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  • I was in my garden a day or so ago when my neighbour/friend Stuart saw me so came round for a natter. He had blood running down his arm, I asked him if he too was being bitten by flies.

    I'm being bitten stupid this year. They drink my blood and I'm left with a red lump which then itches for 3 or 4 days despite taking antihistamines.[panic]

    Anyone else being bothered by the little blighters?

    Any tips for keeping them away would be wonderful too 'cos nothing I'm doing works? :shrug:

  • I tried Skin so Soft from Avon people look at me a bit funny when i'm walking my mutt thinking an old butch geezer smelling a bit florally,it doesn't keep the mozzies away but I have attracted a certain type of gentleman:D:DI use Boots midgy spray at the moment it works for me and it keeps the gentlemen away lol.

  • I tried smoking it once, didn't get much of a buzz.....but it did keep flying insects away.

    As did smoking dried tea leaves, but they're not very nice, either; I smoked some weird stuff years ago, just experimenting with everyday substances, of course......:whistle:

  • Rubbing a sprig of lavender over any bare skin can work as a deterrant,though I have found that different things work for different people.

    However,if you have been bitten put a dab of tea tree oil on the bite and that will often stop it from bothering you,or at the worst will make it more tolerable.

    If all this fails,then a large bottle of strong spirits may help !!

  • We had a very young couple took over the village pub , Simon the landlord was a joker to his wifes dismay. Openly in the bar we would often roll a huge 'splif' and pass it round...and like you Keith it contained greenery of herbs, nettles, even an oxo cube.....it was great fun to 'roll and smoke' in front of Simon's brother who was a C.I.D. muppet lol [plod]:boing::boing::boing:

    Lavender, tea tree, yup tried it Fly...hahaha.....best deterant I have is Steve with one of those battery sizzle tennis bat fly thingumyjigs :clown::insane::insane::insane:HYSTERICAL:boing::boing::boing:^^