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  • I was watching a YouTube video the other day which was about how to use diet to reduce menopausal symptoms. Essentially it came down to eliminating all refined/processed sugars because the cells become more insulin resistant during the menopause. I think they said quitting sugar helps to control hot flushes.

    If you like holistic therapies, there are aromatherapy oils and techniques that can help the transitional element of the menopause, plus it’s very good for relaxation and taking time out for yourself.

  • Eliminating all sugar sounds tempting but very difficult, think I’ll try cutting down first with a view to total elimination. Like the idea of essential oils - I’ll have to have a google and see what is suggested.

  • Menopause and it's symptoms are very much an Individual thing, it's all trial & error..

    Holland & Barrett, have a wide range of more affordable products to choose from, which may help..

    Evening Primrose Oil, Black Cohosh And Various Sage Products can help.

    I did/do get some mild relief from a product made by Vogel called *Menoforce* Sage Tablets.. I've been taking them for about 6 years now.

    Nothing from the GP helped at all, even doubled up the dose as instructed. Useless..

    The problem is, there's nothing for prevention or immediate relief, as & when needed.

    I'd try 1 a day Menoforce tablet but it'll perhaps take a month to kick in, before becoming somewhat effective.. Other's can take longer.. ie. 3 months..

    The others I tried for a year each, it was a complete waste of money & effort, they did Not help me at All. Yet these could help you..

    Pop into a branch and have a chat with staff, they are quite knowledgeable, then consider their advice before you decide..

    GP's Are Unwilling to Make Any Comments with Regard to Herbal or Holistic Therapies, it goes against their Codes & Methods of Prescribing Conventional Chemical Pills/Tablets..

    Hope this helps *Willowstars* Good Luck :hippylove:

    The Greatness of a Nation Can Be Judged By the Way it's Animals Are Treated..

    Gandhi.. :respect:

  • I'm 45 and going through it too without HRT. I've pretty much eliminated all refined sugars from my diet and think it's helping as my symptoms have lessened, but it's hard to know if it's definitely the sugar or not. Aside from that my skin looks much clearer and healthier without it which is a bonus.

    I get a lot of tension around my face when my hormones are kicking off so i just do simple facial massages a few times a day which keeps that under control. I've just been trying to deal with symptoms as they arise and doing a lot of meditation and mindfulness to keep my moods on the level. I've not had a period for well over a year now so fingers crossed the worst is over but who knows.

  • i found out before the summer that I'm post menopausal. Was quite a pleasant surprise as I thought I was just starting. I have a mirena coil so don't bleed...

    Definitely cutting sugar help with the flushes.

    Starflower oil and evening primrose oil are great too.

    Loads of people keeps telling me I've breezed through it ... Fuck you all ;) last 5/6 years have been hard bloody work and I thought I was dying for the last year of it... But once I found out what was going on I felt so much better.

    Cut alcohol if you can/ sugar is a fucker for flushes. Love yourselves as best you can xxxx