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  • Hi all

    Glad to see the site back up again, I was a bit of a back ground looker before but will try to be a bit more active this time

    I’m not a proper hippy as I live in a house and run my own business but I do dream of leaving the rat race, and I have a smallholding with a caravan and a pallet palace as I call it, a shack really built from pallets and reclaimed tin I do have a wood burner in there and a hammock,

    I camp out often on my own and would love to just sell up and live there growing my own food and not having to work for anybody anymore but to just work the land instead

    Anyway that’s me in short so hello to everyone

  • Hi Ash

    Sounds like a great plan. In your place I think I'd be using work to get my Pallat Palace as winter friendly/off grid as possible.

    We'd like to buy some woodland one day which has the potential to off grid live on and run a glamping business or some-such ... oneday maybe... who knows!!

    But first we want to travel, so that's what we're working towards ATM.

  • Yeah my place was just a rough paddock when we brought it but I planted most of it to woodland, that was about 15 years ago and I started coppicing about 5 years ago

    I now harvest all my own hard wood logs for home and camp fires

    I love trees and working with them and buy any old green woodworking tool I see at car boots and forest fairs

    I’ve also treated myself to a couple of gransfors bruks hand forged axes