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  • Good advice to drink more water. Perhaps also a change of scenery, go somewhere new, do something new, that will enthuse you? Also, weirdly, I find a bike ride gives me energy. Also I know now that I deal with physical stress as in exercise or manual work much much better than mental stress as in when I worked in an office or social events where I don't know anyone. Be well.

  • Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng Ginseng

    On the rare occassion that I am feeling a little slow either mentally or physically or feel like I am coming down with something,I always reach for a pack of ginseng booster vials.

    After two or three days I am back on full form but I always finish the pack of ten.

    Its a bit like cocaine but much healthier and cheaper and does not turn you into an obnoxious prick :thumbup:

    I find that the boost packets tend to work better than the tablets or capsules and absolutely swear by the energy lift it gives me.

    Well recommend it my friend xx

  • This is a thing I am hearing from people in the 50 + bracket. The tired and knackered thing, but when I talk to them a bit more in depth and I hear about their diet and sleep patterns, it;s not any wonder they feel knackered and half fecked.

    Now I dont do shouting trumpets but there is reasoning behind it, I'm 53 and am still bounciung around like I was when I was 25, but for that to happen, I have to put management in whereas when I was 25 I didnt. Good healthy quality food, but as important if not more, regular good sound sleep and drink plenty of water and keep active, and as an aside but is also important, good regular bowel movements, in other words having regular a regular shit. A bit of constipation will knacker a body up leaving you bereft of energy. and feeling muggy in the head. I do not have any sleep issues and a usual nights sleep is a solid 7 hours and I wake freshed ready to go again. If at times when I've had say 4 hours or intermittent disturbed sleep then after a couple of nights of that then I will notice the difference.

    Me personally, I firmly believe it is also a state of mind. also I find if I over eat, thats knackering. Believe it or not, if the body is kept in constant digestion, that can wash you with tiredness. On average humans eat too much on a daily basis. I hiestly find nowadays if I have a day off food meals and just graze on fruit or just dont eat of I'm not hungry then thta will raise my energy levels. There has been in depth scientific studies done in this which really makes sense. check out a documentary iodf you can find it by Dr Micheal Mosely who delved deep into food science called Eat, Fast and live long. It goes in depth into the relationshiop with food and the human body and people are doing it wrong and for the most part by putting more food in than the body can cope with on a daily basis, he describes it like this, too much food is like wedgng a brick on a car accelerator and leaving it running full bore, this is what happens in the body when it's in constant digestion mode. The body needs a regular break from digestion mode. Once the body has done digesting, it then goes into a naturally occuring repair mode if it's allowed to, this is when red blood cells are replenished and toxins dealt with, without this repair mode, the body isnt able to be fully at rest and costant food digestion prevents this happening. I dont follow any diets or regimes, over the years I have learnt to listen and act on what I need or dont when I do or dont but what I do know is for fact that I am much more alert, awake and energised when I dont eat when I dont feel I need it, so yes, that means not having an evening meal once/twice a week, and maybe just a light bowl of cereal with yoghurt or fruit or nothing if I really am not hungry. This also gives the bowels time to clear out. And I honestly find if I have been shoving regular meals in when I havent really needed it I get all tired, knackered and muggy in the head. I dont snack on sugary stuff either, thats a false addicitve source of wrong energy. Foods with slow release energy rather than the quick fix fast energy release that sugars and high carbs give isnt good either, that makes someone feel more knackered and tired each day.

    But behind all this stuff that someone can do personally to change things about, as others say, there is underlying medical reasons that can cause this type of thing, it shouldnt be ignored. simple blood checks, checks for diabetes of which in this age range a person is more susceptible and you dont have to be classed as overweight for diabetes. Also underlying bit of stress, anxiety can disturb ones energy flows leaving someone feeling less than able.

  • You sound very lucky wiz, I'm 53 too & feel fucked most of the time. Always in pain & unable to sleep soundly, can't remember last time I had more than 2 hrs unbroken. Making more effort just lately to get some weight off tho so hoping that'll help, & also eating healthier. Fingers crossed.....

  • You sound very lucky wiz, I'm 53 too & feel fucked most of the time. Always in pain & unable to sleep soundly, can't remember last time I had more than 2 hrs unbroken. Making more effort just lately to get some weight off tho so hoping that'll help, & also eating healthier. Fingers crossed.....

    It may sound like luck but I dont see it like that, others may say fortunate. We as humans in this modern world are all susceptible and prone. For me personally, when I was much younger I became aware of my bodies needs for the sleep and food regime I have and stuck with it, everyone is different and we all have different needs. If these are out of kilter then un ease will happen. It takes management and understanding and feeling the bodies needs, it doesnt just happen by luck.

    Look up Dr Michael Moseley on you tube and listen to some bits of what he says about getting weight off and a way of eating, there is bits on there, here's a snippet worth listening to. Bood sugar levels can feck a perosn to do with energy and sleep etc. sugar is high crb, cutting thta out can work small wonders, white bread, white sugar, shit cheap pasta, fast food take aways etc are all not good. Seriously well worth going and getting cholersterol levels checked. Have you been to the docs for what they call a well man check up, its tailored for the over 50's and they usually invite you in once you reach 50. that is well worth having done and you can ask for one to be done, it's a thorough check of bloods, urine tests etc.

    Also gut bacteria, very important to have healthy to then be better in your body, another little listen with Michael Moseley.

  • Have always said that the secrets to staying lively are good food , good sleep , good excercise and a positive mind set.

    Like Wiz said,its not Lucky to be in a good place. It is putting the time into making ones reality the best possible and once you are into the groove of thinking this way it becomes easy and second nature.

    You can still have fun and treat yourselves,but moderation is certainly a good thing :-)

    Now,must finish off my lunch time bottle of beer before going back to work in the dusty cellar. xxxx

  • Those things are certainly key to being good and also as important getting better, even in times of illness, when someone is in a good healthy routine that suits their own body, that is a healing force in it's own right.

    And yes, I.C, it takes work and effort and belief to be in a better place. Once someone starts seeing results, thats what drives them on to acheive more. I know one guy, he is 62, I see him at poarties as he loves the psy trance, and trust me he is as fit as me if not more as he does some form of martial art thing to keep it up and he can dance hard at an all nighter, inspiring for us youngsters to see it can be good when you ge tolder and I am determined to not ket the number of age stop me, but, I am going to carry on piling in the healthy stuff like the good food, good sleep/rest and keep on the go to make it happen if I want to be like this when I'm into my 60's, am detemined to do my best. I got 14 years till I'm 67 and can draw state pension and I want to be able to do frog leaps over the zimmer frames when I get to the post office, goals, got to have goals :cool::boing::D

  • Sound I'll give it a listen thanks. Already type2 diabetic & on statins for cholesterol.

    My OH is big on gut health & trying to knock me into shape just now so I'm hopefully at the mo....☺

    Ah ok, it will be of use for you to listen to this guy, Moseley had the very same thing as you woth diabetes etc and as he is a journalist he decided to go in a journey to overcome it by going into the food scince and this guy is amazing in what he has done in his work to go in-depth and has helped in making food science and gut health with gut garden's and bacteria much more widly available to the public. I was really inspired by his work when I startd watching his series. The series to really try and see Bigbear is Michael Moseley's ' Eat, fast and live long ' on BBC, it was on i player for a long while, I dont know if it's still there as havent got i player since

    they locked it down, but somewhere it will be a free streaming site in line or dvd's, that's an eye opener on the regime humans have with food and how it's doing so much harm and also how much healing and good health and maintenance that comes with it, he all but healed himslef from having this understanding about the relationship of food and the body and what happens inside us. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I learnt loads from it.

  • Yes, all good stuff, Wiz.

    I get looks of astonishment (and sometimes doubt) when I go for a check-up or go to the dentist, and when asked about what medicines I am on, tell them 'No, I am not taking any medicines'.

    The general attitude of the various branches of the medical profession seems to be that everyone is surely on repeat prescriptions of some drug or other after the age of 60, and if you are over 70, like me, you really must be - how else are you staying alive?

    Although I count myself as 'lucky' compared with some colleagues, as said above habits of moderation and sensible exercise and eating count for a great deal in keeping reasonably fit and active. I think mental attitude helps a lot too; having a laid-back attitude is something I get terse comments about from small-minded people who like to micro-manage everything, or want stuff done yesterday, or make unreasonable demands.

    I tell 'em it's all a game anyway, there's no life and death struggle involved in what they want doing. I'm retired, so I don't give a shit whether it's done today or tomorrow......:reddevil:

  • I can suffer from being knackered, but ive been a bit healthier since i stopped smoking in 2006 i think it was when the smoking ban came in, didnt smoke a lot just on a evening,

    dont drink as much either,

    I found iam less tired if iam cheerful/humourous.

    hobbies to dont do many at moment but quite like walking m biking, but ill be honest i enjoy my work nowadays so feel less tired. only time iam tired is when i have paperwork to do.

  • Indeed Keith, I know folk in my age bracket, 53, and they are rattling when they move from the pharma meds/pills they do to stay alive, they are prescribed this from their doctors but they dont research other ways and means to overcome stuff to return to health, they seem to think oh well, doctors know best and with many of them, all they need to do is adjust their lifestyle and food. I think I've had one anti biotic script in well over 20 years for an inner ear infection. The only other thing is on rare occasions I self prescribe Ibruprofen. I do feel one thing that does help me loads is I am so passionate about my work. This keeps my sleep routine good. By the time my day is done by 9 - 10 p.m I am needing my bed. Last night I was ready for by 10 p.m so slipped in and within minutes was gone and I woke at 5.20 so that's a solid 7 hr 20, and now am feeling fresh ready to head into a new day, it's the routine of it that does me good. I love this time of the morning as I can drfit along, listen to the birds waking, enjoy a coffee, slow man, for about 1.5 hour, my morning is slow, not cause I'm tired I just like the still atmosphere of my environment to feel it and just be, liken it to enjoying what is in effect semblences of what I suppose folk would call retirement, I own my time and life as am self employed which suits me best, thats a big factor to my well being as in my mental attitude to my life. Folk getting up every morning hating their work routine and or job and having to face it everyday is excrutiatingly tough on the mental health and well being.

  • Yes, that chimes with me, too. Especially I love early mornings in Spring and early Summer when I kind of have to get out early with the brightness of the morning, and after doing a few exercises just sit around with a mug of tea, musing awhile. In this time I sometimes get answers arise to problems I've been thinking about for maybe a day or two. Kind of rising out of the subconscious, I guess.

    I always find I tend to sleep longer in Winter than in Summer, I guess that is due to the amount of light and dark in the early hours at different times of the year. At any time of year if I have planned some job to do that day I am more eager to dive out and get the day started, than if it's a nothing-planned low-key sort of day ahead.

  • The sleep pattern lengthening in winter and shortening in summer is all part of being in tune woth the circadian rhythm. The rising and falling of light has a far bigger effect on the body than folk think, it's part of the driving force that regulates all living things. And yes, those slow mornings to sit and mull certainly helps to come up with answers, solutions, direction etc.

  • I find that still happens even though I am in a friendly, kind and helpful community where everyone knows everyone else. Old habits die hard and as i get older I seem to suffer the paradox of thinking, 'what will be will be coupled with being scared of everything and everybody'.!

    The human brain is a weird old thing and I don't think that people are aware of how their lives and hardships will affect their old age and the elites and priviliged don't care a toss about how the conditions they inflict on the masses cause the masses such anguish.

    However it's a lovely sunny day outside so I will venture into the poly tunnel to breath a little co2 onto the seedlings and think nice thoughts!

    Peace and good health folks, hope you all stay well.

  • I seep very well these days. That’s not exactly true. I sleep because I’m knackered. I live with chronic pain, at nighttime it’s often just as bad. Once comfortable enough to sleep, usually resulting from medication (which has anaesthetic qualities) I’m woken throughout the night, most nights. Mornings are by far the worst. Usually after body dormancy. I’m awoken with screaming pain signals. Where I question my ability to coupe with/ tolerate for one more morning.

    I’ve learned over the years to tatt down, make it difficult for to legged foxes to liberate my gear while I’m within hearing range and sleeping. Personal safety aside. If you have to battle, you will. My only fear/worry is killing someone with excessive force. Stop someone nicking my chainsaw, but Spend six years in jail.

    our lasses friend was burgled on Friday night. She, her husband and kids were in bed sleeping at the time. She only heard the front door click closed on the thief’s way out, taking the car keys and car with them, along with £200 cash and personal items. Now that is scary.