Migraines are shit

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  • Of no help whatsoever,but Ihave lots of them also...

    but not as many as i used to get in working life so i blame the evils of work as the primary cause.

    Food stuffs can trigger some as can some lighting,weather and space phenomena (solar flares-we've just been hit by a couple the last 24 hours) and devices with screens - latter does with me because i have irlen syndrome a part of dyslexic spectrum.

    The usual path if theyre bothersome is a neurologist and tests to see what triggering them but thats a lot of faffing (ive been there) and not stopped the migraines.

  • Like NrT said try to work out what the triggers are. It helped me to write down the dates they happened and what i ate and did on those days. I get mad visual disturbances for about 20 minutes then a low grade headache for 1-2 days but luckily it has never progressed from that. For me, the triggers seem to be stress and over consumption of sugar....since quitting work last year i've only had one so is fairly obvious where my stress was coming from!

  • That tends to be the kind i have...usually spectacular visual distubances or light displays that go on for an hour followed by nausea and low grade headache...occasionally a major 3 or 4 day headache i cant shift.

    Ive kept diaries and theres no one obvious single trigger.My BP and everything are normal.

    Although i get them most when physically exhausted.I used to do lots of endurance sports and had frequent migraines on rest days and days off after long physically hard work weeks.I dont work nor do sport stuff anymore and migraines are less frequent than in the past.Ive had them since 16 and After 40+ years of them I doubt ill find an answer any time soon.

    There may be a trigger like weather or space weather radiation we can do nothing about but is known to trigger heart attacks and other medical emergencies. The answer is probably hidden in plain sight.

  • Indeed over the years I have tried most things, my migraines no longer start with the visuals but I get bad headache going from one eye to the other over 4 or 5 days, the sumatriptan work but the bastards will keep returning , I have no triggers that I can find but maybe like you NRT it could be weather related?

  • Well well well, I'm helping out in Norfolk and the owner,a very experienced herbalist did a test on me and apparently I have an allergy to nightshade plants eg peppers,chillies,tomatoes potatoes and aurbogines we shall see?

  • It is as said hugely important to find out what your triggers are and to read carefully around them.

    There is a huge irony iun me coming to live in france when red wine and cheese are twoi of my worst triggers. !!

    Flashing lighting does not help either.

    I have not had a migraine in years,now this could be because I recognise the pre migraine feeling now and neck two 200mg nurofens or because I have learned a little about my triggers.

    Harder cheeses such as cheddar or cantal are the worse type for me so I limit my consumption of the harder cheeses. This is no hardship with cheddar as I do not like the tang that comes with it ( I can hear some of you from hear,saying what how can you not like cheddar ),though I love a bit of cantal vieux !!

    Also since I have learned more about what I like with a red wine,I find that wines from the southwest-south of france hit a level of maturity at four years old so I will buy a decent wine from time to time between 4 and 10 years old and always let in breather for the best part of an hour. I get no migraines from that. If I drink a young wine I feel it coming on quite quickly.

    Whereas chocolate brings it on for some people, my mum stops hers coming on by having a bit of chocolate, so it is very different for the individual.

    As I have not had a full on migraine for years I do not think too much about them,but back along I had a few that lasted from one to two weeks which was bloody awful.

    There is quite a bit of talk of accupucture being an effective cure for Migraines so maybe worth you looking into that.

    Anyhow,best I can say for the moment that stops that feeling for me is to neck a couple of nurofen when you get the feeling. Its not organic but at that stage who gives shit !!

    Also found that other types of ibuprofen were often not as efficacious .

    Hope you get on top of them soon dude,they suck.

  • They are generally heridtory Gee, if you dont get them,ask your mum who your real dad is :whistle:

    What I say is true and I hope that if you do not get them,that they skip you by,as they can be pretty horrible.

    My entire family suffered from them and I always felt like I was the lucky one until one day one came on when I was in the center of asda in taunton and I had to sit on the floor as I could see nothing other than flashing lights and felt terrible. Until then I thought that they were just bad headaches,but no they are far worse.

    May you never get one my friend xx

  • I guess im lucky, theres no doubt I am my fathers son, I look like him according to everyone, apart from iam a lot taller than him.

    As for headaches iam aware of beers and lagers that are shockers,, maybe inherited dads beer intolerance, what gives me a bad head, dark bitters, guiness, Estrella lager, just about everything else iam fine with and as iam getting on a bit more I feel lucky, the only allergies I have are plasters, ie really sticky elasto, not hypoallergenic, and I finding bee stings if stung on my hand cause the same reaction, dad aint allergic to bees he can get stung all over no bother, but mum is really allergic to bee stings, so I am hoping I dont get a bad reaction to bees in the future, last time my hand swelled up badly up my arm and I felt a bit nauseous and dopey.