A thread of positivity

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  • I can be a proper grumpy bastard at a times -- like Victor Meldrew on steroids. But it never does me any good, and being an optimist is way more happiness-inducing...

    So, can we have this as a thread of positivity please?

    Tell me, what's going well in your life right now ? :)

    ('nothing' is not an acceptable answer)

  • Hmmm loads of shit at the mo so this will be good for me.......positives? My dog doesn't have a tumour :boing: it's my favourite time of year, I'm way to excited about my new reusable vegetable bags (and brussel sprouts are back in the shops) and I've a weaving day next weekend which I'm really looking forward to

  • Positives: trying to be positively cynical, survived half of my masters study already, the over hot summer weather has finally gone, more sociable these day by keeping my self busy in different social groups during the week.

  • it's alright for you hippies and your positivity , drenched in your patchouli oil , smoking lsd and snorting cannabis but you don't spare a thought for old likahamadoolihan calling him nazi and Daily Mail. Paul due to his islamophobe, misogyny and his obsessive compulsive roundness disorder has got rid of wife number 4 , the others have buggered off to the bingo cos Ma Bungo has told them that Ricardo her salsa teacher is hot and is the new bingo caller.

    In order to replace wife 4 I have joined a dating agency but it seems that their isn't much call for an alcoholic , penny less , compulsive gambler , womanising , sex addict , deranged fantasist that smells of pot with irritable bowel disorder and a cooker that needs de greasing and cleaning.

  • I'm just happy to be here. And that my back is on the mend after about two months of somewhat painful daily existence, where even getting into bed was a trial, and getting out almost as bad.

    I'm happy that overall our Shed project is going well, and that we are now taking on some lonely partially-disabled people to encourage them to learn simple woodwork and make friends.

    I'm happy it's Autumn too, my favourite time of year.

    Happy that I'm retired, and don't have to work at some shit job.....:thumbup:

  • 20 yrs ago i broke my back and the sporty life i loved very regrettably came to an end....on the positive side i live comfortably in poverty and dont have to go to work for some ungrateful arseholes anymore,dont claim benefits, dont pay tax and dont answer to anyone.

    You just cant put a price on the freedom to please oneself.

  • I have two dogs and a cat to keep me happy. I live a mile away from the town centre, half a mile away for 3 supermarkets, 3 stores that sell quality pet foods, a petrol station, a garage (mechanics), and a veterinary hospital. Yet I walk 2 minutes in the opposite direction and I am among deer, foxes, owls, bats and a whole host of bird life. I truly have the best of both worlds.

  • Keep on whatever mood your in, its good to be happy, grumpy, sad, low, high, who cares I had a PMI thread many moons ago on here it was more for me to try and cheer myself up then I found it also cheered others up, it was a snapshot of the times (fb times) realising I was comparing my life to others sayin iam going to do this or that, Be grumpy paul its natural, some days I can be a right bitter miserable b tard as well usually weather or just people who use me, bit I have more control on my life nowadays and that liberating, no one owns me I don't work for anyone only customers.

    What has really put life into perspective is I am in a place growing up with people 15, 20, 30 years older than me and a few have died, who really shouldn't have. One was 70 he got pancreatic cancer he never smoked hardly drank had one leg he lost one as a young lad on a motorbike accident and was for ever an optimist, a brilliant engineer, who could turn his hand to anything, a true old friend, who worked his socks off and played hard on his custom made (by him) mountain bike. He said ive got a job for you will you be my bearer don't know when ill need you, he said do crazy things take your dinner breaks (he never took breaks and he knew i didn't either but the doctors said that's bad for you) and just go and do things, with your free time. youl never be on your deathbed thinking I wish id done another hours work.

    Another bloke in his 60s I ve recently started working with well for the last 3 years now has prostrate cancer that's in his bones, he s on chemo very positive, still ringing me up about jobs and work but resting while driving his tractor drilling corn and splitting logs! Its just keeping off the subject of his own health.

    I was very low thinking why them, why the hell are the nicest kindest lovely people always dying or ill, and to be honest I think its just you reconise them more because there so great.

    So its put my life into perspective, I do try to be positive, if people use me (mainly work related or relatives) I don't bother anymore, I don't fret anymore, I try to be fair with people I deal with I try to laugh smile with people I like, I find life s great if you can make people laugh you laugh as well I like to find depth in people, who knows somehow ive maybe become more blinkered but like my parents who sometimes ignore me I don't let it get to me, being on my own is sometimes a bonus, I have to talk to people or if I feel grumpy I lock myself into my own space. I get people if only id known all this crap when I was younger. Regrets, well no gf or wife, no kids, no real direction in life, sometimes just stuck in the same place same people same opinions, but the total fact is macabre and brutally honest your either going to live long or not but you don't know when, so get stuff done try to be good and humour people its great.