Are you arty and/or crafty? We love to see and be inspired by your latest creations.

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  • I've started this new thread as the old one on this theme seems to have become a little redundant. Do pop over there, though, if you'd like to see some of the creations from before, they are well worth a look. :love:

    Art and creativity, of all kinds, is one of the most positive ways of expressing one's self. It has been proven that it is a very useful tool in combating depression and is also a great way of sharing a little bit of yourself visually with the world.

    Please do let us see what you have been making and, if possible encourage others to try new things, too. :flowerpower:

  • We had some real talent showing up on the old thread didn't we? I've got back into making my own clothes in the last year and have been doing a lot of quilting. Recently while having a rummage through some old boxes, I found the very first quilt blocks I ever made. I abandoned them because I didn't think they were very good and had intended to dismantle some of them and re-do them. Then I thought, fuck it. They were the beginning of my quilt journey. So I completed the quilt and it's not half bad. The block is called the Bear Paw and it's my all time favourite block. And here's the quilt in all it's wonky glory.P4060001.JPG

  • omg that quilt is lush!

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain

  • sun_moon.jpg

    Oh look ^ ^ ^ ^ It's the Sun and Moon. They have papier maché faces and charity shop jewels. The Sun's face is a mask held on with Velcro - a battery votive flickers behind his eyes and in one hand. The Moon is also known as Keef Moon, and I cuddle him every time I take him out his box. Yes those are googly eyes. Creepy AF but the Moon is kind of odd for real, I think. We only ever see one side.

    Maggi, you made me like orange along with your lovely jewel colours on that quilt! I need to finish more Household Gauds. They are a mixture of art dolls, found materials and too much time alone as a child reading Greek myths and Grimm's unedited fairy tales.


    This is the back of the Gaud of the Night Garden. His attribute, Sluggo, leaves a trail of glitter-slime. I actually felt sick making the slug, I really don't like them! Moths decorate the Gaud's shirt. His face is a Green Man resin deco I bought in Mevagissey many years ago now. His hair is bay leaves from a very tiny tree in my former rental.


  • Simple is sometimes the best Shroom. I really like it. It looks very 'Planet Earth'.

    Thank you , I really am not arty but came across acrylic pouring and started watching the videos , theres loads of techniques and you are never sure what effect you will get ,I have done a few on cheap stretched canvas as well :)

  • Maggi, Maragold & Shroom thank-you for your contributions. All very different and inspirational. Some very complex and some simpler but equally effective. The Sun, Moon and Gauds are very original pieces of creativity - I've never seen anything quite like them and I applaud you Maragold.

    I hope that more members will pluck up courage to share their work on this thread very soon - I'm sure that there's a lot of talent out there. :)

  • I'm sure that there are a lot more gifted creators and artists out there than are currently sharing their work - I hope that you will soon start to share lots of pictures for us all to be inspired by. Don't be shy!! Creative pastimes are one of the best remedies for stress and depression - and they are are a true expression of YOU.

    In the meantime, I'll try to share a few ideas for making almost cost-free gifts. The pictures in the next post are of earrings made using quilling techniques. It's a really old craft and originated in monasteries. All you need is a metal split pin tool, some strips of coloured paper (you can create your own with a paper shredder) and some white glue to make the various shapes. There are lots of tutorials on YT as well as Pinterest. So, with the addition of some earring hooks you can make some very original pieces. They can additionally be used to create cards, mandalas 3D flowers and of course, shapes that would grace any festive tree. If you do make any jewellery, don't forget to add an extra coat of water+ glue to protect your work and make it waterproof.

  • Come on folks - I'm really wanting to see more inspiration from all of you creative types.

    Carrying on from the quilled earrings above, I'm sharing a paper quilled night light (better if battery driven) holder using a redundant CD as a base, Some festive decorations and a carousel for my earrings made from rolled newspaper strips and cardboard, then painted with acrylic paints. All three items costing no more than a few pence to make.Candle holder White Beige best.jpg

    2 large angels.jpg

    Earring carousel 2.jpg

  • I've been getting into indigo dyeing this year. My niece is about to become a mum for the first time and has been loudly bewailing the fact that baby clothes seem to come in pink or baby blue or you need to take out a mortgage for something a bit different. So I bought some cheap, standard cotton baby gro's and a cotton receiving blanket and tie dyed them. I've also got some nice multi-coloured knitting yarns, gender neutral of course so I better get off here and go knit.P1010143 (1).JPG


    P1010145 (1).JPG