Is it possible to really disappear without a trace?

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  • I can imagine when loans were logged in ledgers, paper forms filed away. It’s likely many of these will be wrote off. When banks/loan companies began to rely more on digital data bases. Balance sheets and losses, outstanding debt gets carried forward. Shareholders are more inclined to value debts even if there is a slim chance of recovery. Loan companies/banks will often negotiate a lower settlement fee where repayment is looking difficult and close the loan on account on payment.
    Im unclear what the letter of the law is regarding 6 year rule or whatever options are, although I’ve increasingly heard of folk banking on it.

    A mate who went to live/work in the USA got deported back to the UK, after 10 years of working in America. He was in a longterm relationship with a American lass. He advised her to take out $10,000 loans on furniture/household items etc and come over to the UK, after selling all the items for a pittance of their value. They eventually married here in the UK. Unfortunately she cannot return to America for fear of facing those old debts. If they split up/divorce. Her actions could have a major impact on her future.

  • Its a wonder that the debt collectors didnt come knocking at your postal address Tramp?

    it was not me. I’ve been in debt before to the banks (mortgage/loans etc) defaulted several times. Always paid back in full.. Most of my loans have been from friends and family and always paid back on time. I won’t take/seek credit, unless the sums involved are too large to save up for in the timeframe.

  • I type up market research interviews amongst other things. One was for cars and how much tech (cameras) people would welcome. One was a that the car would recognise you and unlock its doors. One was an internal camera would take a photo every so often and at the end present you with a montage of your journey. One was external cameras that we constant recording (and sending the images somewhere) and if they saw eg storm damage to a shop would ring the owner (!).

    Participants were mixed about the external cameras, they kind of thought it was a total invasion of privacy but when safety was mentioned - what if it could track a missing child - they were instantly all in.

    BTW, no one asked who would be reviewing all these millions of images, where they would be stored and for how long.

    However outlandish this sounds now, it's coming and it will be harder to disappear. You would have to; not drive, work for cash, pay for everything by cash, keep out of towns, not go out of the country, not get sick, obvs not live in a conventional home, have a burner phone. Having said that, yeah, I think it could be done, you would live in a tent, walk or cycle everywhere, live very modestly probably. I'm not sure that it would be good for you, I think the strain of not being able to move freely and chat to people, make friends, mingle, would do your head in after a while. IMO.

  • Can you really disappear without a trace, well countless people have done. Lord Lucan possibly being one of the more famous cases. We don't often get to hear about the guy who went out for a pint of milk and just never went home, but people are vanishing all the time.

    Maddy McCann's disappearance, I remember a local woman being interviewed and she said children go missing along that coastline all the time and the local police never cared, A British child goes missing and all hell breaks loose. She remarked what was so special about "this kid" ? That kinda brought it home for me.

    My personal view is yes, humans are resilient and resourceful, so if your prepared to just turn your back and walk away, then its certainly possible to just disappear.

  • a building site labourer/joiner/pisshead mate, has been claiming rent for the property he has lived in for over20 years. He claims JSA, works full time (when he can) on building sites. The rent for the house he lives in, gets paid into “one” of his own bank accounts. So I’m guessing if multiple identities were achievable many years ago and still active. My mate could possibly disappear or become one of his legal persona’s or end up in jail.