The Coming War With Iran.....?

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  • The US has been spoiling for a fight with Iran since the 79 revolution deposed their puppet Shah theyd installed as leader in the first place.

    Theyre not going to give up until the islamic regime is removed.Theyve got a willing narcissist on the White House willing to plunge tge entire region into war just to do that and cover himself in glory on the run up to another presidential election.

    His window of opportunity is closing as the Europeans fall away from backing of the US monkey in power.The only willing monkeys are the UK Israel and Saudis.The whole thing is being stage managed assets are already in place,this isnt just a random incident or two.

    War is coming,its been a long time coming but the fuse is being lit.It would be more convenient for the US if its regional partners got dragged in to a fight to protect its oil supplies and asked for help than launch a direct war on Iran which would garner resistance from United Nations. Trump isnt going to wait for any consensus to build,hes too much to lose.Now hes got Boris as willing muppet it wont be long coming.

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    The Times is reporting that Gibraltar revised its policy/law on suspicious cargo specifically to ensure that the GRACE1 was more lawfully apprehended.

    Yet the UK is now pretending innocence and a desire for de-escalation.

    This smells like CIA and MI6 shenanigans.

    The UK is now trying to suck EU partners into the Gulf ready to become unilaterally offended by Iran.

    .... And yet every single nato nation claims to be opposed to war with Iran.

  • Iran owns 20% of the largest remaining gas field on earth. Saudi’s own the other 80% of the same gas field. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia desperately want to sell this gas to Europe & Europe are desperate to safeguard their gas energy needs from the grip of Russia.
    In order for Iran OR Saudi to viably supply Europe with this gas, this gas needs to be piped overland and through Syria.
    Saudi offered to cover the full cost of US military intervention to overthrow the leader of Syria (who just doesn’t want any gas pipeline going across his Country) Iran also want to run a gas pipeline over Syria.
    Russia is backing Syria to safeguard its own interests in supplying USSR gas to Europe.

    We get what we pay for. ;(

  • One of top 20 biggest ecomomies in the world and one of tge fastest growing.The biggest military in western Europe in NATO 2 million soldiers.One of the biggest markets for western arms sales behind Israel and Saudi Arabia. The gatekeeper between two clashing religious cultures.

    No on is going to anything except wring hands and issue terse statements. Trumps the puppet in all this. Being played by Erdoganand Netanyahu Putin etc etc. The Kurds will be hung out to dry.