • Im afraid i do that too old keith. Ive always been preoccupied with the absurd and comical even as a child and giggle insanely at random stuff that randomly pops into my mind.

    My father was actually convinced i was dusturbed mentally despite drs assertions to the contrary. We couldnt stand each other so it pleased me that he thought i was.

    Im that person that laughs to himself on trains and buses and everyone moves a few (several) seats away from. Which suits me because i cant stand people around me.

    Im also that person on buses and trains that is a weirdo magnet and seem to attract all the people i'd rather not attract...maybe they see in me a kindred spirit...heaven forbid.

    I have a well used act that usually ensures they dont stay long.

  • I had a mad converataion in a pub the other night, basicly I and a few tourists couldn't help but crack up laughing, this old bloke, he s really brainy but a total pee head, always has a conversation consisting on how he never gets his tea cooked, ( he lives on his own hes retired) so I said we should write a book on him the tea that never was, it went something like this. well I went to the pub had a few pints got home and the dog ate my tea, next night the chicken was frozen, so I went to bed instead, I successfully cooked a pizza but then fell asleep and it burned, even the dog wouldn't eat it. so I went to the pub, now what was I going going to do, oh yes get some milk and something for tea, oh ill have another pint, oh look bar snacks they will do, I might go home and cook some pasta, nah its to late. (everyone was in stitches this man always goes on about how he really should make some tea but then always never makes any)

  • Recalling random thoughts of funny things that happened at work in the past, or to do with the family, sometimes start me smiling.Like this one.

    As a small kid in the 50's my parents took me to a wedding reception up North, where a cousin was getting married. It was a do in a small but well-packed hall, and everyone was dressed up as posh as they could afford. I was sat on a bench at one side, eating sandwiches and crisps and drinking pop.

    The bar was doing a good trade, and after about an hour, in the quiet after a few speeches when people were just chatting, my Uncle Wal, who was at least three sheets to the wind, staggered across to the doors in something of a hurry. He was weaving quite a bit, so being a kid I watched his progress with fascinated interest.

    As he got to the doors his wife, Aunt Carrie, about twice his size, shouted across the room:

    "Where you gooin', our Wal?"

    He paused at the shout like a well-trained dog, gathered himself and turned around, and yelled back loudly across the crowded room:

    "It's all right, our Carrie, I'm just going for a stinker!"

    And with that he disappeared through the doorway. There was an awkward silence, and several people laughed, and some asked: "What did he say?" as if they hadn't quite heard. But they had. They all had.

    Red-faced Aunt Carrie strode across the room like an avenging angel, passing us and shouting:

    "That little bastard! Showing me up at our Mary's wedding... I'll kill the little runt..."

    She too went through the doors and disappeared.

    I burst out laughing. I dropped my crisps on the floor, and rolled sideways on the bench in fits of laughter, I just couldn't stop. It was so funny to a small child. An adult had said he was going for a stinker! In front of all these people - what a scream! I kept repeating out loud:

    "Going for a stinker! He said he was going for a stinker..." Every time I said this brought fresh fits of laughter. My mother angrily told me to shut up, and not be silly, but I couldn't stop.

    "He said... Mum, Uncle Wal said... said he... said he was.... going.... going for a stinker!" Then bursting out laughing again. My father came over and threatened to land me one, and even when he did, it had no effect. I couldn't stop laughing. In the end I think they took me outside into the cold corridor until I eventually came to my senses again. Even today, it brings a grin to my face!