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  • My laptop is only a very few months old and is a replacement for the first one I bought, same model, because the second day after buying the initial laptop it just plain refused to turn on,

    Over the past few weeks its been going slower and slower, took hours today to do a 'shop'. That was after turning on and not being able to log in so I turned off then on but it said I wasn't connected and wouldn't let me connect, turned of and on again but only let me get to the log in box after 5 minutes of trying and I WAS connected.

    I've only been on my usual websites so nothing dodgy and my Norton is there, …..anyone have any thoughts as to why its behaving this way before it drives me totally mad, please? ;(

  • Well, I worked in the IT trade for about 15 years before retiring, and one of the biggest causes of Windoze slowing up was Norton Antivirus. And even now, when 8 GB memory is quite common, it can still slow your laptop down. There are freebies like Avast! out there which are just as good as Norton, but much lighter on your computer resources.

    The other big cause of laptops slowing down is WiFi. (This only applies if your PC is okay offline, but very slow on the internet).

    This is usually easily tested to find out if it's the cause, by plugging a network cable into the router and then into the laptop, and then disconnect from WiFi, so it can only operate via cable.

    If everything speeds up after that, the WiFi is to blame.

    How this works is that if anything like walls, ceilings, even heavy furniture, is between the router and your laptop, the wireless waves can break up, and only part of all signal 'packets' are getting through to the laptop. So the laptop asks for a resend, again and again and again, until it can recognise that piece of information, then looks for the next. As this is happening many times a second, all the time, the whole system slows to a crawl.

    Older dwellings with thick walls are particular liable to this.

    If it's neither of those, it's probably Windoze, which gets 'clogged' with all sorts of rubbish, and slows down on most computers after a couple of years. This still happens with Windoze 10 as well as the historic 98 and XP, etc. One thing to speed things up is to clear out a lot of rubbish with a little free program called 'Ccleaner' . This can help to speed things up a bit if used every few weeks.

    But, apart from the WiFi problem, there is only one way to avoid a slow Windoze - change over to Linux.....

  • If you have windoze and it is the problem try contacting them for remote control help.

    Windoze update broke on my netbook. A Microsoft phone rep took control of my system and bodged a fix.

    Thinking on it I'm not even sure that I spoke to anyone.... Might only have been webchat and sms.

  • Thanks guys, Monday I couldn't even log on and all I could get was a totally white screen. I EVENTUALLY found a way to log on last night after being unable to even get it to accept my password!

    My router, I AM wireless, is about 9 feet away and there is nothing between router and laptop. There was never a problem, signal wise, with ANY laptops in this room ever before be it any of MY previous lappys, my daughters lappys, tablets, or mobiles or Steve's tablet and he comes round 3-4-5-6 times a day, always has ipad in hand and uses my internet with no problem...so I believe there is no problem router wise. Initially I was taught how to 'fault find' with paperwork side of things and then a little with programming side of things - so I've quite a 'logical head'.

    When my old laptop gave up on me after years of brilliant service I replaced it with a Dell Loki 15 G FX back in March which I turned on, installed EVERYTHING, and was up and running. Second day I was online when suddenly it went off, no way at all could I even get it to turn on! A few days later eventually Steve took it back to PC World for me and I spoke to them on the phone. They said they had no other of the same to replace it with...then suddenly they had one! THIS machine has NEVER behaved in the way my past machines OR those of my daughter, the ex, or Steve ever have.


    I'm so very cut off without my laptop, I can't do anything i.e. get into town, find anyone to go for me or go with, nor do I have a phone number of anyone with a little knowledge that I might talk to...…………....sometimes I just feel so very cut off from the rest of the world

  • Looks like we can rule out the WiFi as a problem, then.

    So let's take it slow, and try to analyse what is happening, bit by bit.

    You switch the laptop on. The startup screen (black & white, some text) should appear briefly, then the screen should go black, after which some seconds pass, and you are at your Windoze login.

    Is this where you are having difficulty logging in?

    If so, this suggests a problem with your Windoze account on your laptop. Have you tried going into Windoze on the Administrator account instead?

    Won't do any more now, that's two questions to answer, already.

    I'll put a message in my conversation slot that might help a bit.

  • Looks like "loki" is a Linux based OS.

    Bound to be info on the "elementary os" website if dell won't help.

    If it were me I'd do a fresh install then check for updates and read the update notes. That alone might fix it. If not dell should then help.

    Edit: the current elementary os release is 'juno'. Maybe try installing that instead.



    Hope that was loud enough for you to hear. X

  • Just seen this, as keith said - the first thing i would do is get rid of norton.

    I would also advise getting rid of windoze and replacing with Linux but this isnt a practical solution for many.

    However, did the problem start after you installed any software, toolbars, browser addons etc? If so, try uninstalling that piece of software. I havent used windoze for many years but when i did there was a piece of software called spybot search and destroy that was free and highly recommended for removing malware and spyware - i would give that a go, you can always uninstall it afterwards if you dont want to leave it on your laptop.

    There are also guides online on disabling unneeded windoze services both to increase privacy and speed up your os - the black viper site was really good for xp and windoze 7, i expect it still is. That would be worth a go as you probably dont need half the stuff that is running in the background.

    I do have a certain degree of paranoia but i wouldnt let anyone access my machine remotely...

    Lastly, if you dont mind - could you ask Steve whether he got my email re stopovers etc after quirky, it didnt get bounced back so someone did!

  • Hi Akasha, are you able to go online still?

    What's the scene?

    Have you got your Windoze problem solved?

    (I always figure folk who run Windoze should really have a Linux backup machine. That way they can get used to Linux by having a play, and go straight online via Linux when Windoze goes down. Guess who's Linux machine my other half goes to when her Windoze goes down...:))

  • Only just read this but regardless whether your Virgin internet is at fault you should look at dealing with the obvious faults.

    Firstly you dont need Norton, Windows 10 has its own integrated windows security antivirus application called Defender.

    Its more than enough and despite being Microsoft is actually very good.

    Secondly,two (or more) antivirus programs and firewalls running on the same system will cause a perpetual conflict and slow the whole system to a crawl.

    Get rid of Norton,its a complete waste of time and a major system memory hog.

    Third,go into your computer system management tools in settings and clean the C drive.

    Win10 saves all the copies of old updates and logs from new as well as temp and cache files from browsing.

    My neighbour had the exact same issue on his win10 chromebook last week and had 3 antivirus programs, 2 that had been installed as options without him noticing while installing other software apps, which i have removed and cleaned his system of 3.9 gb of junk. Its now lightning fast.

    If you cant get past the login screen there is an easy way to get in by bypassing that on win10.But not sure if that's your issue.

    Hope you get it sorted soonz

  • Clearing the history can help speed up a computer,especially if you have downloaded a video file. Not clearing the history clogs up the ram.

    If any laptop does not turn on, remove the battery pack and hold the On button for 30 seconds.Refit the battery pack and turn on.

    With HP laptops if that does not work , hold down the four arrow keys and then press the On button. Keep holding down the arrow keys until it comes back to life.

  • If a computer is doing an automatic update when you are on the internet then this can also slow down your computer . Best thing is to set it to do updates when you are asleep.

  • A guy told me not long ago that he was about to start his slide-show to go with his talk when effing Windows 10 decided to do an update. :whistle:

    The whole room had to wait 10-15 minutes until it had finished, frighteningly rebooting a couple of times, so he had to reset his slide-show.

    He was the object of much amusement, and was not best pleased.

    Linux, by comparison, just indicates it has an update.:cool: You choose if and when you wish to install it, which usually takes two to four minutes.