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  • What a nice message to find in my junk folder! I'm glad I always glance through the messages before deleting.

    I'm still living on my boat in the Fens (which seems mostly to be working as it should at the moment), when I'm not with French Whale Fan in Haute-Savoie (from where I am writing this message). We lost the fight against the introduction of the Middle Level Act, but our plucky band of dissidents managed to get about twenty amendments and undertakings written in during the Committee Stage - apparently unprecedented in a private bill. Spending eight days last year in Parliamentary Committees (including speaking a few times) wasn't exactly fun, but it was an interesting insight into how broken our democracy really is. Basically you can do what you like if you have enough money as long as you let the plebs think they are getting a fair say.

    I've met up with a few lovely folk from here a few times and been to a number of good gigs. I'm still working (though not so much in schools these days [mainly gigging and writing] - even though FWF has got me going in to work with his premiers (16/17 year olds I think) on a songwriting project tomorrow) and finally released my first solo album in May. Taken part in a couple of XR actions locally. Played drum kit for the first time ever in a friend's band for a festival in Northampton a fortnight ago. So much fun and a huge change from the kind of percussion I normally play.

    All much the same as usual really :plol:

  • Simon mentioned on the dread Facebook that UKH was up and running so I thought I'd log in out of curiosity....first time since...2012 I think??

    I don't need another procrastination tool mind...the ones I've already got are bad enough :D

    Anyway....7 years on. Still chasing bats, and porpoises, and other critters. Still raising my offspring, complaining about clients not paying on time, hanging out in nature, losing the battle of the slugs when it comes to my veg. Pole dancing now too which is the best thing. Anyway, life is good.

    Still procrastinating mind...I have a report to write.


  • Awesome to see UKH rise again, hi everyone :)
    Good to see some names I remember
    So much has happened since I was last here I wouldn't know where to start!
    That about covers it :D
    Planet Pluto has grown a bit since the UKH gatherings and my box of skins and grinders :flowerpower:
    We now have a full Psychedelic Dance tent, Plutonium sound system, Cosmic Coffee stall and the Planet Pluto Emporium :insane::flowerpower::D
    It's our end of summer party at the end of this month, if anyone wants an invite message me :D

  • Wonderful, wonderful news. So good to have y'all back. Sold the old Merc and got us an Lt35 1998 lwb hi top. Part converted when we got it so tidied up a bad job, worked around the mistakes and got it right for us and came across to Cwm Nant Col in Wales for our first trip. First visit there for thirty years!

    Lotsa love from the Isle of Man.

  • Hellooooo :)

    Well this is nice :D

    I'm still in Bruton with my 2 youngest and fella :) my eldest now living in the north east doing an apprenticeship , studying engineering on day release and working hard on his music in spare time... Moki check him out if you like EDM.

    I manage a luxury self catering treehouse in the woods near by, dog walking every morning for an elderly chap so do the little well-being and welfare checks too.

    Am slowly picking the local streams and Gulley's around the base of a beacon hill/ celtic-roman temple site, of broken crockery and glass ( mud-larking) along with all plastics obviously. Planning on making a mosaic sommat or other and sell to the posh ass art gallery up the road innit ;)

    Really into photography at moment and hoping to get a decent DSLR this winter to take it up a level. I play a game called guru shots on line and its really boosted my confidence on taking a good shot. Really in to exploring abandoned things or at least the idea of it... Spend lovely hours watching the YouTube urbex lot doing their thing and we've done a bit ourselves too.

    Been celebrating being postmenopausal before my daughter hits puberty :D She's 10 in March and H 11 in a few weeks :o he's just writing a letter to apply for position of head boy at school.

    We're pretty much settled on being here til the kids are through secondary school but may move on after that...

    Drive a kangoo these days :) we can sleep lovely in the back of it and had a brilliant road trip a few weeks back ... Yorkshire to Somerset via Derbyshire, Leicester, Cambridge, Braintree, Faversham, Deal, Dover and Romsey Marshes... Itched the nomadic ancestral scratch a tad ;)

    Health wise I'm doing OK... Fibromyalgia am learning to live well with,mental health up n down but am learning to set much healthier boundaries these days which is helping... There is definite progress anyway :)

    Fucking fed up with Facebook so its good to be back :D

    Really glad to hear you've had the all clear Paul and intrigued to see how this pans out with ukhippy out of moth balls :)

    Love n sunshine to all

    Sarah xxx

  • I thought you were going into retirement anyway.....what changed your mind?

    Facebook brings out the worst in me and is connected with way too many "ordinary" people from my everyday life -- I needed something else.

    I still hate the word 'hippy', but I spoke to a friend about it and he said "that's a good reason to bring it back; it'll stop your ego getting in the way" :D

  • 9 years since I posted on here!

    Hello peoples :pp

    The old smilies are still there haha!

    Had some of the best and worst times on this crazy place... also had a big chunky PC to navigate on. Hope the teeny iphone can do a good job!

    Loads of old and new faces!

    Still have a million majorette sticks!

    Saw my old signature on here and the memories came flooding back. Will keep it there :flowerpower:

  • Wonderful to see you back! Missed ya!! I used to be known back in the old days (I an ageing hippy so I can say that lol) as Bhoddhidharma but, I'm now Scriblur. I'm now a writer, and moderately successful lol. Anyway, enough about me - I was excited when I saw the email from Paul letting me know the site is open again so, here I am. Great to see you all!!!!!!!!!:D:peaceman:

  • Yeah, I'm really glad this place is back. Facebook isn't working for me. I never put anything personal there coz there's such a wide range of people who might read it. There's been so many things I've wanted to write that I wouldn't wrote on Facebook but am happy to say here. I hope it picks up again in here. I miss you guys!

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain