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  • We/+ several others from UKH attended this year.

    I know some didn’t buy into it and probably won’t attend again. I will go next year (unfinished business) and Im planning to buy a ticket in October when they go on release. If you want to take a pet dog, I suggest buying your tickets (and the dog/s ticket then) last year dog tickets ran out early (or just “hide your dog amongst your tat when arriving) they don’t issue dog leg bands, so who is to know if the dog paid once your on site?

    If you want to saturate yourself with conversion ideas and talk “the mechanics” then it’s a welcoming crowd of punters/participants.

    Next year will be at the same venue. Clean site, plenty of space, friendly vibe, but it’s not a festival in Amsterdam. Very straight, very safe.

  • I went this year as a punter. I learnt a lot of useful stuff. Don't know that I'd pay to go back next year, but I've already been offered work there and it's definitely worth going back to.

    If you're looking to make money on the road through blogs and social media, it's definitely worth returning to over and over. It seems like a lot of the people who live full time off social media money meet up and network there. I might even try that myself if I ever get my truck done, and Camp Quirky would definitely be the first place I'd head to learn about that!

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

  • We went last year, probably wont go again. The only thing that would probably change our mind is if a load of others were going...

    Although there were some good ideas and some nice van builds there, there were significantly more who have obviously just followed a few builds on instagram and consequently a lot of them looked very similar. There were also interiors that would present significant issues when either travelling or using the vehicle for living.

    The event was organised by, and geared round selling their own business (which is hiring out peoples campers) - something which they appear to be reasonably successful at and i think that any information and inspiration you could glean from builders was a bonus of your own making.

    We didnt catch all the workshops, but the ones we did seemed geared round the people giving them selling their own products - again, no disrespect to them as they are making a living and if you just take away the advice then maybe worthwhile. On that however, the electrical workshop was lacking, some good advice but some other poor advice even going against 18th edition recommendations so not just my opinion.

    As has been mentioned above, there are plenty of people there selling themselves as a brand - it would be an ideal place to go if you wanted to learn about that.

    The dog situation was a farce. We paid for a ticket, plenty didnt. There was also in the t&c's stuff about them being on leads, fouling, barking etc. Round where we were all three of those were routinely ignored which i wouldnt normally be bothered about but having paid £50 odd quid to take him did piss me off.

    All said though it was a good weekend, was nice to catch up with people and met a few nice folks round our fire pit and saw a few nice vans. The bands of an evening were all good and not all covers, and the free showers were spotless. Certainly worth going at least once, worth the ticket price - i'd honestly have to say no.