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  • OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am now into day THREE of constant runny nose, my eyes are - well - tears are rolling down my cheeks and my left eye feels like I've been punched! :(

    LAST year I think I may have sneezed just twice, early morning. THIS year its just too daft for words.

    Yes I know I live right out in the country but there must be an awful lot of 'something' quite nearby.

    Yes, I've taken antihistamines, before you ask.

    Is anyone else feeling it more this year or is it just me?

    ANY remedies...…….PLEASE!? :surrender;(

  • it seems particularly bad this year, for the last 4 or 5 years i have sneezed occasionally and occasionally had sore eyes, last year i took tablets less than a dozen times- this year I have had to buy anti histamines in bulk and my nose is bleeding from so much sneezing and blowing.

  • I suppose you guys have tried taking local honey, starting a month or two before the hay fever season, to sort of inoculate yourselves against local pollen?

    If you are allowed honey that is; some aren't for medical reasons. It doesn't work for everybody, and even when it does seem to work, you then need to check that the pollen count hasn't been low all season, anyway.

    I don't suffer from hayfever much, but worst thing for me is walking alongside or through fields of oil-seed rape. Even driving by with the window open is quite enough sometimes.

  • There are antihistamines and then there are ANTIHISTAMINES:-

    If not already tried then promethazine hydrochloride tablets might meet your needs.... available over the pharmacists counter for allergies, travel sickness and as a temporary sleeping tablet.

    This is an extremely effective medication that has been around for many years.... Psychiatrists further use it for first line treatment of anxiety.

    I use it for sleep and as a consequence find my pollen allergies resolved.

    Just sayin' if you've not tried it you probably should.

  • Im on high histamines for food and skin allergies idont take the same one everyday i change every day to one of three. I havent had a a bad year for hayfever apart from itchy eyes.

    Its also worth looking at natural herb therapy as theres plenty that have a natural anti histamine properties.

  • During the last few years my O/H has become allergic to almost any insect bites, midges, even tiny mites. After a lifetime of only ever having a normal level of reaction, she now swells up badly, with arms and legs like balloons. Worst is anything on the face, threatening to close eyes and even mouth. Now she carries anti-histamines everywhere during the summer months, tablets and creams, and uses anti-insect creams if we are out walking anyplace, especially near water. ('Skin So Soft' by Avon, as used by the Royal Marine Commandos, is particularly good!). We used to go camping regularly at one time, now it can be a bit of a nightmare.