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UKHippy is a long running online community and of likeminded people exploring all interpretations on what it means to be living an alternative lifestyle -- we welcome discussions on everything related to sustainability, the environment, alternative spirituality, music, festivals, politics and more -- membership of this website is free but supported by the community.

  • I'm currently at a loss with what to do with this website -- in just over two weeks the subscription will run out for most of the people who paid last year.

    CC isn't working as hoped, and without any better ideas, I'm tempted to either 1. give up or 2. revert back to UKH -- but given the issues I had with the breakaway forum I really would prefer to find a different niche as I'm just not up for the fight.

    Will update if anything inspires me...

  • Wishing you courage and inspiration Paul to find something that works well. If you can not be bothered to fight and do not find inspiration,do not forget that there are many of us who appreciate very much all the effort that you have put into keeping both ukh and CC going.

    I would like to see you keep going but will also understand if you call it a day,but will always remember how hard you have tried to keep a good forum going and thank you very much for it.

    You are a good man and I hope that you find a direction that makes both you and us smile.

    Good luck my friend

    Love and light

    fly xx

  • If youre going to change it at all you may as well go back to how it was as UKH,maybe those users who deserted it when it became CC and a paid membership site will come back,maybe they wont.You wont know unless you do it.

    Its not really a fight as such,people use whichever hippy site they prefer or maybe have particular allegiance to or dont feel uncomfortable on. Some of us use both. Personally speaking it would make no odds to me if both closed down along with facebook too as im rapidly losing interest in social media thats not arts related.

    Forums -regardless of subject- provide a medium for expression and opinion on the internet -and sadly everyone has one and you have to toleratevthem all.People use the ones they feel fit their comfort zone or they have a common interest in. Its not a fight its just like window shopping or wandering into café s you return to places you like,thats it.

    Being (sort of) hippy is already a niche - alternative non-mainstream lifestyles and viewpoints - its difficult to find another alternative alternative niche.

    As we discussed before a while ago you need to bring younger people here for it to thrive,it wont thrive on us (mostly) old farts turning up,like a visit to the day room moaning about day to day crap. Its becoming a museum.

    You only have to look at how many young people use this site and who stay to see its not attractive to them.

    If youre going to attract younger people you need a core of music and media and contempory lifestyle issues for younger people to latch on to and keep visiting as well as for older users. Not an easy balance but not impossible,but social media is so fluid by the time you decide the focus of a site,its users have already moved on. The next great internet trend usually dies before it gets going.

    So,you can return to UKH and expand on its lifestyle,vegan,eco environmental, ethics and philosophy, widen its appeal.. or shut up shop.

    Since you were interested in moving careers into positive lifestyles and motivational speaking maybe thats where your direction is?? Or maybe you can incorporate that into the old site.

    The only thing that keeps cropping up time and again that i can think is relevant to this sites future is there just is no place anywhere on the uk internet that speaks for or represents those of us who dont live like mainstream citizens. We're an unrepresented and growing section of society with pretty much no voice and our plight is of no interest to anyone.,that was partly whatvwas good about UKH...maybe thats a niche you could cater for.

    Things never stay the same though,change is inevitable ,birth life death rebirth is the normal cycle of all things, including websites and forums.

    Maybe its time to embrace change and stop holding on to the past.? Only you know that or whether its worth holding on to.

    Whatever you decide thank you for your time and effort and I wish you well.

  • classifiedcampers is a clear misnomer considering the utter lack of classifieds.

    Anyone new finding the site via keywords I can imagine is gone within a few clicks.

    Monetizing a general forum via subscription to make a living is a no hoper especially one aimed at a group of people who by their very nature are pretty frugal.

    I don't think having the word hippy in a title will be attracting new blood nowadays as even if a growing group of the younger are living in similar fashion to those who coined the name I don't think they feel or even want the label.

    I don't blame them, I'm no hippy I just live differently and I'm not young.

    I thought the old format was good, lot of variety of info and opinions and worth logging into but this past year I've logged in monthlyish , clicked on unread posts which I can't add to to see a grand total of 10 to 15. The forum is pretty much dead.

    The lack of real activity on the other site means I rarely log in there either.

    You want to make an income, classifieds for alternative living aimed at those living alternative lives. Very low ad prices targeting volume, all sorts of items.

    The old format, snappy title Stateuncontrolledcitizens, Welivedifferently, Outofthematrix etc and lots of classifieds for all values of items. Free for under £10, £1 for up to £100 along those lines.

    If you do it as a business then unless posters are especially abusive or threatening towards others let them speak their mind without the interference you indulged in before and by abusive I don't mean by the pitifully low standards of some idiot safespace seeker.

    If shops started frisking people at the door to check they had money and intent to buy before letting them in to peruse the goods they'd be done for pretty quickly unless they have something very desirable and you need new people to view posts,ads,rants etc and they most definitely will not be subscribing.

    I reckon you knew that sometime ago.


  • Probably time to give up Paul.

    The other site is a bit more active and probably meets the needs of most of us who hang on to the forum model.

    It's a bummer and all that but it does seem that even subscribers to this site have mostly migrated away.

    All the best


    I have left my front gate ONCE this past 18 months apart from ambulance transport to hospital and back. Chloe has been here twice since last xmas. Conversation ...Henry, the relief postie is here one week in every 2 months and he will stop for around ten minutes and properly chat. .. Other folk just talk at and, or down, to me like I'm sub-human.....ALL APART FROM YOU GUYS! Personally I'd love this place to revert to UKH, a feeling like different is normal, you lot all make me feel useful and wanted.

    Anyway, what Fly said.

    Blessings Paul and all of you X

  • The other site is a bit more active and probably meets the needs of most of us who hang on to the forum model.

    I haven't looked for months tbh; the design makes my eyes bleed -- but it doesn't surprise me.

    There is a kind of irony though, that so many people are so happy to give up their personal data (in the form of intrusive or targeted ads) in return for free stuff -- the fight against "the man" has finally succumbed to corporate media.

    Not just referring to that particular forum platform though, it's true of all social media -- until a new model of interaction emerges it's just the way everything continues to go.

    The days of the free and independent internet seem to have died. :/

  • There is no free and independent internet (or any other media) we all dance to the tune of corporate interest whether we realise it or not.

    All media is now about advertising revenue, social influencers (with a corporate agenda) and personal data acquisition.

    Whether theyre free sites or independents, theyre all subject to the same commercial pressures of corporate capitalism.

    Pretty much everyone who is awake and aware acknowledges this and that not much can be done to change how things are.

    The internet was a great free expressive medium a couple of decades ago but the corporate machine has found ways to take control back and harness it and its users, hence why many of us have given up on social media.

    Its like rejecting the system though,no matter how you despise what it is or has become,you cannot fully disengage from it since its all pervasive and affects absolutely everything we do in life and without it life becomes difficult.

    The writing is on the wall for most traditional social media as disillusioned people turn their back on it.They want real time interaction which forums -even facebook -dont give.

    Whatever happens on the internet,real life goes on.

    Really its down to you Paul and whether you want to continue devoting time in your life to a website and whether you get any satisfaction for your effort.

  • There is a kind of irony though, that so many people are so happy to give up their personal data (in the form of intrusive or targeted ads) in return for free stuff -- the fight against "the man" has finally succumbed to corporate media.

    I felt that way when I visited the 'other' site; they wanted me to turn off the ad-blocker before viewing. That was enough for me! Never been back since. I visit dozens of sites a day, and if I find any which don't allow ad-blockers, I go elsewhere. I'd sooner pay a sub and chat with interesting people than feed advertisers data all the time.

    The O/H is on Faceache and that's bad enough, and I'm sure it will get worse in future.

    What the advertisers would like, and are working towards, is that you have to have their particular app to work their website. It'll be a 'smart' app eventually, so it can talk to your fridge and your freezer and your 'personal assistant', and even your bog roll dispenser, and send all that info back to be used or sold....

  • I use the other site with an ad blocker and i wont accept cookies on that or any site even if its a condition that may deny me the right to use it. I use an encrypted vpn also so very little anyone can gain from my interactions.

    What i see as cyber bullying of users by most sites into accepting cookies and advertising as a pre condition of using a site simply makes me leave it or find alternatives if i cannot get away with using it without complying.

    Effectively you have little choice in much on the internet or with software developers as your offered a 'choice' of accepting absolutely anything they demand of you or youre totally denied access or permission...fuck that, non of it is so essential to my life that ill comply with arbitrary demands.

    Can you imagine car manufacturers selling you a car but youre not allowed to use it unless you agree to them following you around and knowing your exact useage day to day during the entire period of ownership and sell you accessories based on their observations of your use...They wouldnt get away with it,but somehow electronic device manufacturers and software developers have enforced those exact same conditions on users.

    Advertising and the power of corporates has killed dead the internet as it used to be,its just another arm.of control, so im not that bothered if im forced to make a personal ethical choice to abandon social media.I managed perfectly fine before it ever existed,I will do again. UKH has been a great place to spend time but like all good things they usually come to an end one way or another.

  • Perhaps my ad-blocker is stricter than yours, RT!

    I usually manually accept all cookies if asked because the majority get trashed every time the browser closes, although this has to be set in the browser security preferences, of course.

    Some websites have the ability to store files of various kinds in your local storage, and these files can only be removed manually, so I generally go in and wipe these every few days. (I have worked on other people's computers carrying up to 2Gb of this crap, the owner completely unaware.....).

  • I never see ads at all,theyre all blocked and if its a requirement to either see ads to view the site demanding this or fuck off,i usually fuck off.

    Most major news sites have become like this,accept our cookies pay a subscription and we will remove the blank panel obscuring our content.. Erm fuck off.

    Thankfully there are plenty of alternative news sites still proud of providing real news not shoving ads at you.

    Im getting tired of the growing popular routine of being told im not using google chrome safari opera or firefox and my browser is not supported therefore i cant browse the site.. fine i wont be told how i must use the internet.

    At least UKH has never demanded my compliance but im beginning to feel its time to leave the internet.

  • When this place goes a little piece of all who contributed to it dies and a whole lot of good stuff will just disappear into the ether forever which is such a shame. Would it be possible to move stuff to a free proboard site like the other place, a lot of work but worth it if you can as you have failed to date to find that magic formula to draw in new blood and I am at a loss what to suggest apart from that.

  • Outside of this forum I'm in the process of planning to set up my own web hosting company using a basic reseller package -- this is early days yet, but I have a niche that might appeal to some people.

    If this works I'll go back to UKH and move the site there in order to save money.

  • I'm currently at a loss with what to do with this website -- in just over two weeks the subscription will run out for most of the people who paid last year.

    CC isn't working as hoped, and without any better ideas, I'm tempted to either 1. give up or 2. revert back to UKH -- but given the issues I had with the breakaway forum I really would prefer to find a different niche as I'm just not up for the fight.

    Will update if anything inspires me...

    It appears my subscription has now expired.Since nothings working as hoped (its actually deader than a dead thing) and youre seemingly out of ideas and things have now gone into meandering experimental mode Im not prepared to resubscribe.

    I wish you well with whatever you try and happy to support -through subscription if required- any positive concrete plans but food and bills come before conceptual ideas or lottery tickets,due to lack of money (whatever that is).

  • I see I've a week or two before my sub is due, so I'll just mosey along until then, and figure it from there.

    Sorry to lose you, NRT, but needs must where the devil drives, I guess. Hope you can look in from time to time, and rejoin if the site merits it.

    Me, I'm hanging on in here a while longer.....

  • As the saying goes 'It aint over till the fat lady sings' Im going nowhere,it isnt a mutiny,i just dont have money to pay out for something when its not clear what that something might be or if its worth having.

    Its all in the detail and there is non.

    I aint buying no bus ticket if the bus has no engine or wheels.

  • I'm in the process of transferring this back to ukhippy.com

    I'm going to revert to the old way of raising money for the site.

    Please bear with me - I apologise if things are in a bit of a limbo at the moment.

    i will look forward to that paul ..i liked the donation by pay pal and willing to give up a couple of pints of stella :eek:..i do realise that i am on a pension so in a very fortunateposition..please dont be offended by this but when you you ask what do you think? a lot of people will tell you what they think you want to hear.. i hope that makes some sense .. but good luck and keep up the good work im sure we are all behind what ever your final thoughts are..

  • OK, if you find yourself directed to UKH, you will need to login again -- this is ongoing work so there may be bugs.

    I recommend emptying your cookies / cache as you may find yourself redirected and logged out.

    Please don't use the subscription button until I've changed everything.