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  • I was told a while ago that if an old hippie etc is living in a van and the hippie gets a knock, knock,knock on the door by a nice young man wearing a nice police uniform who asks to look inside the old hippies van the old hippie can ask the nice policeman for a warrant to enter,because the scruffy old van is the old hippies home, true or false?

  • I think that may be the case legally , but the old bill have a cover all caveat to it with their modern search regulations , if they 'suspect' or 'have reasonable grounds' that there are drugs/weapons then no warrant required..

  • Comply the best you can, but don’t get yourself busted is your last resort. You can film them covertly, just incase you get framed of feel violated and as leverage later on at the copshop.

    Search YouTube for Crimebodge. This guy is a thorn in the Police side, hip, face and butt.

    He goes out of his way to “push, test, disprove, and annoy the police and courts” He defends public rights and individuals. A mindful of info and he likes sharing it.

    Check him out. If in doubt or trouble, contact him.

  • I found that after I adopted a big loud snarly dog with a fine set of gnashers the filth suddenly stopped wanting to come inside and were satisfied just talking to me through a window, funny that. On one occasion the copper had a big German Shepherd Dog and my dog was going so apeshit trying to jump out of the window to get to him that it set him off too and he pulled the copper over - I laughed and laughed :)

  • Once patked up at Westwoods I caught a flash od hi-vis as 2 cops on horseback approached, as they drew alongside my bus Earl (my vocal African Grey )starts shouting 'go and lay down' to the horses,usually he says it to visitors boisterous dogs and once to a nosey Fresian but police horses was the funniest ;)

  • Just scanned this thread, having grown up fearing and hating the police, I in a way feel sorry for them, understaffed, stressed, and constant abuse day and night, and being filmed while at work, while everyone is trying to push your buttons. As I say ill always fear the law and keep coppers at a wide berth, but bottom line is they have a tough job to do there only human and they try to keep us safe, there facing a knife epidemic, harder drugs harder gangs, being spat at sweared at filmed. Its traffic cops I always fear, checking I am speeding, or my old pickup is rusting away, a magnet for the lumini. just saying. :shrug:

  • I hear from friends who've spent some years there that police in Germany rarely face knife-crime, hardly ever get spat at or sworn at, and command a certain respect.

    Same for Denmark, don't know about other European countries.

    Is this because they carry guns?

  • Maybe, but are germany and Denmark politer countries like say japan or china or is there total respect and fear of the law. Tough job to be done by a human with no flaws never done anything wrong never broke the law and everything is right or wrong, or face a moral dilemma of not reporting all crime. who knows maybe we need ai robocops one day that way you wouldn't give a Robocop a lot of trouble as it would be simply right or wrong and being a thing not a human.

  • Bringing this thread back just to ask you all, If you were or have had your van door knocked on by the police what did or would you say? Do you tell them you live in your van? On holiday ? An alien dropped in from Pluto etc?

  • I suppose it depends on the nature of their er 'visit' of which I would be needing to know before any info was given or questions answered by myself, I'm sure they have to give a reason but as they probably have a myriad of pre recorded excuses like 'routine check' or 'reasonable suspicion' or 'been a complaint' you are then required by them to play ball as with either of these excuses they are lawful reasons for stopping or detaining someone, if you dont play ball they can then step it up to your refusal to answer questions or comply with requests like getting out of your vehicle or supplying them with name, address driving licence etc which could lead to further action to get you to comply with their requests. Every step of refusal to comply with their requests is a step nearer to being detained I suppose. I've been asked for details, who I am, what I'm doing under the pretence of them saying they stopped by just to make sure I'm ok and havent had any bother, that's been a popular excuse used to knock my door when I've been parked up wild. Usually by being nice with a smile renders the situation a pointless excersise on their behalf.

    Usually if the situation is fairly freindly I go along the lines of out on a road trip, breather from work and every day life, bit of time out etc etc rather than vehicle is home and where I'm parked up is current address. Thankfully I've never had a knock for a direct cause like I've created a crime and they are after me, making sure your one to five steps or more ahead if you have created a crime helps to avoid a purposeful visit. So usually it's been a routine how long are you stopping for, be gone in the morning type knocks. When I have stated vehicle is home it's never been an issue as I havent broken a law.

    If someone is generally nervous around police prescence then that might arouse a bit of suspicion as they are well versed in nervousness etc. At the end of the day I suppose it's down to the nature of their visit as to what way I would play it.

  • It is their inquiry and "investigation" so they ask the questions and want to arrive at a truthful answer.

    So far my experiences of this have been mostly straightforward and totally problem free.

    There is no point in lying but I do believe that police are used to minimalist answers due to general and ongoing suspicion of their motives....they want their investigation answered. Comply with truthful answers and a friendly disposition (no need to gush information).

    They ask the questions and you answer them factually and hopefully that's the end of it.🤞