Boris or that other ****

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  • I know... I know.... I know.... Politics.... Brexit.... Shit.... But I'll get this crap off my chest to a degree by posting here..... So consider it as therapy.

    I don't vote. I don't believe the UK political system is representative and the more people don't vote the more likely it is that we will move toward a more representative system of election IMO...

    However.... I would have paid subs to the tory party to have a vote in which of these idiots will become prime minister... (alas they are wise to this ruse and new joiners aren't allowed a vote).

    J. **** is massively deluded because he says he can renogiate a deal with the EU and Boris is a proper toff twit but might jut have sufficient arrogance to piss off Northern Ireland and force no deal.

    Am I missing something?

  • Yes, it's funny how all the large pieces of crap rise to the top of the tory tank.

    I suppose it's the same wherever you are in politics; labour have quite a few blairite stinkers floating near the top of their tank, too.

    I can't share your opinion on not voting bringing us a better deal somehow. If we don't vote they don't lose anything because we probably wouldn't be voting tory anyway. And I don't think they give a damn about proper representation. If nobody voted they'd probably go out and bribe half-a-dozen to vote for them, and get in that way.

    Difficult to see what's likely to happen in the near future. Short of somebody shooting him Boris is likely to get voted in by his tory cronies because they haven't anybody worse. But how long he would stay in power is another matter entirely. If he didn't bow to pressure to make some kind of deal, or seek yet another extension, he is likely to face a vote of no confidence.

    If he lost that the government would be likely to fall, and a general election would be called.

    As he doesn't want that, and because he is an inveterate liar, I would expect him to go back on his 'no deal' stance, and do a May in Brussels, then come back with May's old deal and tell us what a spiffing job of a deal he has got, and try to bluff that through somehow. But without the support of the DUP and some of his own party, he might fail to do that.... And so it goes on....

    A general election may be the only way out of this mess, and the likely results of that are by no means clear-cut either...:shrug:

  • Those who don't and didn't vote failed, in their apathy, to change the voting system to one of proportional representation, when given the opportunity by way of referendum in 2011.

  • Probably all the proof you need that if your opinion differs from the twats in charge your vote counts for fuck all. They just carry on fuckin us over like always & take no notice of the opinions of the people who gave them the job of acting in our best interests. Might as well not bother if they don't listen to public opinion, just do your own thing & fuck em.