Is it possible to really disappear without a trace?

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  • Like completely vanish off the system -- yet still earn a living, still access health services when necessary -- and still be totally untraceable?

    I'm assuming that, even if someone manages the above, there's a time their National Insurance Number or need for a bank account will be very difficult to avoid. :/

  • There is a way as people completely vanish from their old lives and untraceable by police or usual authoritarian tracing methods and go on to assume a completely different life either here ir abroad . Thousands have gone missing and never traced -mostly because they dont want to be found.

    Its more difficult here now with the amount of technology and digital footprints we leave around us in the UK and Europe or the US but not impossible. No passport or driving license,no devices,no bank or insurances and work for cash in hand and youre pretty much invisible to the system though to do it successfully really depends on how good you are at becoming invisible to people around you too.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

  • It's very difficult nowadays to 'vanish'. Health care will be almost inaccessible and with the crack down on employers of illegal workers over the past decade, employers face stiff penalties if they don't ID their workers properly and get caught. If you lived on the streets and begged, you might manage it as you'd just become a faceless person no-one looked at. If you had the resources, you might be able to 'adopt' the nat ins number of someone who's died. I rather suspect, unless they're wanted for a crime, those who disappear without a trace, simply haven't been looked for hard enough.

  • Probably far easier for older people to 'vanish',folks who have never had a driving license or passport,not used health services or been part of the digital civilisation, dossed, squated never crossed paths with authority and worked for cash here and there.

    Youngsters are brought up digitised from birth and indoctrinated into and by the system. Once youre on it its difficult,if not impossible to erase your digital fact theyre encouraged to share everything with everyone,jobs, photos,likes dislikes, political religious affiliations,events so theres enough information there to trace someone even if they subsequently decided to abandon technology and disappear.

    But thats why we have technology,phones,devices,internet,google,facebook etc etc...its not about making our lives easier or more fun its about control,we are all under surveillance by authority or corporates, like it or not and most of us voluntarily acquiesce to it.

    Di occhi belli ne è pieno il mondo,ma di occhi che ti guardano con sincerità e amore, c'è ne sono pochi. :hippy:

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  • I heard a story of a man somewhere in north America who went to a great deal of trouble to erase his digital footprint. Ho owned some land and one day he decided to apply for a bank loan. Even tough he had solid assets in the form of land and had no bad credit history, he could not get a bank loan.He would have been game not to have a mobile phone. Not having a phone usually lowers your credit rating

  • You would have to be totally off grid,totally self sufficient, use only cash but no bank account, no device use, and no use of police, NHS etc etc then possibly, UK probably the hardest country to disappear in,too small,too many nosey people :stoner::eek:

  • Hello^^. Cant believe ukh, is back like a phoenix from the digital flames. What about that prisoner who lived in the mountains for 17 years, they found him with a drone but I think they just did this.

  • I used to see a lot of them, often illegal ones, when I worked on the markets. Some spoke pretty passable English, and worked long hours for a living. But they were all pretty well human really, when you got to know them.....:)

  • Off grid from the UK sure, just disappear abroad. Europe would be great until the UK leaves. Within the UK a little harder as the secret cameras will get you. Survive with no money, bin surfing. Land foraging. Etc. Fishing. Tent and no transport unless its a pushbike. Could be done. Life would be hard, but free.

  • To vanish without a trace would be difficult, especially in the UK. For a start you would have to get rid of phones, bank cards/accounts, your social media, e-mail accounts. You would probably still need some cash, but you then you would have to pay taxes making you traceable, unless you had a not so legal job that paid cash in hand. Healthcare would be problem as you would not be able to access Health services, unless you are some one who does not believe in modern medicine and thrives on old timey superstition about health.

    Even if you are self sufficient you would probably still have to do some trade with people for things you need, kind of like that 70s show, 'The Good life', so you would still be seen by people. Plus there are about three or four million CCTV cameras in the UK in which some now have facial recognition, so you would be seen anyway.

    Even if you went to Europe, you could still be found as information is shared by different government organisations. I think the best option would be Alien Abduction or Find a Doctor with a Tardis :flowerpower: