Was vitrifying clay the first unsustainable thing humans did? someone I've wondered

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  • As far as I can tell once clay has undergone that chemical change it can never ever go back. My science brain says there may be a way to reverse the process involving lots of heat - maybe literally boiling the ceramics. Good luck with that one.

  • Apply enough heat /cold,pressure or a vacuum,expose to elements or gases or combination thereof you can alter that state of most everything. A solid rock wasnt always a solid rock.The sun isnt a ball of hydrogen gas.Nothing is as it seems,nothing is beyond modification.

    Expose your ceramic pot to enough heat it will go back to its component rock and silica parts or ultimately become a gas or a stream of gaseous elements or electrons and neutrons

    Matter is neither created nor destroyed it merely changes form....or words to that effect

  • Erm - the sun is plasma.

    I guess it may be possible to reverse vitrify clay under extreme conditions but there is an awful lot of ceramic on earth now.

  • True its an ionised plasma of hydrogen and manufactures every element known to man,there are glass beads scattered around the solar system that came from the sun during micro novae events..but were still taught its a hydrogen gas ball.

    Yes theres an awful lot of everything manmade on the planet.It wouldnt take much to completely erase its existence. Throw your best china in a volcano lava and see how long it lasts before its reconstituted.

    Most of the solid iron and steel wrecks on the sea floor, miles down are disintegrating and will be gone in maybe a hundred years or so.

    I think as humans we elevate ourselves to a stutus where what we do and what we have made is indestructible and here forever when in fact we are,and what we create,no more permanent than the dinosaurs. We are completely insignificant to the universe and we and everything we ever created will be wiped from the record in time.

    Nothing is permanent except impermanence.

  • Yep, is right.

    There's all those civilisations that preceded us that have left little trace after hundreds of thousands of years.

    Even of most ancient humans we can only find the odd jaw or finger-bone to give us clues as to what they were like.

    Apart from possibly the still radio-active half-life remains of a few nuclear plants, there would be little of us left after a few hundred thousand years to even give a clue that our civilisation had ever existed. The roads would go first; the roads would vanish in a few hundred years without trace. All the vast cities would be gone, all the scars we have made across the Earth would soon be re-covered again.